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VANAGON archives – April 1999, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. '84 Vanagon GL For Sale

  2. '93 Eurovan for sale in NJ

  3. (No vanagon content) One Hell of a Trip or Why you shouldn't use U-Haul for long distant trips

  4. 303 Protectant: Restoring <foo> was: restoring scraped-up hub caps

  5. 84 air conditioner question

  6. 84 heater prob.

  7. 87 VS 93 Octane

  8. 87 Vanagon Crisis

  9. <F> QUICK CLEAN ... AFM

  10. A "Installing the heads" Question

  11. AC propano

  12. AFM

  13. Anyone from Turkey ?

  14. Anyone towed a Vanagon?

  15. Archive searches

  16. Ark

  17. Battery & OXS lights

  18. Bentley Manual

  19. Biggest vanagon load

  20. Biggest/Strangest loads carried in a Vanagon (F)

  21. Biggest/Strangest loads carried in a Westy

  22. Bras 'n things (Friday)

  23. Bras!

  24. Bras! and re: Biggest/Strangest Loads carried

  25. Bus Boys Web Site Updates!

  26. Bus Boys Web Site Updates! (and apology to Ron)

  27. Cold start problem-87 Diesel 1.6L

  28. Coolant Tank

  29. Disappearing coolant

  30. Dometic Improvements Adding Fans

  31. Dometic Replacement

  32. Driver needed: Syncro to Tahoe

  33. Electronic Cleaner

  34. Euro-Drive: 85 Volkswagen Vanagon, Hesitation/Low power

  35. FS: '82 Westy front seats

  36. FS: 87 Vanagon Westfalia

  37. FS: 90 Vanagon Carat, N.NJ

  38. FW: Cold start problem-87 Diesel 1.6L

  39. Fuel Loading Problem

  40. Fuel Loading Problem ( long'ish)

  41. German parts Was: Rear Bumpers

  42. Gordita boy

  43. Help - engine won't idle

  44. How to equalize head volume?

  45. Important note about forwarding junk (No Van, but you ought to read)

  46. Infringing Domain Names

  47. Joel

  48. Looking for a Hardcore roof rack

  49. NO VANAGON CONTENT RE: Archive searches

  50. Poptop Seal & Luggage Rach Seal For Sale

  51. Poster boy (a Friday Thing)

  52. Problems with the u-joints of the driveshaft


  54. QUICK CLEAN ... AFM ( Horace)

  55. QUICK Problems

  56. Refrigerator Fans

  57. Restoring

  58. Restoring <foo> was: restoring scraped-up hub caps

  59. Rocket Engines for BM

  60. Rocket Engines for BM (Friday)

  61. Roof rack

  62. S.E. PA syncro owners???

  63. Shoddy German Workmanship / Racism (No VW content)

  64. Shoddy German Workmanship?

  65. Strangest Load

  66. Syncro 16 fender flairs

  67. The list

  68. Tires: MXT wholesale price

  69. Too Much Heat!

  70. Towing Vanagon/460 engine conversion/Mark Stephens/Burningman

  71. Type 1 List?

  72. Used Tire

  73. VC's and Frig's

  74. VW Van Toys (WAS Vanagon Toys?)

  75. Van projects: show & tell

  76. Vanagon List Traffic (please help!)

  77. Vanagon List Traffic... Bravo!

  78. Vanagon Toys?

  79. Vanagon longevity

  80. Vanagon longevity IS: Miles/year

  81. Vanagon sighting with strange exhaust

  82. Vanagons in the news

  83. Vanagons in the news (Friday-ish)

  84. Water pump replacement (1.9l)

  85. Westy makes thumping noise when going over bumps

  86. [Fwd: FWD: Re: E-mail Project for school]

  87. [Fwd: Fwd: SAVE THE E-MAIL]

  88. a hoot of an explaination from a "mechanic"

  89. another steve

  90. anti-sway bar

  91. broke anti-sway bar

  92. camping spots in wny

  93. converting watercooled vanagon to aircooled

  94. corroded brake light

  95. corroted brake light

  96. costly mistake II, the sequal

  97. dmcs@CYBURBAN.COM

  98. early Friday for Southerners

  99. electronic cleaners/AFM cleaning

  100. fun stuff: shirts

  101. heaviest/strangest load

  102. im lucky to be alive....

  103. info on Dielectric gel ....A MUST!!!

  104. inside the vanagon

  105. off list

  106. oil drain plug sealing rings?

  107. pics of hub cap 'restoration'

  108. removing AC condenser

  109. restoring scraped-up hubcaps

  110. results of group fender flairs purchase????

  111. save the e-mail - per my guy it's false (long)

  112. sensor

  113. u-pull it/junk yards in the Portland Or, Vancouver, Wa area

  114. vanagon crash pics!

  115. vanity plates
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