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VANAGON archives – March 2005, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Red Cup Ale" EveryBus Shirts

  2. 12 v plug & re-wire

  3. 2 weeks enough to cross country - w/kids?

  4. 2 weeks enough to cross country - w/kids? - NO

  5. 84 camper-getting there

  6. 90 Vanagon Automatic Starter Saga Continues.

  7. =?US-ASCII?Q?Re:_Recent_Trip_-_FWIW?=

  8. Aftermarket VDO Coolant Temp installation point in a 2.1?

  9. Air Intake Boot clamp/seal question

  10. Alcohol, Baby ! (Was Octane)

  11. Anybody in KC MO?

  12. Best 4 spd Syncro starter replace solution?

  13. Best 4 spd Syncro starter replace solution?/ Beware of the Theorist

  14. Call for .. Actual Vehicle Weight info / all years

  15. Call for GVWR Info for all Vans

  16. Call for Silver Sticker Tire Info

  17. Contents of Head Gasket Kit 025 198 102A 025198102A

  18. Digest mode

  19. Direction indicator LED

  20. Divider curtain mounting points

  21. Ever just repair one head? What happened?

  22. EveryBus 2005 update

  23. FS: 85 GL, BAD TRANS, Central GA

  24. Failed CA Smog Test

  25. Free 1.9 WBX longblock

  26. Fridge Magic

  27. Front suspension upgrades and more

  28. Fwd: Re: Wheel Offsets

  29. GAs tanks

  30. Handy Hint for mixing Epoxy or JB Weld

  31. Happy Easter

  32. Headlight Switch - stuck on!

  33. Heads up re: repair shop in CA

  34. Heads up re: repair shop in CA or Anywhere Else

  35. Idle stabilizer for 81 Calif Vanagon (was hall unit)

  36. Interesting MB camper on eBay

  37. Is the List down?

  38. Is the list active?

  39. Is the server down?

  40. Is there anybody out there?

  41. Leaky Doors? Wet Footwells

  42. Left Turn Signal Blinks Fast

  43. NVC - Passat info request

  44. No update, just curious about idle/reset

  45. OT - found on another list

  46. OT: Latest Sirius promo not honored

  47. OT: question

  48. Oil Filter Pressure

  49. Oil Light Question

  50. Oil pump losing prime on 55 degree conversion..solved?

  51. Only other Vanagon owners understand the humor in this . . .

  52. Oxygen sensor

  53. Passat wins...

  54. Radiator Fan Turns On But Not Off

  55. Recaro seats

  56. Recent Trip - FWIW

  57. Recommendations needed: Body shop/Rustoration Shop near Toronto

  58. Roof Racks, Space Boxes and Westys

  59. Southern Missouri Vanagon on way to scrapper

  60. Speedo Odo considerations

  61. Speedometer and odometer accuracy

  62. Subj: intermittent stalling --fuel filter? Electrical?

  63. Tire trivia

  64. Vanagon Rescue Squad

  65. Vanagon Rescue Squad - Sign Ups

  66. Vanagon Windshield Washer Tank Needed!

  67. Vanagon actual weight

  68. Vanagon alternative (FF)

  69. Vanagon rear-facing jump seat "stands"

  70. Waving snips from another lists digest mailing

  71. Westy Sighting

  72. Westy curtains/Wanted OEM

  73. Westy travel club

  74. Westy's in Quebec?

  75. Westy's in Quebec? - Nevermind

  76. Westy's in Quebec? - Nevermind-slightly OT, semi rant!

  77. Wheel Offsets

  78. [] Cool Gas Cans

  79. audi wheels on vanagon

  80. audi wheels on vanagon,

  81. audi wheels on vanagon, was Re: Call for .Actual Vehicle Weight info / al...

  82. audi wheels on vanagon, was Re: Call for .Actual Vehicle Weight info / all years

  83. converting an 83.5 to power steering ?

  84. electrolytic rust removal and other tricks

  85. friday

  86. help! Cat?? problems in New Jersey

  87. how do I test the fuel pump? Who sells fuel pump cheap?

  88. indiglo / elecroluinescent gauge faces

  89. info on owning a Golf Jetta TDI NVC

  90. is the list doing a work slowdown?

  91. question

  92. tires and weights

  93. vanagon Digest - 22 Mar 2005 (#2005-257)

  94. verify hose size for me :).
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