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VANAGON archives – March 1999, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. 3 Window Westfalia canvas

  2. 5 cylinder pictures finally UP!

  3. 86 Vanagon Radiator

  4. 86 camper FS - NY (Cameron Mills)

  5. 91 Vanagon GL Westy FS, most add-on accessories sold.

  6. <No subject>

  7. Ah, Spring....Rust Repairs

  8. Ah, spring... (Actual Vanagon Content)

  9. Air Conditioner/Radiator Fan

  10. Apologies to the list

  11. Audi Rims...

  12. Back Online

  13. Beautiful 87 limited Edition "Wolfsburg" FS.

  14. Beer Trick (vanagon correct?)

  15. Bug screen for front windows

  16. Bug screen for front windows idea

  17. Bug screen for front windows(storage)

  18. Buzzing stick shift and Redline?

  19. CV Unlimited

  20. Caravana gear order going out tomorrow!

  21. Cheap 90 vanagon (again)

  22. Cheap 90 vanagon without engine

  23. Clutch Design

  24. Customs Fees

  25. Friday humor. no vanagon content whatsoever.

  26. Fuel line sleeves

  27. Fwd: Help

  28. Fwd: Re: Diagnosing cooling fan

  29. Fwd: Westfalia rental business FS in Costa Rica

  30. GEAR UP! 15" rims 75 series?

  31. HELP !!!!

  32. Heard from James Cohen

  33. Helpful item to keep in van

  34. How to measure piston length??

  35. How to mount audi 5000 turbo wheels on a vanagon

  36. I need an A/C compressor... cheap. Any sources?

  37. Joshua Tree/CA Camper

  38. Ladies Crossing the US

  39. Looking for John Pierce of Plano, TX (No Vanagon)

  40. Looking for curtain

  41. Looking for curtain "eyes" for 87 vanagon

  42. Mom to travel across U.S.: advice?

  43. Mom to travel across U.S.: advice? 2nd thought

  44. Mom's USA trip: forget the gun!

  45. Need new upholstery in '86 Vanagon

  46. New Jump Seats & Other NOS Stuff

  47. OTP: WARNING-Email Worms

  48. Oil leak between tranny and engine.

  49. Painting Exterior Plastic

  50. Personal Safety... was Mom's trip etc.

  51. Pizza oven in Kombi, was: Wood burning bus

  52. Re wood stove in a van

  53. Rear Cushion

  54. Rebuilt engine for 87 Vanagon

  55. South african front grill?

  56. Speaking of mirrors (was painting)

  57. Speaking of transmissions adjustment...

  58. Syncro Lift Kit is ready - pictures online!

  59. Syncro Weekend, Death Valley Report (Very Long!)

  60. Tires for 6Jx15 - Again!

  61. Trailing Arm Bushings

  62. Truck Stops

  63. Truck stops and wood burning stoves

  64. Truckstops : Complete Guide,

  65. Truckstops : Complete Guide, 5,000 Truck Stops in the U.S. & Canada"

  66. Truckstops : Complete Guide,5,000 Truck Stops in the U.S. & Canada"

  67. Truckstops : Complete Guide,5,000 Truck Stops in the U.S. &Canada"

  68. Twelve, Six and a verdict on Vanagons

  69. Two 5-speed Vanagon trannies for sale!

  70. Unsubscribe

  71. Used syncro transaxle or roll my own?

  72. Using a generator

  73. Using a generator with a Vanagon


  75. Vanagon Axle Weights

  76. Vanagon Camper Conversion

  77. Vanagon jerking in stop and go traffic

  78. Was: Helpful item to keep in van, Now Hose clamps

  79. Weekender Seat FS, how much??

  80. What to do with torn CV boot

  81. Where can I find a used syncro transaxle?

  82. Window Trim

  83. Window tinting

  84. Wood burning bus

  85. article about vw record sales

  86. awning pictures

  87. chicago area Vanagon listmembers????

  88. cv joints, sounds and other symptoms

  89. engine temps

  90. free vanagon parts!

  91. fuel line replacement cost

  92. gearing chart for van

  93. hat-dance relay

  94. have fun--was: Mom to travel across U.S.: advice?

  95. heat shielding and wires near radiator

  96. location

  97. mom's USA trip & guns!

  98. mom's USA trip: your advice (so far)

  99. mom's USA trip: your advice (so far) NO VANAGON CONTENT

  100. mom's USA trip: your advice NO VANAGON CONTENT

  101. mom's cross-country trip: shapin' up!

  102. oil light on when stopped, but not when go

  103. rear air vents for Westfalias? Possible to install?

  104. rear bumper

  105. the 'other' fuel lines

  106. transmission filler bolt--where?

  107. travel veedubbing

  108. unpleasant surprise

  109. unpleasant surprize

  110. vanagon Digest - 29 Mar 1999 - Special issue

  111. window bug screens
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