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VANAGON archives – January 2001, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. "88 Wolfy Fold out table stuck shut

  2. '80 vanagon owners manual $5

  3. '84 GL still in the woods

  4. '84 Vanagon GL Fuel Rail Clamps

  5. 1.6L NA d- finding TDC & injection pump q

  6. 1.9L Removing pistons

  7. 1.9L TD crate motor

  8. 100 amp alternator for Vanagon from Jetta?

  9. 1990/1991 Parts for sale?

  10. 2nd battery

  11. : Re: Survey-- Your Favorite Vanagon Accessories That You Have Added

  12. <No subject>

  13. ? upper bunk step(s)

  14. AC instalation site PLEASE!

  15. Air Conditioning schematics..who wants to put them on their website?

  16. Antenna wires

  17. Any German list member feel like company in February???

  18. Anybody have a good starter?

  19. Are You Ready To Take Ownership Of Your Life?

  20. Auxillary heater part needed

  21. Behold! my Jesus shag rug

  22. Berg short shift kit

  23. Berg short shift kit group purchase- 1st call

  24. Berg short shift kit group purchase?

  25. Bosch H4 lights

  26. Bugs on the Pier 2001 a S.P.A.C.E. Odyssey

  27. Bus Depot mud flaps

  28. CORY, Re: Car tastes of our teenagers

  29. Capacity of 2.1 ltr Coolant Pump.

  30. Cape Town, South Africa

  31. Car tastes of our teenagers

  32. Carat table not fit w regular rear seat

  33. Cheap H4's

  34. Cheap H4's for Fools

  35. Curtain Kits

  36. Diesel heater question

  37. E-mail retrieving

  38. European Cigarette Lighter Outlet Size Question

  39. FOR SALE: 84 Vanagon GL (beater 4 parts) runs, $500, Denver

  40. FREE Z bed cushion

  41. FS 87 Syncro

  42. FS: '87 Syncro Sunroof Transporter 4x4 $3700

  43. FS: 3 person middle seat from 9 pass

  44. FS: AT to 4spd conversion kit

  45. FS: vanagon dash switches $15 ea

  46. FS: vanagon jacks (carry a spare, good for leveling your westy)

  47. FW: Where to find a Winkler 22.5 gal gas tank

  48. Fan switch

  49. Fold out Table 88 Wolfburg

  50. Front spindle/suspension changes... in what years? Power steering...

  51. Fw: [T2] Heated blankets--group purchase

  52. Gas Tank Leak


  54. HELP!! CV Joints!!

  55. Halogen H4 Transplants

  56. Headlight Information

  57. Help Audi Cabrio Gremlins (No vanagon Content)

  58. Hesitation

  59. Hollister Hills Spring Syncro Event Dates

  60. Hollister Hills Syncro Event Attendees

  61. Hollister Hills Syncro Event Attendees, etc.

  62. Hollister Syncro Event Mailing List

  63. ISO

  64. Idaho summer vacation

  65. Ideas for customizing your vanagon

  66. Ideas for customizing your vanagon (F)

  67. Insrument cluster

  68. Is Vic Armed Out There?

  69. Jesus rugs

  70. Just Got some Vanagon Cool Stuff (Dealer buy out!)

  71. Lighting ideas for cargo area?

  72. Looking for Charles Bennet aka Mr Rustoleum

  73. Lubrication

  74. MPH at RPM And Michelin MXTs

  75. Make 10K A Month From Courts, Famous PI Tells All

  76. Map CD for Europe

  77. More lighting tips

  78. NEW photo page of 1989 16" Syncro Double Cab

  79. Need 1991 Vanagon

  80. Need Help For Forthcoming Article

  81. Need some dual 40mm Weber direction.

  82. Needed: Good place to buy exhaust system

  83. New BusDepot Gas Tank Prep Instructions???


  85. Oh DUH URL

  86. Outrageous Parts Price

  87. Owners Manual

  88. Oxyboxer Motors

  89. Radiator Thermoswitch Testing?

  90. Rear Heater core replacement cost

  91. Recent Touring Fuel Consumption

  92. Subaru motors/Downunder no vanagon content

  93. Survey-- Your Favorite Vanagon Accessories

  94. Survey-- Your Favorite Vanagon Accessories That You Have

  95. Survey-- Your Favorite Vanagon Accessories That You Have Added

  96. Survey--shower mod

  97. Syncro Performance Exhaust sytem needed


  99. Thought for the Day----

  100. Thought for the Day----Car tastes of our teenagers

  101. Timing...

  102. Tire Height, revs per mile, pressure effects

  103. Tire rollout, per jbrandt@hpl

  104. Trouble Setting No Mail

  105. Unsubscribe

  106. VW MicroBus Concept - Detroit Auto Show

  107. Vanagon Ashtrays under Auto-Accessories

  108. Vanagon Engine Problem

  109. Voted #1 e-Business

  110. WTB: Porsche 911 early (pre EFI) heater boxes [no vanagon content]

  111. WTB: left elbow from heat exchgr to tin

  112. Warehouse Mixes Up Engine Seal Numbers

  113. Wedbsite working! But...

  114. What I Found About Tire Height Calculations

  115. Who needs hub caps?

  116. Wild Shortened Westy

  117. Wind Sheld Wiper 88 wolfburg

  118. Wire harness hardening

  119. [DIESEL] 1.9L TD crate motor

  120. [Syncro] Hollister Hills Spring Syncro Event Dates

  121. [Syncro] Need Help For Forthcoming Article

  122. [Syncro] What I Found About Tire Height Calculations

  123. [T2] HELP!! CV Joints!!

  124. a 2.1's Life....Re: new heads or new engine?

  125. awnings and tents...

  126. burnin' vanagon on tv

  127. canada to us switchouts

  128. fyi..east coast 2001 VW show info..

  129. headlight switches for sale

  130. headlights

  131. hesitation relief

  132. kids & vanagons

  133. knocking sound???

  134. last call: anyone have a 4sp gearbox FS

  135. listmembers from the ashville, nc area?

  136. looking for a westy

  137. middle seats from 90 gl

  138. mud flaps

  139. my cat is loosing it's marbles!

  140. my cat is losing its marbles!

  141. my vanagon sob story

  142. need some hubcaps badly

  143. need spare wheels for snowtires? got a bunch cheap!

  144. new heads or new engine?

  145. new pics of 82 westy for sale

  146. oil cooler leaking coolant?

  147. oil pres woes... gauge install part 2

  148. oil pres woes....solved?!?! part 1

  149. oil pressure switch

  150. please help me bleed!

  151. portable buddy heater???

  152. radiator bleeder bolt questions

  153. radio

  154. rear wiper motor replacement

  155. secret stash uncovered - customs people

  156. speaking of seattle junk yards...

  157. splitting Eurovan heater box

  158. steebro???

  159. strange resolution to my drivability issues

  160. survey-- your favorite vanagon accessories

  161. unsubscribe

  162. updated Vanagon/TDI conversion page

  163. valve cover gasket

  164. westy rust redux

  165. wheel bearing

  166. wolfy/carat side table wont fit w/ regular GL rear seat

  167. ¡Saludos de Mex, Mex!
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