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VANAGON archives – July 2003, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. '86 Vanagon alternator question

  2. '86 Vanagon fuel injection symptoms

  3. '86 westy: 2 random questions from a new list member

  4. '91 Syncro Westy 54k miles : really for sale this time

  5. .3 BAR oil pressure switch

  6. 110 AC Mounting

  7. 110 volt A/C BTU

  8. 110 volt AC in Vanagon

  9. 1987 Syncro for sale: read the sad story and come to my rescue....

  10. 1990 Carat interior "For Sale".

  11. 4 speed intermitant problem

  12. 4 speed intermittent problem

  13. 84 Westy FS beautiful condition

  14. 85 GL for sale in PA

  15. 88 Wolfsburg Weekender for sale...

  16. 89 wolfsburg weekender for sale

  17. <No subject>

  18. AARGH! Failed NJ inspection!

  19. ADDCO Rear Swaybar

  20. Alternative signal lights

  21. Alternator Charging Woes

  22. Alternator Deal"what is busdepot's record on this"

  23. Alternator Deal.

  24. Anyone interested in 89 TriStar?

  25. Bentley wiring diagrams

  26. Boston Engine

  27. Busses nowhere near the arch? (was Re: 110 volt A/C BTU)

  28. Diesel Double Cab on eBay

  29. Dipstick Popping Out / Oil Spray on Hatch

  30. Dying Westy saga continues...

  31. ECU 19 location on '88 Westy?

  32. ETKA Missing Cooling system diagrams

  33. ETKA Missing Cooling system diagrams???

  34. Engine needed

  35. Eurovan Bra Recommendations?

  36. Extra fuel filter before pump?

  37. F.S. Eurovan Camper 1995


  39. FS: 21 Window, Mint Condition

  40. FS: Curtains from 87 Wolfsburg Ed Vanagon


  42. Free Sirius satellite radio - who got one?

  43. Friday Navigation Quiz

  44. Fuel smell. Where to look for leaks?

  45. Fw: How can I get the stove/fridge to work 1st time user HELP PLEASE

  46. Fw: [Syncro] Dometic cooling unit rebuild

  47. Gasket Set Brands?

  48. German side tent for sale - Seattle

  49. GoWesty Vanagon sales...

  50. Going, Gone, Crushed But!

  51. Good mechanic in Chicagoland?

  52. Great Toronto mechanic!

  53. Headed for germany in sept. Need anything?

  54. Hi-dee-ho trailer camper

  55. History of the westy?

  56. How can I get the stove/fridge to work 1st time user

  57. How can I get the stove/fridge to work 1st time user HELP PLEASE

  58. How can I get the stove/fridge to work 1st time user HELPPLEASE

  59. How do I change the antenna?

  60. How do I put the stablizer arm link on?

  61. How to Replace front outer cv's (syncro)

  62. I also lost the Free CARFAX link

  63. I want to kill my control arm bushings...

  64. I want to kill my control arm bushings.......Excentric Washers

  65. I want to kill my control arm bushings.......Excentric Washers ???

  66. I'm looking to buy a VW Caper-Any out there for sale

  67. Idle problem solved/coolant question

  68. Intermittent Wiper Relay

  69. Is my Clutch/Brake fluid leaking?

  70. MAX weight capacity of upper bed?


  72. MORE info Re: headlights not working after towing???

  73. Maine

  74. Missing back bench seat cover --- idea

  75. NEEDED: Speedometer Cable


  77. Need Sliding Door Latch

  78. Need late model fuse box

  79. New England Friday night - Meet + Greet ( Westy, Vanagon + Eurovan owners )

  80. OT - Subaru XT-6 for sale (motor swap?)

  81. One item (of many) to check before a long Trip is:

  82. Pop-top seal choice

  83. Programable intermitent wipers frnt and rear.easy swap.

  84. Programmable intermittent wipers front and rear. easy swap.

  85. R12 or R134?

  86. R12 or R134? (fwd)

  87. R12 or R134?-how much for new system?

  88. Radiator thermo switch problem

  89. Red tek update.......good stuff.

  90. Removing Westfalia decal from pop top.. ?

  91. Replacing water pump 86 syncro ?

  92. RoadHaus - Awesome Westfalia Joker Syncro

  93. Rough Running; 87' Syncro

  94. Sporadic Speedometer ('80 Westy)

  95. Sporadic Speedometer ('80 Westy) FIX

  96. Stan's Air Conditioner Window Mount

  97. Stuff for sale

  98. T-Shirts

  99. Temp warning light blinking...

  100. The beetle on NPR

  101. Tires ? can't seem to find size anywhere

  102. Transmission

  103. Transmission '83 Vanagon

  104. Turbo Diesel 1.9L mounting in a Westy

  105. VW AFM Harness, pictures of inside, vanagon syndrome

  106. Van down on Vancouver Island

  107. Van hit by tornado

  108. Vanagon Bra for sale

  109. shirts, stickers, etc...

  110. Want to test drive some diesel vanagons - Seattle

  111. Was my Vanagon Trying To Tell Me Something?

  112. Westy Mods

  113. WestyMods

  114. What's it worth??

  115. What's that smell?

  116. Where to buy 0.25 bar oil pressure sender?

  117. Where to get the good signal bulbs?

  118. [Syncro] Dometic cooling unit rebuild

  119. [turbovans] OT - Subaru XT-6 for sale (motor swap?)

  120. a MUST have for Vanagon owners

  121. anyone familiar with mechanic's lien

  122. cleaning windows with tinted film

  123. does this sound like a head leak?

  124. double cab spotted in Denver area

  125. electrical troubleshooting

  126. headlights not working after towing???

  127. led lights

  128. need engine...

  129. new engine for my 86 Westfalia

  130. oil pump sealants?

  131. parting out a bunch of vans - '80 westy, '84 GL, '87 wolfsburg, '90 carat, etc

  132. removing dash / replacing front blower motor

  133. removing dash / replacing front blower motor - LONG

  134. split thrust shim?

  135. studded snow tires: 2 or 4?

  136. tailpipe rusted already?

  137. vanagon Digest - 27 Jul 2003 (#2003-764)

  138. vanagon Digest - 29 Jul 2003 - Special issue (#2003-772)

  139. weigh a little, carry a lot! ;)
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