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VANAGON archives – August 2006, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '82 Westy For Sale in Denver (DU Area)

  2. 1.9 piston and liners (revisited)

  3. 1000 mile rebuild recommendations?

  4. 12V electric blanket

  5. 12v electric blanket?

  6. 6th Annual Van-O-Rama is just around the corner 09/09/2006

  7. AC vanagon coil to dist. wire?


  9. Alternator voltage or regulator

  10. Another engine free to a good home (complete) -- in Baltimore, MD | Is the 3.3 kit ready to go yet?

  11. Any solar gurus out there?

  12. Auto Tranny Anyone?

  13. Auto tranny questions...

  14. Auto tranny: How to mate diff & transmission

  15. Bad CV Joint Turns Vanagon back home

  16. COVVC Show anyone going??

  17. CV R&R questions

  18. Call for VW Shop Reviews - North America

  19. Calling: Steve Franklin???

  20. Candles

  21. Car fax, please!

  22. Carat Side Skirts for Rocker Panels

  23. Country homes question

  24. Dometic frig question

  25. Evans NPG+ non-aqueous coolant - was: blue vs green vs orange coolant

  26. FS: 83.5 Westy in Tucson

  27. FS: Accessory Side Tent $150. Fairly New in San Francisco

  28. FS: Manuals, Bentley and Russek; chrome hubcaps; subaru coolant manifold

  29. FYI===> Coolant Colors - what do they mean??

  30. Faucet

  31. Favorite Michigan Camping Places?

  32. Freebie update...

  33. Freebie..

  34. Friday digression

  35. Front Spoiler Screw Size

  36. Fuel filter

  37. Fuel problem...still...

  38. Fwd: Re: Favorite Michigan Camping Places?

  39. Gas tank R and R update

  40. Have van will travel

  41. Having a problem with a starter

  42. Having a problem with a starter (solved!)

  43. I just got John Wallaced...

  44. I just got John Wallaced...(NVC)

  45. Injectors

  46. Install of a Surepower 1315

  47. LEDs for the dash

  48. Manual transmission leak- 88 GL

  49. Missing tag on door column

  50. Need Part Numbers

  51. Need one 15" steel wheel

  52. Need window regulator

  53. Odd Coolant Temp Gauge Problem

  54. Oetiker clamps

  55. Oil Light

  56. Portland Or TriStar sighting

  57. Power doorlocks again

  58. Purple Caravelle in Vancouver

  59. Question about lubing front shift linkage

  60. Reached 100k on the 84 Westy-What now?

  61. Refridgerator Door Shelves

  62. Sept 8-10 -- 10th Annual WetWesites/BusPilots ReUnion -- Sept 8-10

  63. Sliding Door button cheap and plenty

  64. Stainless steel screws for Vanagon exterior --- now avaliable

  65. Subject: Fuel filter

  66. Suggestions for missing steering rack cap/seal

  67. Take-Along Parts

  68. Temp Sensor Leak

  69. Tire Pressure With Different Tire Types

  70. To-day we have naming of parts

  71. Trailer light wiring

  72. Trip report: Nanaimo, BC to Saskatchewan, Montana, Idaho, Washington 3415 miles

  73. Tx Emissions

  74. UPDATE Re: Coolant temp at idle questions

  75. Ultimate Vanagon Challenge: the story so far

  76. Upgrade T3 to H4 headlights?

  77. Volksfest - Embrun, ON - Sunday August 13

  78. Voltage drop with headlight upgrade

  79. WTB: 1.9 aux air regulator

  80. Westfalia Mats

  81. Westy Rental in The OC?

  82. What is the transformer under my rear seat for?

  83. Wipers

  84. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  85. Zzzz . . . least interesting Friday ever

  86. [Fwd: No rear oil seal]

  87. [WetWesties] Fwd: Emergency roadside assistance insurance

  88. [follow-up] Tool for fan temp switch removal?

  89. backfireing ---stumbleing,stalling and worse,when cold

  90. blue vs green coolant - another player?

  91. blue vs green vs orange coolant

  92. blue vs green vs orange coolant - sierra

  93. changing shift points

  94. cooling system flush

  95. cruising speed and MPG

  96. duty cycle fun (was Re: What is the transformer under my rear seat for?)

  97. engine stand

  98. failed TX emission test

  99. head leaking....options? 86 westy

  100. motion detector tiny flashlight (LVC)

  101. no headlights cept pulling back on turn signal stick - 87 westy

  102. oil cooler

  103. radio

  104. them led lights

  105. them led lights - Candles

  106. wow, the heater element heats up fast!Re: refrigerator non-refrigerating blues
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