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VANAGON archives – August 2011, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 15" alloy wheels with a 14" steel spare (?)

  2. =?utf-8?B?QXBwbGUgUXVlc3Rpb24gTlZDIFNvcnJ5IQ==?=

  3. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IEFueSBJbnRlcmVzdCBJbiBhIFNldCBvZiBGYWN0b3J5IEFsbG95cyBmb3IgYSBWYW5hZ29uPw==?=

  4. =?utf-8?Q?Drivers=20side=20greese=20cap?=

  5. AC cutting out momentarily

  6. Accessing the A/C Expansion Valve

  7. Any Interest In a Set of Factory Alloys for a Vanagon?

  8. Anyone going to Lucas drags at Brainerd

  9. Anyone traveling from Mission Viejo, CA into Oregon soon?

  10. Battery testing solution

  11. Bill of Sale Issues on my first Syncro

  12. Buses of The Corn trip report & small gallery

  13. Cargo Net Vanagon Prototype

  14. Cargo net . . .

  15. Changing a broken Antenna

  16. Converter thieves pass me by

  17. Drivers side greese cap

  18. Eurospec "Big Brake" kit.

  19. Follow-Up: Under-Sink Battery Installation

  20. Friday sighting in Chicago

  21. Friday sighting in Chicago-Thursday Sighting In Washington DC.

  22. Fuel Tank flush

  23. General Question On Battery Venting

  24. Go Westy tune up kit

  25. Help! Hesitation on the road!

  26. High Country Bus Festival XV Slide Show

  27. Horsehair in Vanagons

  28. Infrequent symptom: inconsistent power after descending hill

  29. Interior Modifications

  30. Kayaks

  31. Kayaks on Vanagon

  32. Leak Under Steering Column

  33. Looking for a water tank drain cap

  34. My poor tone.

  35. Needing a part still available?

  36. New Bus Buzz

  37. O2-sensor blues and more on '84 1.9L engine

  38. Oil level vs temp test

  39. Oil plug gasket -- FLAPS?

  40. Original Harrison Awning Tent for 1973 WESTFALIA

  41. Power steering pump rebuild kit?

  42. Question - Rear stub axle

  43. Road-trippers or shippers 94546 to 99352

  44. Sears tool bag on sale.....

  45. Shake down cruise

  46. Spare gas storage ??

  47. Spare tire spare tank

  48. Starter motor do-it-yourself rebuild

  49. Stranded Rock Springs, WY

  50. T-Shirt Update

  51. The Grapes Of Wrath

  52. Thule Rack Wanted

  53. Too good of a deal for a SubieWesty on Craiglist?

  54. Touching up GoWesty Bumpers

  55. Trip Reports

  56. Under-Sink Battery Installation

  57. Vanagon Cabrio

  58. Vanagon GL Sofa and Center Seat for sale in Monroe WA

  59. Vanagon Radiator Fan Resistor Available at Van-Again

  60. Vanagon Syndrome

  61. Vanagon T-Shirts - Update

  62. WTB: two hard to find items???

  63. Westy Roof rack for a canoe?

  64. Westy roof rack for two kayaks?

  65. What would make you disconnect your front axle on your Syncro?

  66. Window Seals

  67. [derivative} vanagon content

  68. [vanagon] For sale in Oklomha

  69. bilge pump as fresh water pump replacement

  70. bracket for speaker

  71. fresh water pump subsitute

  72. installing new door seal

  73. return mechanism for throw-out fork?

  74. tie rod boots

  75. trans seal

  76. truck cargo door

  77. unusual .. two sightings of two not local Vanagoneriters
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