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VANAGON archives – October 2007, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "Rust Ball Really Rolling"

  2. $200 '89 vanagon GL posted on craigslist in san jose CA

  3. '82 Vanagon giveaway

  4. '85 Oxygen sensor, 0.1volts

  5. 14,900km (9000miles) later...

  6. 1985 Vanagon - Upper suspension are/wishbone bushings at spindle

  7. 3 pronged spark plugs?

  8. 87 Heat not truning off!!

  9. 89 vanagon with auto posted on craigslist

  10. A Few New Goodies From Europe

  11. A new tire thread-Serial number location

  12. AW: pictures 60 years meeting in Hannover Germany

  13. Air-cooled question

  14. Baja Syncro Chronicles vol 117, long

  15. Batteries.... something inexpensive?

  16. Bentley manual for sale...

  17. Black Grab Handle Needed

  18. Can anyone run a CARFAX report for me

  19. Cant accelerate

  20. Conductive grease for connections???

  21. Coolant leak at crankcase mating.

  22. Coolant temp gauge sender location - 90 Syncro

  23. Coolant temp gauge sender location - 90 Syncro - Fixed.

  24. Cooling Fan info discrepancies

  25. Darn those e-Windows!

  26. Doka Parts Anyone??

  27. End of tire thread

  28. Eurasian roundtrip

  29. FS '84 Adventurewagen $4600 LA,CA

  30. FS - 2.1 WBXer <70k miles

  31. FS: 15" and 16" alloys for the vanagon....i can bring them to Buses by the Depot

  32. FW: End of tire thread

  33. Finally! Totoro Lives!

  34. Follow up on my no start when hot issue

  35. Front Fan Switch for '82 needed

  36. Front heater blower

  37. Front heater blower - pics

  38. Fwd: Re: Who is Diy_efi?

  39. Fwd: The VW ad campaign for Bank of America

  40. GL not Carat

  41. GMail Advice

  42. Good deals...NOW SUV

  43. Good deals...across the country

  44. Good stuff from JC Whipme?

  45. Has anyone rebuilt their Power Steering rack?

  46. How to empty a radiator?

  47. How to properly dispose of coolant?

  48. Importing a Hiace into the USA

  49. Importing used cars to US... help? (NVC)

  50. KYB warranty claims?

  51. Last call: Vitrofrigo group purchase

  52. Lobro/GKN CV-Boot ONLY kit?

  53. Mis-firing

  54. Need shipping company to send van from E. coast to CA

  55. No idle/odd running.

  56. Pacific City OR sightings

  57. Paging MICHAEL TEVIS (Ebay ID "noctcerid") of Chico, CA

  58. Passat 2.0L engine questions

  59. Passat 2.0L engine questions (donor car for 15 degree Vanagon conversion)

  60. Power loss when engine wet and cold

  61. Power steering U-Joint, friend needs)

  62. Report on Manual on CD offered on eBay

  63. Rings or Valve Guides (82 air cooled)

  64. Same brakes fit 2WD & Syncro knuckles?

  65. Screen for Pop-top

  66. Screen window repair..., and some bonus NVC content...

  67. Short story in Der Speigel about the Vanagon

  68. Shurflow Faucet Question

  69. Sportsmobiling in the land of the Westy

  70. The Expansion tank story

  71. The VW ad campaign for Bank of America

  72. The VW bus in the news: 60'th birthday

  73. Tired of DIY or is it just Miy?(unfunny rant)

  74. VW pilot crash and burn

  75. Vanagon Canopy

  76. Vanagon Getaway Car?????

  77. Vanagon cold hard start issues

  78. Vanagon diesel starter

  79. Vanagon needs help in Knoxville, tn

  80. Wanted: Tornado Red Carat Vanagon...

  81. Westies Cited - Lake Eaton Adirondacks?

  82. Westy Screens, and Westy Screen Repair...

  83. Westy Screens, and Westy Screen Repair... and westy screens FS

  84. Westy water tank drain cover plate screws

  85. Who is Diy_efi?

  86. Why I don't drive the Baja at 4 in the morning!

  87. [Diy_efi] rant

  88. [NVC]

  89. another Friday question! repairing metal, NVC

  90. another fun 2200 mile road trip in the 84 inline four.. trip report

  91. best prices for complete tank reseal, fuel line and injector seal replacement

  92. diesel engine not start when cold but great once warm

  93. firewall fuel fitting

  94. fuel pump?

  95. fuel tank reseal and fuel line kits

  96. help fitting van in garage

  97. importing from Canada

  98. intake air distributor...

  99. interesting front lights...

  100. just had to share the good news! (naah, no babies or marriages...)

  101. nvc totally no vanagon content- repairing bicycle threads

  102. pictures 60 years NOW CAMPER UK

  103. pictures 60 years meeting in Hannover Germany

  104. removing a broken cv joint stud

  105. removing a broken cv joint stud-fixed

  106. some Vanagon in-use observations..(what works for me) long-ish

  107. the vw crafter IS the sprinter. same vehicle.. different trim.

  108. trips you probably shouldn't take in your vanagon

  109. vanagon Digest - 10 Oct 2007 - Special issue (#2007-1097)
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