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VANAGON archives – April 2012, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. Re: (16 lines)
    From: Jim Arnott <jr.arnott@GMAIL.COM>
  2. "Remote" Propane Tank Usage

  3. '86 Westy coolant questions

  4. 1984 Vanagon Front AC Condenser

  5. 90 Syncro engine power probs

  6. <No subject>

  7. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IEEvQy0tRml4IGl0IG15c2VsZj8=?=

  8. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IEknbSBiYWNrIC4gLiAu?=

  9. =?utf-8?Q?Head=20light?=

  10. A/C Talk

  11. A/C--Fix it myself?

  12. Caliper Bolts Wanted

  13. Coolant cap tester

  14. Coolant level light

  15. Deschutes Brewery Video

  16. Deschutes Brewery Video/Privacy Curtain

  17. Dometic Romoval/Go Westy Shelving Kit

  18. Eco-Diesel injector question, other questions for swapping into Vanagon

  19. Failed Ca Smog due to Evaporative leak

  20. Febi Cam Folowers

  21. Flywheel Install / O - ring

  22. Form Jay Leno's Garage

  23. Friday Flamers US DOT HazMat Placards (

  24. Friday flammables

  25. Friday flammables-Flammables vs. combustibles.

  26. Friday flammables-Flammables vs. combustibles. Flash point.

  27. Happy Easter!

  28. Hatch struts- take the pressure off

  29. Head light

  30. Headlight switch

  31. Hershey progress

  32. I'm back . . .

  33. I'm back . . .A/C and beyond

  34. I'm back . . .A/C and beyond, window air scoop

  35. I'm back . . .A/C and beyond.

  36. I'm excited, want to buy an engine?

  37. Install extermal oil cooler? Re: Trans fluid in coolant system

  38. Listmember(s) spotted on TV & also SFO

  39. Maria Alovert - Biodiesel Homebrew Guide

  40. Mojave trip photos

  41. NVC - May prove useful as a camping guide

  42. Need a couple power steering knuckles and a steering box

  43. Never brag (and please help get my van started...)

  44. Oil pressure cures.

  45. Oil pressure light and buzzer

  46. Pop Top Canvas And Little Blocks of Wood

  47. Propane Tank wanted

  48. Propane tank still wanted

  49. Re: I'm back . . .

  50. Rear wheel bearing replacement...don't do it like this..

  51. Rescue Tape Bargain Prices

  52. SYNCRO de MAYO News

  53. Simple but oh so effective maintenance task (lubricate shift linkage)

  54. Slow turnover when starting.

  55. Speaking of A/C - barrier hoses source?

  56. Syncro Fest is coming

  57. TPMS - anyone have any recommendations?

  58. Tents and awnings

  59. Testing script

  60. Tires

  61. Transmission parts needed! Looking for direction!

  62. Usable storage space

  63. WTB instrument foil

  64. Watch out Westy, there is a new kid in town!

  65. Watch out Westy, there is a new kid in town! Oil pressure switches.

  66. Weird Hatch Struts?

  67. annual inspection fun...

  68. my dream bed ( when not in Westy

  69. need key for ghia

  70. rafflebus

  71. van siting on I found your camera go to bottom of page

  72. wheel bearing question

  73. window scoop
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