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VANAGON archives – June 2006, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '90 WESTY FOR PARTS IN CALI...Re: 90 westy totaled : sell or buy any 2.1 vanagon

  2. 1.9L to 1600 T-1 Distributor

  3. 84 Vanagon Radiator Fan Switch Bolt Size?

  4. 90 westy rolled : pics : input?

  5. 90 westy totaled : sell or buy any 2.1 vanagon

  6. AOL is currently blocking list mail

  7. AOL's gone AWOL or Life is dull with no list mail

  8. Another horror picture... the worse one...

  9. Anyone Have a Carfax Account?

  10. Baseline readings for Digitool Diagnostics?

  11. Bentley Manual for Vanagon USELESS?

  12. Bentley vs. Haynes Manual (Was: Haynes Manual for Vanagon available from UK)

  13. Best lubricant for Westy Spinny Seats?

  14. Big Emblem Grill, Round Headlights

  15. Can't remove Auto trans

  16. Child cots for Vanagon

  17. Credit Security- Frydaye/NVC

  18. DETLEF Does Detroit - Trip Report -semi long?

  19. DETLEF Does Detroit - Trip Report -semi sorta long?

  20. Digijet Idle problem

  21. Digitool for digifant?

  22. Earthlink is also currently blocking list mail

  23. Engine knocking noise: description

  24. Expansion Tank - Different Part Numbers?

  25. FREE: washer tank for '87 Vanagon in Berkeley


  27. FS: ONE Carat Alloy Rim with MXL tire

  28. FS: complete golf/jetta inline 4cyl motor for vanagon engine conversion..

  29. FS: good used 1.6TD's with 5-speed trans., shifter, engine mounts, and starter

  30. FS: rear heater (water, under bench)

  31. FS: westy potpop sections and westy interiors, carat interiors, weekender int.

  32. Fer Sail .. 87 camper $4500 in Wisconsin

  33. Follow up on cold start problem.

  34. Front brake caliper hangup '87 Vanagon- any advice

  35. Front window broken plastic bit

  36. Front windows chrome strip

  37. Fw: Front brake caliper hangup '87 Vanagon- any advice

  38. Fwd: Vanagon List status and update

  39. Ground wires, was- Dash wierdness, was- Aux Battery.....

  40. H4 headlights...

  41. Haynes Manual for Vanagon available from UK for water cooled to '91

  42. Heat won't turn off

  43. How do I gut stock speaker holders to install new speakers?

  44. How do you remove syncro mini flares

  45. How important are those two-hole washers?

  46. I Love My New Cruise Control (Long)

  47. Idle speed an A/C

  48. Intermittent engine miss

  49. Intermittent engine miss- update

  50. Is Bellsouth Being Blocked?

  51. Just a test

  52. Key Code Lock Code removing handles removing locks (for the archives...)


  54. List Donation Address Sought

  55. List stickers?

  56. Little help with wind wing rubber replacement

  57. Looking for hardware to attach A/C cabinet-90 Westy

  58. Lost oil filter wrench -- quickie solution?

  59. Loud "Knocking" Started in my 2.1L...any ideas?

  60. Low idle

  61. Luggage rack cleats

  62. Motor Scooter hung off backside?


  64. Needing best quality parts info

  65. Never a Dull Day (Coolant Burp)

  66. Newbie ,?? Tach, wheels, seat belts, yeah I searched the archives

  67. No Verizon DSL list mail

  68. Norcold DC0040 tips?

  69. OT bug rolls on its own into another car

  70. OT: Who needs a Ford

  71. OT: Who needs a Ford when they have a Syncro

  72. Off Any topic NVC Oysters

  73. PAGING: Brent Fontana

  74. Painting the Exterior Fiberglass Body molding and bumpers- best methods, materials?

  75. Parts for Sale! Parts for Sale!

  76. Product for cleaning upholstery?

  77. Propane valve question

  78. Proper side mirrors?

  79. Radiator Fan Switch Bolt Size?

  80. Radiator fan won't go off

  81. Radiator fan won't go off-SOLVED

  82. Regina Vee Dub Club Show and Shine

  83. Reliability?

  84. Removal of snaps around rear window; drill 'em out?

  85. Removing the three torque converter bolts

  86. Rent Westy in the Black Hills area???

  87. Rent Westy in the Denver or Mpls area???

  88. Rent Westy in the Minneapolis MN area???

  89. Roof A/C - Swamp Cooler

  90. STARTED UP - Fridge ...

  91. Searching the vanagon archives and plug for solution

  92. Spare Tire Holder/U-pull It Update

  93. Speedometer Questions

  94. Starter Motor Installation

  95. Startter Motor Installation Question

  96. Syncro Gas Tank - Fit & Value?

  97. Syncro tire wear

  98. Testing testing testing?

  99. Tire Rotation

  100. Tire Rotation/pressure

  101. Tried this cruise control?

  102. US cell phones in Canada, Canadian phones in the US

  103. Update on idle problem

  104. Updated photos of the R-TDI project Westfalia

  105. Van on the Run :)

  106. Van-Cafe Brake Kits

  107. Vanagon List status and update

  108. Vanagon archives incremental search tool

  109. Sticker Sighting - Oregon Plates

  110. WANTED: Syncro speedometer w/ good odometer... Also need some grey seats

  111. WEBMASTER: is the new IP blacklisted?

  112. WEBMASTER: is the new IP blacklisted? - Vanagon List Status

  113. WTB water tank level probe

  114. WTB: 251837501A

  115. WTB: Digijet version of Digitool

  116. Wanted: used or rebuilt 2.1L engine (or Vanagon) in Southwestern PA

  117. Water on front floor mats!

  118. What would you do

  119. Wind Noises 'round the doors

  120. Wolfy bed and side table, cheap!

  121. Y-Joint Connecting Rubber Coolant Hoses (Where can I find this part?)

  122. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  123. [NVC] help translate my trailer's tire size

  124. anyone know the resistance/ohm out put of a temp sensor on perfectly running vanagon?

  125. cheap late model camper on the samba!

  126. dashboard clock

  127. different distributors for the 1.9 ??

  128. east coasters: Maple grove VW super jam show next sunday in reading PA

  129. fuel line replacement

  130. google search ? (was Re: Vanagon archives incremental search tool )

  131. grounding for shore power

  132. is this samba add for real? if so you bettery jump on it...

  133. lots of a/c trouble shotting questions...

  134. part numbers

  135. poptop Stainless Steel Screws

  136. sightings

  137. source for radiator fan?

  138. spoiler vs. spare tire release

  139. stainless steel hardware

  140. syncro wheels

  141. test

  142. thank you list

  143. time to say good bye

  144. tube bumpers

  145. udpate speaker - hammer works

  146. van rentals

  147. westie stove top support hinge

  148. westy interior bits and pieces needed

  149. westy potpop sections and westy interiors, carat interiors, weekender int.

  150. westy speaker - hammer works

  151. westy speaker replacement

  152. westy speaker replacement - no screws

  153. wind noises around the door

  154. wow.. got an extra $40k?
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