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VANAGON archives – June 2015, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '84 1.9, lower bolt on alternator mount

  2. (Friday NVC) Does this mean we can use it in polite company?

  3. 1.9 WBX engine available in Bend, Oregon

  4. 1.9L engine on VA CL

  5. 40 posts on torque specs?

  6. =?us-ascii?Q?Re=3A_=3FUTF-8=3FQ=3FRe=3D3A=5F=3D5BSyncro=3D5D=5FP?= =?us-ascii?Q?op=3D2Dtop=5Ftent=5Finstall=5Fon=5Fa=5F=3DE2=3D80?= =?us-ascii?Q?=3D9987=5FVanagon=3F=3D_________=3D=3FUTF-8=3FQ=3F?= =?us-ascii?Q?=5FWestfalia=5Freport=3D2E=3F=3D?=

  7. ?UTF-8?Q?Re=3A_=5BSyncro=5D_Pop=2Dtop_tent_install_on_a_=E2=80=9987_Vanagon?= =?UTF-8?Q?_Westfalia_report=2E?=

  8. A/C wiring warning

  9. ABQ emission test

  10. Advice on TD engine problem

  11. All you need is a rear clip

  12. Another crazy Vanagon owner, only rich

  13. Another good deal-'90 Westy $8700

  14. Aw: Re: End of the list?

  15. Awning advice

  16. Big Thanks and "Whew" (I hope)

  17. Brake Shoe Lower Mount Shims: Make-Install Shim Over Pins?

  18. Bringing a North American spec Westy to Europe: tips and mods

  19. Bus trip from Munich over the Alps to Venice

  20. Can you drive with skylight open?

  21. Cleaning pop top flocking?

  22. Clips everywhere

  23. Craigslist post

  24. Driving style as applied to fuel economy...

  25. End of the list?

  26. End of the list? Was Re: Rear axle torque specs?

  27. Extra =?UTF-8?Q?storage=3F?=

  28. Extra storage?

  29. FW: Weekend project started on Friday

  30. Fried wiring harness from dash to 84 Westy camper relay

  31. Fuel injector test results

  32. Funky temp gauge - update

  33. Good deal on a TDi (ALH) Westy

  34. I love the list

  35. Installed a Cubby Door in my Closet

  36. Interesting small land and sea trailer

  37. Last weekends trip report

  38. Looking for good used or rebuilt Air Flow Meter for 81 AC California Vanagon

  39. Probably get this one for $2k

  40. Rear Heater Valve O Ring, Heater Hose Install.

  41. Rear axle torque specs?

  42. Rear axle torque specs? Rear Wheel bearings.

  43. Replaced driver's side front window seals. Report...

  44. Sale on Harbor Freight Solar Kit for solar-inclined Vanagon owners

  45. Searched Re: Rear Heater Valve O Ring,....

  46. Solar Package Link Needed

  47. Storm Chaser Vanagon?

  48. This might be a good Westy

  49. Transmission Rebuild?

  50. USA travel map

  51. Video from Granny Grose's avaliable

  52. Warning to VanagonPilots

  53. Weekend project started on Friday

  54. Westy rear driver side cupholder solution

  55. What is up with Bus-boys?

  56. brakes

  57. bus depot .. gas tank ... 82 diesel ...

  58. camped at the edge in Spain

  59. camped on a beach in France

  60. free '91 westy. serious!!

  61. promoting the list

  62. vanagon Digest - 1 Jun 2015 (#2015-101)

  63. vanagon Digest - 2 Jun 2015 to 3 Jun 2015 - Special issue (#2015-104)

  64. vanagon Digest - 31 May 2015 to 1 Jun 2015 - Special issue (#2015-100)

  65. vanagon@gerry vs FB was End of the list? Was Re: Rear axle torque specs?
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