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VANAGON archives – June 2013, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '82 westy FS .. one dollar

  2. 1960 goliath express

  3. 45k out of a tranny?

  4. 87 camper - not mine - near Ottawa

  5. AC Questions - 85 Westy

  6. Another Hitch Question

  7. Another one bites he dust

  8. Awning Question

  9. Awning question

  10. Better than Rain-X for our Vanagon windshields

  11. Bus Depot site acting weird to you?

  12. Caravelle GL TURBO seen in the 'hood.

  13. Dometic Fridge Free to good home

  14. Engine Degreasing

  15. Engine installed and blowing a little smoke

  16. Eric Caron is on the road!

  17. Eric Caron is on the road! Oil pressure and the warning light.

  18. FS: Mercedes Wheels

  19. FS: Vanagon parts (Diesels & all vanagons + one Syncro snorkel)

  20. FW: LVC - Frydae - Diesel Price

  21. FW: Rear Brakes

  22. Feature Creep Kate Wolf Festival

  23. Friday off-topic topic - South Africa

  24. Friday: NVC but FYI

  25. Friday: Pics of old VW's in Berlin

  26. Friday: drill bit sharpening

  27. Fridge Fan

  28. Front, Rear, Slider Doors FS. Vancouver BC Canada

  29. Fryday question - about using gmail chat, NVC at all

  30. Frydaye Russian Submarine

  31. Fuse Box 85 Vanagon

  32. Fuses

  33. Fwd: Dometic Fridge Free to good home----spoken for, Thanks all.

  34. Iceland

  35. Issue w/ 90 Euro spec doka heating levers

  36. LVC - Frydae - Diesel Price

  37. MOD Re: refrigerator behavior - VANAGON Content????

  38. Master Cylinder

  39. Mkbokijkiuu

  40. Need help locating lock code on rear hatch with central locking system

  41. Need minor repair done in Gettysburg, PA area

  42. Not quite a Vanagon but maybe VW will make a larger version

  43. Ordering Parts Online

  44. Ordering Parts Online ADD: A GOOD MECHANIC VERSE A PROFESSIOAL TECHNICAN, OR Prevent a fire, Not put one out!

  45. Ordering Parts Online ADD: A GOOD MECHANIC VERSES A PROFESSIOAL TECHNICAN, OR Prevent a fire, Not put one out!

  46. Pressing control arm bushings

  47. Radiator Fan

  48. Rear Brakes

  49. Refrigerator drain plug

  50. Refrigerator fan replacement

  51. Removing carat body trim-front doors

  52. Replacing the plastic cooling pipes on a bostig setup

  53. Replacing various rusted screws/fasteners

  54. Sink pump question

  55. Slight lack of power around 2k RPM - 1.9L Manual

  56. Solar Power

  57. Success!

  58. Trailing arm removal question

  59. Update on the Syncro Ambulance in Greenland

  60. Upgrading the rearview mirror

  61. Upper Control arm compatibility

  62. VW summer roadtrip planning, Quebec, Saguenay Fjord St lawrence whales

  63. Very Interesting Fire Suppresion System

  64. Virginia CL find - Aircooled Westy with bad engine

  65. WTB chrome hubcap for vanagon oem

  66. Was Iceland, now Westy Fridge

  67. Welding vanagons

  68. Who did I talk to re: 82 sliding door parts?

  69. anybody looking, here's a nice one maybe

  70. internal EngineCleanerUpperStuff ?

  71. luggage cargo carrier for rear hitch

  72. refrigerator behavior

  73. refrigerator behavior - VANAGON Content????

  74. refrigerator behavior, people behavior
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