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VANAGON archives – June 2015, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 1981 Brake Caliper Decision

  2. Auto tranny cooling

  3. CARPET REPLACEMENT was replacement for stock ground cable on 85 westy

  4. Camping at a music festival

  5. Cladding

  6. Curtain track screws

  7. Delta Six DS4000

  8. Did I Hear Someone Say Syncro Weekender?

  9. Does anyone know the part numbers for the standard and Carat vanagon jacks?

  10. Dometic rack hacks???

  11. Emergency flasher won't work

  12. FW: Auto tranny cooling

  13. Free parts follow up

  14. Friday: Craigslist VW for Sale Ad.

  15. Fridge led substitute

  16. Fuse conundrum

  17. Hankook RA08 Failures?

  18. Happy Birthday

  19. How do you remove the door-to-duct seal in a Vanagon?

  20. Intermittent high idle - able to make "go low"

  21. Jokes...?

  22. Looking for a list of donor parts for TDI conversion

  23. Low Brake Pedal, Caliper Piston Movement.

  24. Missimg mail

  25. NEED ASAP - Connnecting Rod bearing for 82 Diesel 1.6na

  26. New tires and wheels

  27. Offer. Back and sliding door panels

  28. Oil Pressure & Temperature Gauge Install

  29. Oil overfill -- now what?

  30. Possible Solar Charge Controller Warning ?

  31. Process to register a vanagon in Pennsylvania??

  32. Propane and refrigerator success

  33. Propane and refrigerator success-now how to double the cooling!

  34. Question about turn signal

  35. Shift linkage BROKE and floating

  36. Since is Friday: Can I ask a question about....

  37. Some progress with turn signal

  38. Tachometer in a weekender?

  39. Testing the starter question

  40. Tinting the top of the windshield...

  41. Tire inflation

  42. Tires.. Again

  43. Tires.. Again..Insurance reasons...

  44. Van parts - most free

  45. Van wrap

  46. Vanagon sighting

  47. Vanagon sightings

  48. WTB pass. side rear panels, tan

  49. Wanted: working, fully functional Dometic RM182B, San Diego

  50. What VW says about the flue cover

  51. What do you use solar or an aux battery for?

  52. White 85 GL Auto brothers and sisters

  53. Wrap or Paint?

  54. [Diesel-Vanagon] clutch takeup


  56. [WetWesties] Aux battery Woahs

  57. [WetWesties] Aux battery Woahs -Status

  58. a trip from Los Angeles to Vancouver Island...

  59. a trip from Los Angeles to Vancouver fire map

  60. bay area body work

  61. camping in Europe

  62. camping surrounded by peaks in Italy

  63. clutch takeup

  64. how to cool a poptop?

  65. replacement for stock ground cable on 85 westy

  66. tiresla

  67. tiresla Michelinitis!

  68. van wrap

  69. vanagon Digest - 28 Jun 2015 - Special issue (#2015-165)
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