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VANAGON archives – October 2003, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '86 Westy FS

  2. 1982 GL Automatic FS

  3. 5 speed tranny question?

  4. 81 Westy Engine

  5. 84 Automatic Final Drive Rebuilder?

  6. 85 misses when wet

  7. 86 Syncro Westy Weekender for sale in mid-Atlantic

  8. 87 Westy for sale

  9. 88 Vanagon for sale in Tampa, CHEAP.

  10. A8 wheels was:Re: fastener seats - was Will these wheels fit?

  11. ATTN! Vanabees looking for Carfax reports (Free Carfax coupon)

  12. Anyone with Carfax??

  13. Audi 5000 Turbo Wheels, Which Tires Don't Rub?

  14. Be careful what you buy on eBay

  15. Be careful what you buy on eBay, or did we get lucky?

  16. Bentley Manual differences?

  17. Big Green Resistor!

  18. Canadian Diesel Wesies in need of an engine ?

  19. Car Fax Anyone,

  20. Caution on a Used Syncro FS

  21. Clutch Hydraulic Questions...

  22. Coleman Propane Heaters

  23. Colorado Springs owners..any out there??

  24. Crankcase breather tower...

  25. Cylinder Head Washer source

  26. Diesel injector pump swap question

  27. Dual Battery Setup - Optimal Design?

  28. Dual Carbs in Vanagon

  29. Ebay

  30. Emailing: Suspect Bivalve 001 (2)

  31. Engine

  32. Engine rebuild

  33. FINAL reminder SATURDAY 10/25/03 Vanagon Meet @ Ocean Beach, San Francisco.

  34. FS. 85 and 86 weekender westy`s Please buy me

  35. FS: LP Gas Tank for 80-91 Westy

  36. FS: westfalia syncro highroof tiico powered

  37. FW: Light Bulb Replacements and Relay Kits

  38. Felt Pilot Bearing Seal and metal retaining ring/washer source

  39. Firm brakes: Was spongy brakes

  40. First no lights or wipers but WOULD start - now WON'Tstart

  41. For Sale 82 Full Westy $650 no motor

  42. Frank, pmail me about stebro muffler

  43. FuelInjection Problems - '87 Westy

  44. Fw: I just want one nice ride

  45. Fwd: Buses and Punkin Chunkin in the first State Oct. 31-Nov.2nd

  46. Fwd: Re: Be careful what you buy on eBay, or did we get lucky?

  47. Fwd: VW Campers And Commercials On the Telly!

  48. GM's car naming fiasco/true/f/nvc/slightly adult

  49. Goldibox - 1st Runner-up - Car of the month - Sept 2003

  50. Good import Mechanic in Bozeman MT? NVC

  51. Great deal on 1986 - 1991 European headlights!

  52. Has anyone named their Van Halen?

  53. Has anyone put a Zodi Water Heater in a Westy??

  54. Headlight Alternatives for 89 Carat / Unique SA Headlamp

  55. Help needed near Ashville, North Carolina

  56. Hummer vs Dodge

  57. Idle stabilizer (was Wet Westy)

  58. Installing new defroster/heater fan INSTRUCTIONS

  59. It's Crazy Friday

  60. Johnnys head problem

  61. Junkyard finds, 85 Syncro (F)

  62. Krown in Montreal

  63. LOCATION SAT. 10/25/03 Vanagon Meet SF

  64. List of recommended repair shops

  65. Longsleeve SYF Tees

  66. Looking for paint codes?

  67. Lug Nuts for Audi 5000 Turbo Wheels

  68. Mailing List question (NO VANAGON CONTENT)

  69. Microwave oven in Westy?

  70. More hazing during induction into the Vanagon society

  71. More noise on sound proofing;

  72. NVC Friday games for your cat...

  73. NY Times article - Mixing Rough Roads

  74. Need cap for fresh water tank and fridge drain tube

  75. Need late model sliding door outer handle.

  76. Need power lock motor please help

  77. Need radiator fan please!

  78. New Propex heater announcements!

  79. No spark, no hall juice, tech help request.

  80. OPTIMA Battery

  81. Off Topic, no vanagon content, netscape help needed

  82. Offer - VW Volkswagen Solar Panel Battery Charger

  83. Oops. Where did the wire go?

  84. Optima Battery Discussion

  85. Parts wanted: driver's side tail light assy

  86. Paypal Fraud - NVC, OT

  87. Pillar gauge pods

  88. Possible replacement lights? Need feedback

  89. Propane valve repair - Seattle area

  90. Question on failing speedo but odmeter still works

  91. RE Propane filling question and new van

  92. Rear A/C cover wanted

  93. Rebuilt 5 sp trans on ebay

  94. Replacement drain caps

  95. RoadHaus - Montana Wild Horse Info Request

  96. RoadHaus - Photos / Buffalo Bill Historical Center

  97. RoadHaus - Vanagon Halloween Fright

  98. RoadHaus - WY & SD East Bound Travel suggestions

  99. SHEAR bolts/steering column

  100. SHEAR bolts/steering column / We got Us a Horse Race

  101. Seams

  102. Seat Belts

  103. Sending mail to the list

  104. Spongy Brakes

  105. Spongy Brakes + adjusting handbrake

  106. Starter Questions

  107. Stuttering on start up

  108. Suspension differences and ride quality-early VS late model vans

  109. Syncro Pritsche?

  110. Temp Gauges: Fake Over Heating?

  111. This goddarned ebay thread.

  112. Travelling

  113. VIN Check? (pls)

  114. VW Campers And Commercials On the Telly!

  115. Valve Stem Caps with VW Logo

  116. VanaGONE in 60 seconds...

  117. Vanagon Syndrome???

  118. Vanagon Syndrome??? Curve is volts, not ohms.

  119. Vanagon crash article

  120. Vancouver Vanagonites?

  121. WAS:'First no lights or wipers..' - Oh: - Ignition Switch!

  122. WTB: "Vanagon" Single- or Crew-Cab

  123. WTB: 1.9l Weekender or Westy

  124. WTB: MultiVan or later Westy weekender

  125. Westy electrical/water covers

  126. Westy sighting - Sacramento

  127. What do you use for grey water tank?

  128. Will these wheels fit?

  129. Window Removal

  130. Wiring for tach and later instruments, what wire to use

  131. Wiring for tach, etc., ? answered

  132. [FS] '89 Wolfsburg automatic passenger van

  133. [vanagon] Re: sound deadening?

  134. adjustable volt reg. was Re: List for Volvo owners? NOW ON TOPIC!

  135. advice on installing 72 Eberspacher BN4, into a 67 westy

  136. auto tranny for sale ...Re: 84 Automatic Final Drive Rebuilder?

  137. battery removal3-1026)

  138. brake service

  139. engine for sale

  140. fastener seats - was Will these wheels fit?

  141. forgive me tom c

  142. forlorn Vanagon for sale

  143. going off list @ end of month

  144. grey water tank, standard on all adventurewagens

  145. hard start when warm

  146. installing quantum turbo diesel

  147. interesting generator motor

  148. new bearings and ball joints installation DIY

  149. odd heater fan part number Q?

  150. rear pass belt for sale

  151. sheer bolts/steering column

  152. sheer bolts/steering column - another question

  153. source for 80-84 ivory-beige westy touchup spraypaint

  154. starter flywheel for tiico.

  155. touchup match for Ivory

  156. vanagon Digest - 24 Oct 2003 (#2003-1038)

  157. westfalia syncro highroof tiico powered

  158. westphalia

  159. wheels binding update

  160. wheels binding?

  161. wont start

  162. wont start, check ground wire
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