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VANAGON archives – October 2006, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '90 syncro at pick and pull in nashville TN

  2. 1.9 problems

  3. 2.1 waterboxer engine for sale + ECU/wiring/etc.

  4. 2.2 legacy engine... oil levels...

  5. : End the hegemony of the US auto makers

  6. <No subject>

  7. <no subject>

  8. A Friday Tale of Woe and a Request for Info

  9. A RANT : Westy Tires in Canada

  10. AFM Idle Air Adjustment 1.9

  11. Also syncro delay

  12. Any Interest in Diesel Fuel Pump?

  13. Anyone repaired plastic coolant tubes??

  14. Bed Extension Tool Cabinet

  15. BusFusion 2006 video

  16. Campground Reviews Update

  17. Canada brokerage fees

  18. Carfax needed...

  19. Carfax, please!

  20. Carpet Mats

  21. Color matching pop tops?

  22. Denver Junk Yard Vanagons

  23. Detroit takes on the Beetle again, or Herbie gets Cement Shoes

  24. Do 1.9L engine cores have any value?

  25. End the hegemony of the US auto makers

  26. FS on Ebay: Tristar, Doka and Eurospec T3 (Vanagon) Headlights washer / squirters.

  27. FS/Trade: 84' Westy Items - Middle TN

  28. FS: 82-84 westy front seats (brown/tan/blue (or green) striped)

  29. FS: CDN 1982 air cooled ECU & Instrument pod & cover & engine wiring harness

  30. FS: Used WBX cylinder heads

  31. FS: front grill and both round headlights

  32. FS: vanagon "jailbars" rear window protective/decorative bars

  33. FS: vanagon capt.chairs w/ armrests/fit all vans,upgrade early westy or doka

  34. Factory Cruise Control Behavior Query: posting answer to my own question

  35. Free Delivery Available

  36. Free rides in a Subaru Vanagon, Vancouver BC

  37. Free to good home: 1991 Westfalia LP Tank

  38. Friday - Busses in Video Games

  39. Front differential lock

  40. Fuel sender

  41. Fw: Re: Roadside Assistance - Reminder

  42. Fwd:

  43. Fwd: : End the hegemony of the US auto makers

  44. Fwd: Fwd: What tires for 91 Westy?

  45. Fwd: Sun Shade Special for all VW Vans

  46. Fwd: VW Camper dreams

  47. Fwd: What tires for 91 Westy?

  48. Fwd: cleaning under pop-top fuzz?

  49. Gas Springs was VW Camper dreams.."Carthago" highroof poptop

  50. Gas tank install driving me nuts!!

  51. Golf Cart Batteries

  52. HS2000 propex

  53. Hard thunk at startup

  54. Hey Fellow Vanagon owners, Friday funny in Los Angeles

  55. How do you split the case?

  56. Hummer accessories...actual Vanagon content

  57. Importing a vehicle to USA - need advice

  58. Is it too Expensive to Ship Doors & Hatches?

  59. stickers

  60. Lower grille fasteners

  61. Microbus Concept in Production says this website...

  62. Middle (top to bottom) vent question

  63. Mr Lube / Walmart oil changes OK? I have the 'Mahn' OEM Oil Filter....

  64. NASCAR Angels TV show(Much Vanagon Content!)


  66. Need vehicle vin decoding for a VW

  67. New VW camper design??

  68. Opinions requested: "Smoke" tail lights

  69. Paging Anna Q-S Portland ( Sun shades )

  70. Parting out 91 GL

  71. Porsche 911 Powered Vanagon For Sale

  72. Possible funky smell solution.

  73. Power steering hose & related questions

  74. Projector Light - upgrade?

  75. Reimo

  76. Rust Proofing Recommendations/ slowing rust down / Recommendations in

  77. Rust Proofing Recommendations/ slowing rust down / Recommendations in Ottawa

  78. SA grill availability

  79. Seat Kit

  80. Second failure at sealing AT differential oil pan!

  81. Sliding door repair

  82. Slipping transmission

  83. Smart Car / Vanagon combo pack?

  84. Smart Car Crash

  85. Smart Car Crash (NVC)

  86. Smart Car Crash Re: : End the hegemony of the US auto makers

  87. So... am I nuts? (ign. sw)

  88. Stainless steel fuel injection hose clamps

  89. Strange electrical problem: Headlights don't work (among other things)

  90. Sun Shade Block Special NEW Link W/ Pics

  91. Sun Shade Special for all VW Vans

  92. Sun shade info with some answers

  93. Syncro fool sender ...

  94. Syncro fuel sender ...

  95. Time to retest the viscous coupling?

  96. Unsubscribing

  97. Upholstery shops

  98. Upholstery shops-Sewfine sucks

  99. VW Bus on the cover of the UK Caravan Club Magazine

  100. VW Camper dreams

  101. VW Camper dreams.."Carthago" highroof poptop

  102. VW Campertop dreams

  103. VW vin numbers

  104. Vanagon FS in Boulder

  105. Vanagon spotting on Maryland's Eastern Shore (longish)

  106. Vendor check-Problems with H&R (Germany)

  107. Venting... at front...

  108. Watch Those Out of State Plates and Don't Take any Crap

  109. Weekender curtains?

  110. Westy Winter Camping Suggestions.(Now Water Pumps).

  111. Westy Winter Camping Suggestions..

  112. Westy Winter Camping Suggestions..(NVC)

  113. What tires for 91 Westy?

  114. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  115. [vanagon] FS on Ebay: Tristar, Doka and Eurospec T3 (Vanagon) Headlights washer / squirters.

  116. cheap 1990 camper on orange county craigslist!

  117. cleaning under pop-top fuzz?

  118. clutch going?

  119. coolant "ring" in engine compartment --plastic w/ end holes

  120. filler neck R&R Re: Gas tank install driving me nuts!!

  121. free 2.1 longblock core

  122. friend in need of help near Wichita KS

  123. fuel sender: replace with tank?

  124. how can you tell 4-speed vs. 5-speed apart outside of the van

  125. lug wrench

  126. my blog

  127. on the road again

  128. our rescue list?

  129. pictures of white tail lights, was: Opinions requested: "Smoke" tail lights

  130. splash plate

  131. stereo speaker wire colors?

  132. vanagon Digest - 26 Oct 2006 - Special issue (#2006-908)
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