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VANAGON archives – November 2003, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. (NVC) Scion xB

  2. 15" Oettinger Alloys F.S.

  3. 1982 Vanagon GL $1500

  4. 1984 Vanagon for sale in Florida

  5. 1987 Syncro GL for sale

  6. 2 Vanagons FS in Charlotte, NC

  7. 2.1L Wanted!!

  8. 84 manual transmission - pops out of 4th

  9. 84GL distributor

  10. An overview of 14 electric math?

  11. Another question Coolant hose fatigue

  12. Anyone need an expansion tank for 2.1 or skirt for behind slider on vanagon?

  13. Archives?

  14. Boston Engine - Oil Pressure surrvey

  15. Brake hose-pinching device

  16. Caught doing 55 in a 25! What to do!

  17. Center console

  18. Compression Ratios

  19. Compression Ratios, mixing Heads.

  20. Coolant Hoses

  21. Coolant expert advice needed

  22. Coolant hose fatigue

  23. Coolant information post

  24. ELSA

  25. ETKA

  26. ETKA & ELSA ?

  27. ETKA & ELSA ? Canada different than the US?

  28. ETKA 6

  29. ETKA distro

  30. ETKA distro - Let's put up a distribution server.

  31. ETKA mailing

  32. Email to Trvlr2001

  33. Engine heaters

  34. Espar heater mods

  35. Exhaust leaks and backfiring (was Re: Timing how to.)

  36. FS Diesel Westfalia-$200 Wisconsin

  37. FS Lots-o-stuff!! [SVC]

  38. FS: "D" ECU and more

  39. FS: 2.1 AFM new

  40. Feedback on bad starting suggestions

  41. Final question Coolant hose replaced

  42. Fw: [Syncro] 86 Syncro Vanagon F.S. Weekender Interior

  43. Fwd: [VB] OT: Vanagon List?

  44. Gas heaters

  45. HEAR HEAR! was Re: ETKA distro - Let's put up a distribution server.

  46. Happy Thanksgiving

  47. High idle ISCU

  48. Idle stabilizer control unit repair?

  49. Longer studs for rear wheels,

  50. Loss of power

  51. My Advice- Re: Coolant hose fatigue

  52. My lights on in order to start car problem

  53. NVC Anyone know a whelk fisherman in England??

  54. NVC rare DKW MUNGA form sale (forerunner of the VW Illtis)

  55. Need VW parts seller in Germany

  56. No interest in breaking copyrights

  57. No lights/horn/start/nothing.

  58. Oh rats, read 91 as 1.9l was Re: ignition timing

  59. Oil Cooler oil leak

  60. Oil Filler Tube for '81 Luftboxer?

  61. Oil filter problem

  62. Overflow puking water

  63. Pressure cap

  64. Pushrod tube seals

  65. Rad Hose Dumb Question

  66. Rear window wiper

  67. Rescue Squad hits 100 volunteers!!

  68. SIRIUS install in Vanagon Westy

  69. Safari racks for Vanagon, not Westfalia

  70. Scion xB

  71. Seeking Coolant bleeding web site

  72. Seeking Coolant bleeding web site, coolant to use

  73. Shop info - Vancouver, WA Clarification

  74. Short Shift Kit

  75. Starting issue

  76. Suburban Heater

  77. Teddy Bear Virus!! Don't Delete. It's a hoax

  78. This is for real- please read!

  79. This is for real- please read! -You've been hoaxed

  80. Timing how to.

  81. Timing info....

  82. Tire ply

  83. Tire recommendation requested

  84. Underpowered? Can't be this bad.

  85. Using a 4 speed engine in a automatic?

  86. VERY low compression in one cylinder

  87. VW vanagon syncro, sid viscous coupling?

  88. Value of complete 2.1L engine?

  89. Vanagon Rescue Squad - Sign up Canada!

  90. WANTED: Syncro MPH speedometer

  91. WTB Door actuator mechanism 90 Carat

  92. WTB: a few items...

  93. WTB: used Vanagon rear wiper motor

  94. WTB:Pushrod tube seals

  95. Warning !! Re: Coolant hose fatigue

  96. What's it worth?

  97. apropos of nothing -- airspeed of a laden westfalia?

  98. availability of "banner"

  99. battery cable connector info.

  100. carat

  101. chunky tires

  102. coolant leak question...

  103. cutting up a vanagon

  104. e-b*y bidding. who`ll make it $1 ???

  105. eBay Syncro Westy

  106. eBay ethics ..."e-b*y bidding. who`ll make it $1 ??"

  107. ekta and filesort.exe file

  108. ekta installion problem

  109. for sale

  110. head advise,

  111. help needed quick! Bleeding Clutch...

  112. how fast

  113. ignition timing

  114. installing jumpseats

  115. looking for custom camper advice

  116. parting out '90 Carat / automatic

  117. parts for sale

  118. rear heater hose question??

  119. removing bench seats

  120. removing the window crank and side panel

  121. resent to the list..

  122. sliding door 1984 fits?

  123. sticking gears

  124. tool advice needed.

  125. undercoating;

  126. used Vanagon rear wiper motor

  127. very fast idle after being on freeway

  128. vw junkyards in the Northwest

  129. water pump question

  130. where to get new axle

  131. who`ll make it $3 ???

  132. windshield fluid resevoir needed.
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