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VANAGON archives – January 2004, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '83 Vanagon leaking coolant out of relatively new heads (and intro)

  2. '84 GL / Automatic / Camper Conversion ... For Sale

  3. '84 GL, Camper Conversion, For Sale

  4. '87 Westy GL for sale

  5. '87 Westy GL for sale - new link

  6. *** To my Westy friends, have a good 2004 year ***

  7. 85 Westy FS Texas

  8. 85 Westy FS..oops!

  9. A few things for sale

  10. Additional interior lighting on Westy

  11. Alternative coolant flush procedure?

  12. Anyone ha=ve a good WBX air box for the front heater?

  13. BIG trip

  14. Bay Area to Havasu Caravan

  15. Bizarre Problem Solved

  16. Bull bar style bumpers

  17. Buy the Bentley manual!

  18. CARAT wheel paint

  19. CV joint repair

  20. Carrera Powered Vanagon Hits The Streets!

  21. Chill baby -- Is That by Garnet Mimms & the Enchanters?

  22. Chrome Vanagon Bumpers for Sale

  23. DIESEL intermittently dead

  24. Dash lights kaput

  25. Dash/rear lights kaput

  26. Diesel intermittently dead

  27. Ebenspacher Heater Wows

  28. FS 90 Vanagon

  29. First Time Rear Brakes

  30. First time rear brakes

  31. Fixing a hole where the rain gets in

  32. Flickering alternator light at higher RPM's

  33. Ford Power - It's Alive!

  34. Front end help? 88 GL

  35. Front seal choice

  36. George - Chill baby -- Tips on repairs anyone?

  37. Georgia Salvage yards

  38. Greenish Puddle Under My Van

  39. Headlight relay upgrade?

  40. Headlight relay upgrade?_wire sizes

  41. Help in San Francisco

  42. Help in San Francisco!

  43. Help with hookups on side of Westfalia.

  44. Help! Stuck at 4000 RPM!

  45. Here's one what's your cut?

  46. How to Trace Rear Speaker Wires?

  47. Idle Control "Computer" for 2.1L

  48. Is the server down?

  49. LiMBO

  50. LiMBO Membership

  51. My TriStar Syncro arrived today!!!

  52. NEVC (not exactly vanagon content) ... Paris-Dakar Rallye

  53. NOT! - moving sale - cleaning garage

  54. NVC Looking for trailer hitch

  55. NVC- Toyota Corolla Stereo Install

  56. New Email and Dyno update

  57. New engine question revisited

  58. No more South African Vanagons :-(

  59. Oil Light Discovery-Fram Filters

  60. Opening 2wd Tranny ??

  61. Optima batteries - rebate at Costco

  62. Power Window Trouble

  63. Propex furnaces, new models in stock

  64. Propex furnaces;

  65. Puzzling valves...

  66. Rear Hatch Power Lock Stuck

  67. Restoration -- Phase 3 -- Exterior

  68. SF Bay Area (Auxilary Battery)

  69. San Francisco

  70. San Francisco - Got driveway?

  71. San Francisco HELP, part deux!

  72. Shipping vanagon

  73. Sliding door panel

  74. South African Vanagon: Source for parts?

  75. Speedomoter wierdness

  76. Swivel Seat Satisfaction??

  77. Swivel Seat Satisfaction?? & swival base for sale

  78. Tachometer Question

  79. The '84 GL, For Sale

  80. Those two vents behind the rear window

  81. Tiico air filter

  82. Towbar Source

  83. Vanagon 2.1 Engine Oil Pressure Survey

  84. Vanagon KEYS

  85. Vanagon Sand Rail?

  86. Vanagon Sliding Door Window

  87. Volkswagen / Steyr Noriker 4x4

  88. WANTED: Driver-side Power Mirror


  90. WTB: Idle Control "Computer" for 2.1L

  91. WTB:Few Items

  92. Wanted ASAP: Sliding door window

  93. Weird Cold Engine Behavior - Preemptive Strike

  94. Welcome to SonofaVanagon...Family members?

  95. West canvas free to good home

  96. Window and Tow Bar

  97. Wurth Contact OL

  98. [Syncro] Headlight relay upgrade?

  99. [Syncro] NEVC (not exactly vanagon content) ... Paris-Dakar Rallye

  100. anther speedo problem

  101. any PUERTO RICAN listers?

  102. basic tune-up - 91' vanagon

  103. can the front blower motor (etc)

  104. can the front blower motor (etc)/Bad Vibes

  105. clutch problems

  106. cup holder comment And Q

  107. engine rebuild and engine stands

  108. flow to radiator from water pump How fast should it be?

  109. for sale: vanagon capt. chairs w/ all vans

  110. front brake calipers- do I need new or can I ....

  111. help needed diagnosing blown head gasket

  112. jdbimports

  113. mail list

  114. nasty realization

  115. new listee - new van - oil pressure on TD

  116. new site

  117. oil light/buzzer comes on for no reason

  118. porsche Fuchs 4 sale

  119. questions of Vanagon

  120. rear window leak

  121. returning home

  122. roof racks

  123. service in southeastern virginia

  124. syncro coolant hoses

  125. syncro snorkel

  126. westy hookup templates

  127. wierd blinking alternator and egr light.
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