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VANAGON archives – January 2006, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "MIA's" Fraser Canyon B.C. Trip Report

  2. 2nd Battery setup questions

  3. 3.4liter v6 to 1.9liter turbo4 conversion in progress.

  4. 82 AC Westy running troubles (longish)

  5. 84 Westy needs new engine

  6. 86+ cluster oil warning system

  7. <No subject>

  8. A few other pictures... from the south

  9. Archives?

  10. BIG VW Camper

  11. Bad news on fresh engine rebuild

  12. Baja, short trip report

  13. Battery Light Going on and off since new install

  14. Battery Recharging Question - Resolved - Bought a new battery

  15. Best van shenanigans ever!!!! only 3.5 hours to friday

  16. Blinker weirdness ... FYI

  17. Brake swap

  18. Brett Gibson/585446/EKC is out of the office.

  19. Bus Depot

  20. Bus depot

  21. Buses Of The Corn, 2006 -- August 18th to 20th, 2006

  22. Camper Rentals in Alaska

  23. Coil spring spacers?

  24. Control Arm Bushing Squeak?

  25. Craigslist Philadelphia Vanagon Engine

  26. Curtain snap needed

  27. Day Trip Report

  28. Difference between hatch electric lock actuator - Syncro vs non-Syncro

  29. FWD: who says vanagons dont come in black..Nice syncro Doka on samba..

  30. Failed Crankshaft seal yet again

  31. For Sale: cheap '87 Vanagon Doublecab Truck - $1800!!!

  32. Friday Phollies (I) NVC

  33. Friday Phollies (II)

  34. Friday Phollies (III) VLVC

  35. Friday the 13th

  36. Gary Lee Safari Rack Still for Sale

  37. Gas tank leaking

  38. Getting back on distribution

  39. Getting idle Vanagon to start

  40. Got Snow?

  41. Head rest pads

  42. Headlamp Relay upgrade - which fuse's to upgrade as well?

  43. Heater cable repair

  44. How True How True (Friday Phollies IV)(Sorry, its a little late..)

  45. Is Gerry back up and running?

  46. Is it down ?

  47. Is the list down?

  48. LT-28 highroof camper...was Re: BIG VW Camper

  49. Last few procedures to complete my 85 engine overhaul!!!!

  50. List down, or has it kick me off again?

  51. List mail?

  52. Munchkin ice cube tray owner seeking weekender vanagon

  53. My 91 GL rides like a truck

  54. NVC: Re: interference engines.....was Re: How much would this cost

  55. Need Syncro Tranny

  56. New Transmission Time?

  57. PS line replacement

  58. Power steering pump question

  59. Power window problems

  60. Power window problems---almost forgot

  61. Power window replacement details

  62. Power window replacement details-------very true

  63. Problems at the Bus Depot - Warning about poor service

  64. Problems at the Bus Depot-Warning about poor service

  65. Question - RE: Vanagon Seams & Sealing them up for good... Amended with new info.

  66. Regulator suggestions for 2nd battery system

  67. Request for USER REVIEWS

  68. Rod Bearing Question 1.9L Build

  69. Running a 1.9 without any head gasket

  70. SA Grille Project now NA Grille Project

  71. Sony Car Stereo's

  72. Starter question

  73. Syncro CV question

  74. The list still down?

  75. Vanagon Syndrome??

  76. Vehicle Break-ins

  77. Venting With Propane Heater

  78. WANTED! slideing door st.paul MN

  79. WTB: Dash Instrument Cluster for '85 Westy

  80. WTB: Westy Interior Pieces

  81. Weekenders - how many different configurations?

  82. Westfalia uphostery bits needed -- will pay top dollar!

  83. Westy Stove Grates

  84. Westy: Getting to the cookstove burner valve?

  85. What are people using ~ Optima yellow top?

  86. Where did the list go?

  87. Where's everybody's at?

  88. Which Cromie type Hub Caps fit the Vanagons?

  89. Windshield

  90. [WetWesties] "MIA's" Fraser Canyon B.C. Trip Report

  91. archives down

  92. bad ground

  93. change color of floor mats?

  94. charger controllert/low volt Regulator suggestions for 2nd battery system

  95. cheap '85 Vanagon doublecab Truck for sale IN THE USA

  96. down to the second

  97. found some hidden vacuum leaks

  98. getting my van inspected in MD (headache)

  99. heads leaking

  100. interference engines.....was Re: How much would this cost

  101. is the list down?

  102. jump seat seat belts

  103. list alive?

  104. narrowing wheels..,

  105. neoprene front seat covers, side panels too???

  106. new engine

  107. north american grill project?

  108. optima yellowtop on its side in the battery tray? (i searched but didn't find anything conclusive)

  109. piecing out a westy interior..anyone need anything?

  110. re. LT-28 highroof camper...was Re: BIG VW Camper

  111. rear heater hose replacement; Canadian spec 83.5 full westy

  112. signoff vanagon

  113. test

  114. throttle shaft bushings ?

  115. updating headlights - the options

  116. vacuum leak at breather tower?

  117. wanted: westy stove burner grille Re: Westy Stove Grates

  118. westy propane tank

  119. who says vanagons dont come in black..Nice syncro Doka on samba..
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