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VANAGON archives – April 2005, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. ( four bent valves) fixed

  2. 185 vs 195 tire question

  3. 7-passenger curtain rods?

  4. 7-passenger curtains - thanks everyone!

  5. 80 degree thermostat

  6. <No subject>

  7. A little late for Friday

  8. Anchorage AK westfalia

  9. Anyone with Carfax?

  10. Are 89 Carat Springs different than 91 Multivan Springs????

  11. Auto Tranny Final Drive, Oil Change?

  12. Bentley Eurovan manual for sale

  13. Books on engine rebuilding?

  14. Bus Depot Clearance Sale - For Listmembers Only!

  15. Bus Depot Clearance Sale - UPDATE

  16. Buses By the Beach Web Site version 2.0 is launched!

  17. Camping!

  18. Central Locking

  19. Coast to Coast

  20. Coast toCoast

  21. Coast toCoast!

  22. Coast toCoast! and Crazy Customs

  23. Convert GL to Westy?

  24. Cruise Control - Slow to engage?

  25. DC party lights

  26. Deluxe dash console


  28. EveryBus 2005 - new stuff!

  29. Everybus 05...who is going? (Larry?)

  30. FS 82 AC Westy Central Ohio

  31. FS: '87 Syncro

  32. FS: Vanagon Trailer Hitch... Delivery at EveryBus

  33. Filling propane -- success story!

  34. Filling the transmission

  35. First try at a trannie only pull - questions

  36. For Sale

  37. For sale

  38. Friday...

  39. Fwd: vanagon Digest - 10 Apr 2005 (#2005-298)

  40. HELP! Trying to put new ps rack in before Everybus

  41. Help removing clutch lever

  42. Hitches, Racks, and Stereos?

  43. Hydraulic Valve Lifters!

  44. Ignition points wear

  45. Infinity Reference Series Speakers and Other 4-inchers; Fitment?

  46. LONVC - very interesting ;)

  47. LVC - parts for Everybus

  48. Long Distance Drive After Motor Break-In?

  49. Low-cost 12v fluorescent fixture at Home Depot

  50. Me 7, propane 0

  51. Moto-meter temp gauge/short shift kit Cheap!

  52. Mounting Questions...

  53. NVC: Any coin/stamp collectors out there?

  54. Need Vents Want a Trade

  55. Need help finding wheel studs

  56. Need to Replace Vent Window... Use Non-Vent Window?

  57. New head replacement, bad gas mileage...

  58. New mapping program from Google with satellite images

  59. Off to Germany

  60. Painting exhaust pipes?

  61. Parts Book?

  62. Passenger Vent Window ASAP

  63. Plastic hose clamp in 1.9 van?

  64. Poll results for syncrolist

  65. Pop top seal done!

  66. Pull engine and tranny together?

  67. Pulsating Idle when cold

  68. R 134 charging

  69. Rad meter

  70. Randomly Parking Wipers

  71. Rear crankshaft seal (late Vanagon)

  72. Receiver hitch

  73. Refinish Alloy Wheels?

  74. Removing adhesif from interior panels previously covered with vinyl

  75. Replaced my old fuel lines today..

  76. Replacing a gas tank

  77. Seeking Reliable Mechanic Louisville, KY

  78. Sensors or what else?

  79. Source for Slider Window Screen

  80. Stainless Exhaust for 86 Syncro?

  81. Steering wheel or brake pulsing???

  82. Steering wheel or brake pulsing??? problem solved

  83. Suburban Design Core At EveryBus

  84. Syncro DoKa 16: FS,

  85. Syncro Wiring Question

  86. Syncro de Mayo Este 2005 - VIP Invite for Terry K

  87. Testing transmission ...

  88. Testing transmission ...On weather hold for me.

  89. The case of the cracking Alternator Bracket - Solved

  90. Throttle valve switch, checking/adjusting

  91. Throttle valve switch, checking/adjusting Idle / WOT microswitch adjusment technique,

  92. Trip Report: Big Bend National Park (long)

  93. Triping to EveryBus and away from my bussiness notice

  94. US Route 6, LVC

  95. Vanagon Lighting (was: low cost fluorescents...)

  96. Vanagon webring

  97. Volkscafe brake drum upgrade

  98. WTB armrests - 89 Westy

  99. WTB: "Vw Bus - the 1st 50 years" by Seume/Steinke.

  100. WTB: Passenger Vent Window ASAP

  101. WTB: coolant tubes

  102. Wanee Festival Anyone?

  103. Wasnt someone looking for ronal wheels?

  104. We're on our way to EveryBus 2005

  105. Westy side window screens

  106. Who has oversized TD pistons?

  107. [Syncro] e-brake cable slipping off of brake shoe

  108. [vanagon] primary vehicle strategies????

  109. bus depot website down

  110. bus depot website not down

  111. clutch pedal

  112. e-brake cable slipping off of brake shoe

  113. interesting ebay item: "hatch stick"

  114. interesting hitch but will if fit a vanagon

  115. longer front lug bolts with 19mm head? where to get???

  116. pH meters for around the shop

  117. pH papers

  118. power window regulator

  119. power window regulator---$

  120. rad shack voltmeter/thermometer on sale

  121. shifter problems

  122. thawing a beetle/F

  123. vanagon Digest - 11 Apr 2005 (#2005-300)

  124. vanagon Digest - 12 Apr 2005 (#2005-303)

  125. was 'coast-to-coast' now checkpoints

  126. west of Looking-glass.

  127. white smoke used motor update

  128.       Deluxe dash console

  129.       Re: Parts Book?
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