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VANAGON archives – February 2010, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '85 GL Parts

  2. '86 odo fix mit pix (long)

  3. '91 VW camper mudflap

  4. 85 rear breaks= fun

  5. 91 carat inteior taken

  6. 91 carat interior free nj

  7. Adjusting Tie Rods / Steering

  8. Another Westy FS in god

  9. Any Syncro Owners out there looking for a Buick?

  10. Anyone need an engine & tranny?

  11. Anyone tried this San Diego shop from Craigslist?

  12. Auto Shifter weirdness

  13. Back from Boston....

  14. Battery to Inverter

  15. Binding Steering....

  16. Brand New Bosch AFM

  17. Buzzing luggage rack on westy need advice

  18. Cable-operated clutch

  19. Cheese Bus

  20. Converting Vanagon to Audi 15" Rims

  21. Digressing to Wally World, was Wally World and battery stuff

  22. Eyebrow for Vanagon grill

  23. FS 1981 Country Homes Camper

  24. FS On The Samba (interesting visual experience)

  25. FS bluestar grey dashpad

  26. FS vanagon OEM wheelcovers/hubcaps on

  27. FS: syncro vanagon for $500 bucks Re: Price cut on parts Syncro in VA CL

  28. Free 2.1 case

  29. Fryeday topic: Would you do this for your vanagon?

  30. Fuel Injectors

  31. Gas cap key photo

  32. Hijack: Re: STICKERZ! was Re: Opinions Please...

  33. Hijack: Rust-Oleum Roll-on project was Re: Paint in PDX Great Deal!!!

  34. Jack for 90 Multivan w/fiberglass molding???

  35. Looking for a machine shop in the DC area

  36. Lower ball joint tricks?

  37. MYT (Massive Yet Tiny) Engine

  38. NVC Friday Stuff Great Automobile Pictures

  39. NVC Mark Dearing

  40. New Years VW Van Cruise In PDX

  41. New Years VW Van Cruise In PDX (Crown Point Feb 21st 2010)

  42. No Clutch....

  43. No Clutch....caution, long

  44. No current at FI injector plug - a repsonse

  45. Opinions Please...

  46. PDX Machine Shop Recommendation?

  47. PDX Van Crown Point Cruise 2-21-2010

  48. PDXRe: Pdx Machine Shop Recommendation?

  49. Paint in PDX Great Deal!!!

  50. Painting the heads...

  51. Pdx Machine Shop Recommendation?

  52. Price cut on parts Syncro in VA CL

  53. Radio stays on

  54. Rain and rain-x and driving in the inclemency

  55. Re inverter to battery

  56. STICKERZ! was Re: Opinions Please...

  57. San Diego Craigslist...anybody tried this Vanagon shop?

  58. Smallcar exhaust parts

  59. Snow tires... 2 or 4?

  60. Snow, 4wd vehicles and syncros

  61. Stale gasoline in fuel tank

  62. Syncro "Buggy" on Ebay Germany

  63. True Canadian Winter Bus Campout, February 20th, Valens Ontario

  64. Value of a DOKA (was: a/c in a doka)

  65. Vanagon Wheel Swaps & Centerbore

  66. Vanagon sighting - Florida Keys

  67. Vanaholic

  68. Vanaholic? was Paint in PDX Great Deal!!!

  69. Victoria Area Vanagon Owners Meet (VAVOM!)

  70. Wal-Mart and battery stuff

  71. Wally World and battery stuff

  72. Westy FS In Lubbock (Yeeeha!)

  73. Westy on the late news

  74. Westy sold, sanity returns

  75. What is the purpose of syncro gas tank insulation?

  76. Wheel swaps and center bores

  77. ZSI in Nevada is liquidating their collection of doublecabs &

  78. ZSI in Nevada is liquidating their collection of doublecabs & other euro T3's

  79. [Syncro] Brand New Bosch AFM

  80. a/c in a doka

  81. another pop top on tin top conversion

  82. carring capacity of vannie single cab

  83. cheap '86 syncro FS ($1800 bucks)

  84. discrepancy in rear axle length

  85. electrical problem

  86. fs: westy front over head a/c or doka a/c

  87. key-less entry Power door locks and remote start

  88. looks like fun

  89. ooops , replied to some ancient posts

  90. rear heater blowout - stranded

  91. shorty vanagon

  92. stuck lower control arm bolt

  93. the Samba classifieds search plugin.

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