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VANAGON archives – November 2009, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '87 GL high idle problem

  2. '90 Carat (Grover) engine transplant - Final chapter

  3. 1985 Westy FS - Kind of funny

  4. 4-way flashers, halfway

  5. 87 Syncro on Craigslist in Montana

  6. Auto Trans Rumbling

  7. Avoid A-German Auto in San Jose

  8. Bought Westy with no key for water filler receptacle

  9. Cover for Westy

  10. Details of Used 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon, Redwood City, CA - Yahoo! Autos

  11. Details of Used 1991 Volkswagen Vanagon, Commerce City, CO - Yahoo! Autos

  12. FS: 1991 Westfalia Syncro

  13. FW: 1990 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon GL - $2500

  14. Fwd: Re: Thoughts on Travelling w/ 4 year old

  15. Fwd: [WetWesties] Travel challenges, ideas? Attn: Ben T

  16. Gel Cell's

  17. Giving thanks today ...

  18. Happy TG, PO.

  19. Heart vs. Head

  20. Heart vs. Head- it's still Frydaye

  21. Hope for NLA headlight adjusters

  22. How do you remove sliding window latch

  23. How many volts can ECU handle?

  24. I'm out'ta here!

  25. I'm out'ta here; Happy Turkey Day !!!

  26. Introductions

  27. MOD Mike Collum 11/28 update

  28. MOD Mike Collum status 11/23

  29. Model designation Numbers all Model VWs

  30. NO VANAGON CONTENT - Son's Web Site

  31. Nice Westy in Kentucky

  32. OFFER: Wooden windows in SE GR- Mulick area

  33. OK, Really time for the rebuild, final thoughts...

  34. OOPS- Meant to list Jalousie windows FS in Michigan

  35. PITTSBURGH VANAGON CLUB- Thanksgiving Get together

  36. Part 19 is anyone going to roast a turkey in the van?

  37. Parts run to Van Cafe - trip report

  38. Passat B3 Instrument Cluster Pinout

  39. Portland OR Wheel Boring?

  40. Pricing of Used Westies (was: ... Yahoo! Autos)

  41. Racing Vanagons

  42. Re keying rear hacth and sliding door locks

  43. Replacing seal between automatic & final

  44. Repost bad link FS 1991 Syncro Westfalia

  45. Rusty 2.1 question

  46. Some Assembly Required? (Friday)

  47. Syncro Starter R&R on vacation? A Poll

  48. T25 on Wheeler Dealers

  49. T5 road test on Deutsche-Welle TV

  50. The heart speaks up

  51. Thoughts on Travelling w/ 4 year old

  52. Trans Question

  53. Travelling w/ 4 Year Old **Thank You**

  54. Vanagon !Si! (good features) little long

  55. Vanagon auto trannies

  56. Vanagon parts FS on Ebay

  57. Vanagon, my love ...

  58. Where can I buy Redline synthetic manual transmission fluid

  59. Who makes the best ball joints?

  60. Youtube videos of Westies at Watkins 2008

  61. Youtube videos of Westies at Watkins 2009

  62. [WetWesties] Travel challenges, ideas? Attn: Ben T

  63. good 2.1 WBX motor for sale, complete

  64. good finds at wreckers

  65. is anyone going to roast a turkey in the van?

  66. noisy shifting

  67. revving idle --> 83 Westy gasser

  68. revving idle --> 83 westy gasser

  69. syncro, prop shaft R&Rreport

  70. vanagon Digest - 22 Nov 2009 (#2009-1016)

  71. vanagon Digest - 28 Nov 2009 - Special issue (#2009-1030)

  72. vanagon speed

  73. vanagon speed (was Re: Heart vs. Head
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