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VANAGON archives – May 2011, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "Regular" ATF?

  2. (NVC) How come people change names?

  3. 1.9l ECU to borrow, maybe buy?

  4. 2.1 L Head Leaks

  5. 2.1 wbx with AC Water pump woes

  6. 82 vanagon

  7. 91 Westy Oregon plate in Minneapolis

  8. A Little Help with Rims

  9. A mention in the Wall Street Journal, though the site is wrong

  10. A sad day Indeed

  11. A weird thing that took me forever to solve

  12. Aftermarket Rooftop Cooling Experiences?

  13. Auto Trans Modified Governor Test Report

  14. BUSFUSION Reminder

  15. Booster heater question

  16. Brake Job Front and Back 85 2wd vanagon. Wheel bearing question.

  17. Cool tent, looks like '65 VW Van

  18. Debugging air leaks in a Diesel

  19. FW: Tire question

  20. Free Wheels

  21. Friday Funny - Clown Westy Spec Commercial

  22. Friday by the time this gets through the cue... "318,000 mile service due" alert

  23. Front end suspension

  24. Fw: Re: odd noise on new gowesty engine

  25. Fwd: 82 vanagon

  26. Gas mileage

  27. Granny Grose's Buses 7

  28. Heads up, it's almost rapture time... and the closing of Bostig's next build group

  29. Horn upgrade

  30. How Do I ......

  31. Load Reduction Relay Failuire

  32. Looking towards the heavens ...

  33. Lowering transaxle vs removing transaxle

  34. Mark Yer Calenders

  35. Mixing oils with different weights.

  36. Moss removal

  37. Mysterious loose ground wire

  38. NVC regarding the recent loss due to leukemia

  39. New steering rack bushings and Peanut Oil on my pipes...

  40. Rooftop A/C Experiences

  41. Rooftop A/C Experiences 12 volt ac more seriously-Note

  42. Same coolant hose broken

  43. Sleep Comfort

  44. Spark plugs

  45. Splitty tent

  46. Steering wheel locked after replacing blower motor

  47. Sunroof - A/C

  48. Syncro drove! For the first time in 13 years!

  49. The Westy Mattress is ONLY for Sleeping On? Nah...... (Pics. Friday)

  50. Tire question

  51. To burn or not to burn...

  52. Trip 3: Bourget, Gatineau and Mississippi Mills

  53. Trip Report (Boulder SVX motor purchase)

  54. Van idle over winter

  55. Van idle over winter/Dirt Trap

  56. Vanagon's And ERS Insurance

  57. Voltage at alternator blue D+ lead?

  58. WANTED: Used Air Flow Meters and Headlight Buckets

  59. WTB: Black padded Vanagon dash - Seattle/Portland OR

  60. Water tank

  61. What's In Your Van's Library (Friday)

  62. YAY (NVC)

  63. Z-bed Foam: 2240 Users? (aka 2.2 lb, firmer)

  64. [Syncro] Vanagon's And ERS Insurance

  65. [WetWesties] NVC regarding the recent loss due to leukemia

  66. camping tent :-)

  67. lithium based wheel bearing grease

  68. my headlights have turned green.

  69. odd noise on new gowesty engine

  70. oil additive to clean engine

  71. replace water supply lines, formally Water Tank

  72. saddletramps - a range of RVs on display

  73. subject Re: [VANAGON] Water tank

  74. vanagon airco switches (mounting panel)
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