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VANAGON archives – November 2008, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. 1.6L , 1.9L, 2.1L Pressure plate Q??

  2. 1985 Front Spindle

  3. ADMINISTRIVIA - NO POLITICS ON THE LIST was: Crowded at the polls today

  4. AL Knol Decoder Software was Snakes in a Bus

  5. Air Scoops - How do you Make them?

  6. Annoying position of Brake and seatbelt warning lamps

  7. Anyone Ever worked with or heard anything about Dave Wolfanger (DWolf) as far a mechanic work quality?

  8. Anyone parting out a bluestar/whitestar/'89 wolfsburg or know where one is?

  9. Article about Boston Bob in Today's Boston Globe

  10. Audi A4 Wheels for '83.5 Westfalia?

  11. B Bobs weekend report

  12. BLACKBEARD Update: GET THIS!!!!

  13. Blinking stops, relay out ...

  14. Boston Bob - Boston Globe Obit

  15. Boston Bob Memorial Fund - Last Call for Donations

  16. CR@P!!! Now a NV Statistic

  17. Carat bumper color?

  18. Complete Subie Conversion Package For Sale

  19. Crowded at the polls today

  20. Door Plate Tire Pressures

  21. Evaluating a "Found" Engine

  22. FS: '85 GL camper in Richmond VA

  23. FS: ZODI Stove-top hot water heater

  24. Frydaye Fishwrap

  25. Fuel line 'shielding' alternative.

  26. Fuel pump replacment frequency?

  27. Fwd: Beware of Obama spam - legit, sorry NVC even tho not Friday

  28. Fwd: Tan Ribbed Velvet / 1985 West Wolfie Weekender

  29. Green camper

  30. Happy Halloween! (NVC)

  31. Heidelberg Stereo-types

  32. Hello vanagon family

  33. How to remove balky plastic bumpers?

  34. Inappropriate posting coming

  35. Lug nut stripped

  36. Lug nut stripped - back from Sears

  37. Magical cast iron suspension?

  38. Mechanic in Upstate NY

  39. Mercedes wheel opinion?

  40. Muffer options aside from stock

  41. Muffler options aside from stock <-- that was supposed to read muffler :)

  42. NO POLITICS - who's headed south this year?

  43. NO POLITICS ON THE LIST was: Crowded at the polls today

  44. NO POLITICS ON THE LIST was: Crowded at the polls today -Vanagon content!

  45. NVC) Is Humor allowed? It was on the internet, so it must be true?) The 50 States and U.S. Territories

  46. Need Specs on Tan Ribbed Velvet

  47. New fuel line disintegrates

  48. Nokian Tyre Recommendations

  49. OH Dear,

  50. OH Dear, OH Deer: I got a call from Mel the Ins Co Guy

  51. OH Dear, OH Deer: Mel and all the rest

  52. Oh Deer, Oh Deer

  53. Pop top maintenance

  54. Porsche Head Needed - NVC

  55. Rear Hatch Lock Question

  56. Rectangular headlights... low & high-beam units same shape?

  57. - Annual Calendar Project

  58. Seattle mechanic

  59. Sliding Door Rear Support Extender

  60. Snakes in a Bus (volkstransport)

  61. Stalling, 90 Westy, 2.1L

  62. Subject: Re: OH Dear, OH Deer: I got a call from Mel the Ins Co Guy (long reply)

  63. Summit catalog


  65. Tan Ribbed Velvet / 1985 West Wolfie Weekender

  66. Tan corduroy in Westy Wolfburg Weekenders

  67. Tranny Pump

  68. Travel -Civil war battlefields

  69. Un-removable lug nuts? Prevent this and another hint..

  70. Update: Evaluating a "Found" Engine

  71. Using transmission from van with engine fire?

  72. Utility Plug

  73. VW Bus accessory

  74. VW shop

  75. Vanagon ?Previa?

  76. Vanagon at the polls today

  77. Vanagons wrecking in Edmonton, Alberta

  78. Vanco Winter Opinions?

  79. WR-C, CS, and C2 Nokian tire questions

  80. Website change

  81. Westy won't go!

  82. Wheels/Tires (sorry NVC but please indulge me!)

  83. When is Last Day to Donate to Bob's Fund?

  84. bucking at 2K rpm

  85. carfax please?

  86. for those canadians in bc with insurance issues ... file away for later

  87. frequency of tank reseal

  88. front carpet

  89. how do I get oversized pic off Full Moon website?

  90. how do i flush my heater core?

  91. just drove a new routan.....going to get rid of my vanagons

  92. just drove a new routan.....going to get rid of my vanagons and ...

  93. just drove a new routan.....going to get rid of my vanagons and buy one!

  94. lugnuts/12v impact

  95. pictures from the Boston Bob memorial

  96. pop top struts

  97. procedure: replacing engine mounts?

  98. purpose of fuel hose sleeves

  99. regarding oriental characters

  100. spare tire stowage quiz...

  101. test - list problems?

  102. trimming replies in gmail
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