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VANAGON archives – June 2009, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 1.9 Tranny = 2.1?

  2. 6 Guys Vanagon Travails

  3. 6 guys and vanagon x-country-UPDATE

  4. 87 2.1 loss power

  5. 87 Westie FS in Lyle, Wa.

  6. A Ghost in the machine

  7. Adjusting sliding door

  8. Battery/Charging system questions.. A lot of info included..

  9. Bilsteins at camping World

  10. Busfusion 2009 (picture)

  11. Clunking in the Rear

  12. Coolant Distributor Replacement - and a parts review

  13. Diesel Westy FS in San Antonio

  14. Diesel camper for sale - not mine

  15. Difference between CA catalytic converter and non-CA catalytic converter?

  16. Do we like the same books?

  17. Emissions failure Nox

  18. Emissions failure Nox (Probably the last update)

  19. Emissions failure Nox (update)

  20. FS in austin TX Wolfsburg

  21. FS: '91 Westy MV -AND- '90 Westy -AND- '87 Syncro

  22. FS: White '90 on VA CL

  23. FW: Sierras

  24. FW: six guys update

  25. FW: when in SF if possible ...

  26. Fill line for Coolant

  27. Front Overhead AC For Sale

  28. Fwd: [VANAGON] breakfast in Saltlake City

  29. Fwd: tracking #

  30. Gunnison CO Campout RMSF-09


  32. Harness....From Fuse Box To Relay Beneath Driver's Seat

  33. Help with Dometic 12v wiring

  34. How to do a coolant flush? 2.1L Auto 88

  35. I had it!

  36. If I have a small cut ...

  37. Improved Steering. (play reduced) Tip (Pics)

  38. Installing rear used seat belt

  39. Key in ignition to power radio

  40. Looking for the plastic power window switch holder on the drivers side

  41. Loud and heavy popping noise up front

  42. No Lo/Hi Beams

  43. No brakes

  44. Parts Syncro FS ? (Vancouver B.C.)

  45. Propane Line Corrosion. (Pic)

  46. Propex and getting gas tight fittings

  47. Puu-A-Part Salvage Yards.

  48. Sierras

  49. Six Guys Find Fault Fix & Flee Fleecing Fiefdom

  50. Speaking of 1982 Diesels...

  51. Stopping a Head Leak

  52. Subaru conversion problems

  53. Temp gauge testing with resistors

  54. Transmission Noise (update)

  55. Tubing for westy sink and water tank

  56. VW Canada 2.1 Reman Engine

  57. VW Canada 2.1 Reman Engine - I need one

  58. Vanagon photos in the media

  59. WTB:: grey under sink drawer for '87 Westy

  60. What Octane gas does a 2.1L waterboxer need?

  61. You have had it ....

  62. [VIDEO] The Dempster Highway in a Vanagon Westy

  63. [VIDEO] The Dempster Highway in a Vanagon Westy - beacon

  64. breakfast in Saltlake City

  65. breakfast in Saltlake City/Vanagon Trip SLC to Zion

  66. how can you tell head gaskets have been replaced?

  67. shift cable

  68. six guys photos

  69. six guys update

  70. six guys, another attempt at a photo link

  71. the supreme silliness - a fryedayean idea for a vanagon

  72. the supreme silliness - a fryedayean idea for a vanagon pyramid scheme ... :)

  73. the supreme silliness - a fryedayean idea for a vanagon pyramid scheme .....

  74. tracking #

  75. tracking # "RETRACTION" SORRY

  76. van wrecked; documenting selling prices

  77. which pliers for GoWesty Fuel line clamps?
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