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VANAGON archives – June 2012, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. 1.9 Engine For Sale

  2. 15W50 Mobil1 Found

  3. 1985 1.9 Hesitation at higher RPM (kind of long)

  4. 2" receiver hitch for sale

  5. 6th annual Russian Volkswagen festival - photos (not mine)

  6. 82' Diesel 1.6 NA Injector leakage

  7. =?utf-8?B?RndkOiBbVkFOQUdPTl0gVmFuYWdvbiBsb3QgaW4gUHVsYXNraSBWQSBoaXRzIGFyZWEgbmV3cw==?=

  8. =?utf-8?B?SnVzdCBsaWtlIERhbuKAmWwgQm9vbmUsIGV4Y2VwdCBpbiBhIFdlc3R5?=

  9. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IFZhbmFnb24gQWxsb3kgd2hlZWxzICQzMDA=?=

  10. =?windows-1252?Q?Re=3A_Just_like_Dan=92l_Boone=2C_except_in_a_Westy?=

  11. Any way to trick the Digijet ECU into generating injection pulses without the RPM/ignition signal, for test bench purposes?

  12. Big Brakes for 14'' rims? WAS: Re: front brakes

  13. Big brakes--you have no idea!

  14. BusFusion ! Now !

  15. Canadian electric hook up

  16. Circlip/E-clip for A/T throttle link?

  17. Cool Tools for Vanagons

  18. Dave's California Trip - Looking for Volks oil change location

  19. Dometic Fridge Flame Window. Reseal with Hi Temp RTV?

  20. Dometic Fridge; improve cooling unit contact with....

  21. Dometic Frig Will not stay cold with DC current

  22. Dometic Intake & Exhaust Pipe Cleaning Tip

  23. Exhaust systems

  24. Friday funnies: On not being mechanically inclined

  25. Front Heater Panel Removal - '88GL

  26. Fuel lines yes, but what about pressure regulator?

  27. Fuel tank cross over

  28. Fwd: [VANAGON] Vanagon lot in Pulaski VA hits area news

  29. Gas Vapors

  30. Goin to California

  31. HF Specials

  32. Hello

  33. Help Please, Lost Brakes :-(

  34. Help locating pin at harness for idiot lights

  35. Hershey Signing Off

  36. Homemade Soda Blaster - link :-/

  37. Hook ups on Canadian Westies

  38. Just spent 2 days in a VW LT Florida!

  39. LVC: Vancouver early 70's and 2011

  40. List Tips WAS: Daryl Christensen/AA Transaxle's goodbye message

  41. Looking for Camping suggestions around Quebec QC and Windham NY

  42. Looking for water supply pump

  43. Make your own soda blaster.

  44. More Parts from Germany

  45. Mule needed, Toronto/BusFusion to NFLD.

  46. NEED/WANT-Dometic Door

  47. NVC: For the cyclists on the list

  48. Need help in Lime Rock CT

  49. Need help with hard start after stop

  50. New radio= dead battery?

  51. OT: Importing goods from Europe

  52. Possible Distributor Drive Shaft issue - Timing

  53. Possible Distributor Drive Shaft issue - Timing - Solved!

  54. Private collection for sale

  55. RM182B Fridge Igniter needed ASAP

  56. Rear heater leak - coolant soaked carpet/pad

  57. Rear heater leak - coolant soaked carpet/pad-removing core.

  58. Roundness Spec for Rear Brake Drums

  59. Seattle solution for Vanagon Fire Season

  60. Stilla Syncro

  61. Summer travels?

  62. The Bus Depot mentioned on Car Talk

  63. Trailing arm bushings

  64. Vanagon Alloy wheels $300

  65. Vanagon Fire Season

  66. Vanagon Photo Host Needed

  67. Vanagon lot in Pulaski VA hits area news

  68. Was: Dometic.. Flame Window. Now: Flame Window Butts up Against Box?

  69. When Vanagons Attack!

  70. Window seal beauty ring/trim?

  71. [NVC but camping!] In Canada's B.C.

  72. [vanagon] BusFusion ! Now !

  73. cluster troubleshooting

  74. front brakes

  75. good buy?

  76. more mysterious circuitry

  77. new kombi anyone?

  78. new switch-solution

  79. nice pair of syncro hightops

  80. propshaft internal bushing replacement

  81. road trip

  82. specs for the 3 roll pins and six bolts for the clutch

  83. transmission noise hunt

  84. vanagon rentals in southern california?

  85. which badge for sa 4-light grill?
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