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VANAGON archives – February 2010, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "magic stuff: (was Re: [VANAGON] Dielectric grease)

  2. '91

  3. 1.9 Stumbles When Damp

  4. 1980 Westfalia water pump question

  5. 1985 Vanagon Automatic/leak in wheel well passanger side when it rains.

  6. 1999 (ford) Westy for sale

  7. A/C tunnel

  8. Anybody here familiar with VAG-TACHO?

  9. Apollo Norseman brackets

  10. Bentley's Page Numbering!

  11. Best battery

  12. Best method for remove seized exhaust nuts?


  14. Check my head?

  15. - wheels 5x112mm

  16. Cool Wedding with a VW Bus as Preferred Method of Travel (Phrydae)

  17. Dielectric grease

  18. Dielectric grease - Stabilant

  19. ECU Cuts Out & Kills Engine

  20. Exhaust Design

  21. FS: Nissan Pathfinder Swing Away Tire Carrier $75

  22. FS: One hell of a deal

  23. FS: drivers side under dash parcel tray for vanagons. RARE! :)

  24. FW: LEHR: Generator Availability

  25. Friday OT...automatic trannys and driving habits observed

  26. Friday: Fuel containers, a little bit Vanagon related

  27. Friday: Fuel containers, a little bit vanagon related

  28. Friday: Why no EuroVan Maintenance Posts?

  29. Friday; 12V generator ideas / Tiny Honda Generator

  30. Gas Tank Leak!

  31. Headlight's won't come on (relay bad?)

  32. Headlight's wont come on (relay bad?)

  33. More Syncro and Stainless Steel Parts from Germany

  34. Need door lock/latch assembly for front door, 90 Multivan

  35. Oil filter change w/o oil change

  36. Problem installing a baby seat

  37. Problem installing a baby seat - caution, long

  38. Problem installing a baby seat - resolution (for now anyway)

  39. Renaming vanagon Digest Posts - 13 Feb 2010 to 14 Feb 2010 - Special issue (#2010-137)

  40. RockAuto Vanagon Parts Sale

  41. STICKERZ! was Re: Opinions Please...

  42. Sprinter, For Sale

  43. Starter Help!

  44. Subject: Starter Help!

  45. TIICO/ABA engine question

  46. The best GENERATOR

  47. Trade a Eurovan project (Was: Why no EuroVan Maintenance Posts?)

  48. UPDATE!! Need door lock/latch assembly for front door, 90 Multivan

  49. VW 2.1 and Subaru 2.2 FS

  50. VW Sharan, anyone?

  51. Vanagon in the GE Commercial?

  52. Vans for sale

  53. WANTED: Hollow 2.1L WBX cat

  54. WTB: Caliper Guide Pins for Audi 200/5000 calipers

  55. Wanted: Old AFM..need not work

  56. Westy Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions, Please?

  57. What did I destroy now? (Ignition fail)

  58. batteries

  59. big brakes enginering...?

  60. biodiesel or veg oil vanagon for sale (not by me)

  61. cheap 5spd diesel westy FS

  62. engine removal/swap questions

  63. engine removal/swap questions (update)

  64. generators again-Honda EU1000

  65. generators/inverters for camping

  66. led running lights

  67. little ducks fighting bigger ducks

  68. low Vanagon content, was auto trans

  69. low speed fan on all the time while van is running

  70. sliding door escutcheon for 80 to 84

  71. solid state flasher question

  72. subject Re: Check my head?

  73. update on insurance valuation discussions

  74. vanagon Digest - 10 Feb 2010 to 11 Feb 2010 - Special issue (#2010-129)

  75. vanagon Digest - 13 Feb 2010 to 14 Feb 2010 - Special issue (#2010-137)

  76. wanted: charcoal velour and BLACK vinyl rear GL bench seat from '85-

  77. wanted: charcoal velour and BLACK vinyl rear GL bench seat from '85-'86 GL

  78. wanted: orly blue hatch, also Free hatch if anyone wants it

  79. westy with goofy custom interior

  80. what the heck?? more custom vanagons..this ones a syncro

  81. where did the archives go?

  82. which window seals to purchase?

  83. who has the best prices on westy Poptop canvas??
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