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VANAGON archives – November 2011, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '82 Westy project on CL in NoVa

  2. '91 auto GL on VA CL

  3. '91 campmobile table rattle

  4. 2.1 WBX normal engine vacuum?

  5. 82 Coolant Tank retrofit help

  6. <No subject>

  7. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IGludGVyaW9yIExFRHMgLSBnZXQgcmlkIG9mIHRoZSBtb3JndWU=?=

  8. Advice request; 1986 Vanagon automatic

  9. Advice request; 1986 Vanagon automatic Part 2

  10. Advice request; 1986 WESTY Vanagon automatic

  11. Blue tinted-out vanagon L on 83N in B'more.

  12. Busted Down Near Tekonsha, Michigan

  13. Cardboard isolation plates at the air intake & radiator

  14. Dash Cluster Substitute + Reproduce It ?

  15. Diagnosis in DeLand

  16. Dissapointing lack of Vanagons

  17. F/ "Road of Bones" river crossings

  18. F/ engine swap candidates found at local scrapyard

  19. Fall color Westies in Alabama

  20. Friday: Miniature V12. Highlights of build. Youtube.

  21. Fryday - Mk IV Jetta question.

  22. Fuel Gauge quit and annoying squeak

  23. GoWesty's Gear Reduction Starter

  24. Going to Belize

  25. Gold Westy sighting on TG Day in VA

  26. Head and valve condition

  27. Head problems? was <no subject>

  28. I am my own boss try it out for yourself!!

  29. LCD clock replacement

  30. More troublingshooting information from DeLand, FL

  31. NVC - computer questions (ultrabooks, openoffice vs. MS Office, downloading emails)

  32. Need instructions on field R&R of AFM '84 1.9L Van down

  33. Newbie question about auxiliary power

  34. Newbie question about auxiliary power-Battery suppliers

  35. Newbie question about auxiliary power-Battery vent hoses

  36. Nuts and bolts to use on exhaust

  37. O2 sensors and those little balls.

  38. OT but congrats to Frank G. can't wait a week

  39. Oil pressure light in 1.9l at idle

  40. Pittsburgh Vanagon Meetup

  41. Projektzwo

  42. Rear Table storage

  43. Rear engine door hold-open device

  44. Removing Lighter/Glove box 85 Vanagon

  45. Seabasstion FL White Vanagon spotted.

  46. Seattle Meetup - Dec 4, 2011 (Marymoor Park) - Show and Tell

  47. Setting Corner Spring Rates -- Nissan 2012

  48. Simple Tire Question

  49. Stealth Camping in Las Vegas

  50. Successful day today with the Pittsburgh Vanagon Club

  51. Turn Signals

  52. Turning 200K

  53. Van down -- DeLand, FL, trobleshooting data obtained to date

  54. Vanagon

  55. Vanagon? Really? Gasoline vs. Diesel

  56. Vanagons in Death Valley before BBB...Again

  57. Vegas, Valley of Fire, Vanagons

  58. WTB new or used 16" vanagon wheels

  59. Walmart Parking was Newbie question about auxiliary power

  60. West spotted in Colorado - I-70

  61. Westy Weighed... Setting Corner Spring Rates

  62. Where are my gears?

  63. Where are my gears?-O2 Sensor

  64. [F] Moorhuhn

  65. alternator light problem

  66. another T5 based "camper" conversion company

  67. cable shift

  68. clearing up yellowed clear vinyl question

  69. fuel filler restrictor

  70. fuel leak, '91 VW Vanagon GL Campmobile 2.1L

  71. gas price (was stealth camping)

  72. heater control light - LED hack

  73. heater control lights

  74. ideas for testing WBX heads for cracks

  75. instrument cluster plastic repair

  76. interesting Craigslist (Utah) syncro westy

  77. interior LEDs - get rid of the morgue

  78. more on LED illumination

  79. more on that T5 conversion

  80. portable fridge reviews

  81. rear disc brakes project

  82. some VC anatomy info

  83. vanagon Digest - 21 Nov 2011 (#2011-891)

  84. vanagon Digest - 23 Nov 2011 (#2011-898)

  85. vanagon syndrome strikes...advice?
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