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VANAGON archives – July 2011, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. 2.1 rebuild - hone lifter bores?

  2. =?windows-1252?Q?Fireworks_for_the_Fourth=97in_my_engine_bay?=

  3. A/C - what it the purpose of the vacuum check

  4. A/C Conversion to R134a - Can I do it myself?

  5. AAZ diesel conversion

  6. Automatic transmission woes on 84 2WD vANAGON

  7. Burnt spark plug wire

  8. Cheap Infared gun

  9. Cheap infared gun

  10. Clunking/grinding noise in back end

  11. Cool VW tool set on ebay

  12. Could compressed natural gas work or be an upgrade for the fridge and stove

  13. Crazy pop-top modification idea

  14. Dave Beierl is an Absolute Vanagon Jedi

  15. Demons V

  16. Diesel tach

  17. Fireworks for the Fourth-in my engine bay

  18. Fireworks for the Fourth—in my engine bay

  19. Flush the A/C system - How do I do it?

  20. Frydaye Follies - BMW question

  21. Fuel injection woes

  22. Fwd: Greek Single Cab + alternator help...

  23. Fwd: Sos in Watkins Glen

  24. Garage Cleanup Sale - Final call

  25. Greek Single Cab + alternator help...


  27. Happy Birthday USA!

  28. Harpies I

  29. Harpies II

  30. Heater valve not =?UTF-8?Q?closing=3F?=

  31. Heater valve not closing?

  32. Hitch anyone?

  33. Inermittant Ignitoin , 87 wbxr ECU, David care to take a crack at it ?

  34. Installing the GoWesty child seat tether

  35. Junction box?

  36. Middle seat in a west

  37. Minimum tire pressure?

  38. Misfire when coasting?

  39. NVC anybody want a dead battery charger?

  40. Odometer and trip counter ceased to function today

  41. Rear hatch lock

  42. Solar Panel outdoor electrical connect

  43. Sos in Watkins Glen

  44. Splittie Sells For $198K at Barrett Jackson Auction

  45. Starter solenoid: R&R?

  46. Starting issue - low idle and wants to stall

  47. Still need a rear hatch 91 carrat

  48. Superchargers?

  49. Tire Recomendation for Jack's 84 Westy

  50. Tires again

  51. Top Ball Joint replacement

  52. Trip report... Mt Ste Anne and back

  53. Vanagon Moment

  54. WANTED: Aircooled Vanagon Exhaust parts

  55. Waterfront campsites for kayak on Vancouver island and Bella Coola, British Columbia?

  56. Waterfront campsites on Vancouver island and Bella Coola, British Columbia?

  57. Whats with the Side Mirrors?

  58. [Bulk] Re: AAZ diesel conversion

  59. [WetWesties] of interest to canandian vanagoniterites heading south or north to USA (no offense hawaii but few head west simply to camp with vanagon in tow)

  60. body drain holes

  61. cell phones (wasHarpies I)

  62. first week of july project (part 1)

  63. good vanagon scrapyards that ship?

  64. new Westfalias

  65. of interest to canandian vanagoniterites heading south or north to USA (no offense hawaii but few head west simply to camp with vanagon in tow)

  66. oil additive to clean engine

  67. testing a water pump...

  68. transmission, small leak fixed

  69. what tire spec for westie in the boonies

  70. wrench/socket (nut and bolt head) sizes
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