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VANAGON archives – October 2010, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. Re: (24 lines)
    From: Jim Arnott <jr.arnott@GMAIL.COM>
  2. "87 Westy bunch of wires disconnected

  3. '85 Turn Signal Issues

  4. 1981 Riviera for sale in Toronto

  5. 1988 LCD Dash clock issue

  6. 4th vanagon camper hookup - summer cooling

  7. 91 vanaru

  8. <No subject>

  9. ADMINISTRIVIA - Fwd: Note to Andrew's wife

  10. Always Look Under a Bus!

  11. Anyone Recommend an Overnight Camp Spot Along I81

  12. Anyone know, off hand, the size and treads of the CV cap screw/bolts?

  13. Battery placement alternatives

  14. Bostig Engine? in Austin Tx

  15. Bus Depot Side Tent...

  16. Bus Depot printed catalog?

  17. Buses By The Depot - One Last Request

  18. Buses by the Depot

  19. Check My Rear Brake Pics for Accuracy?

  20. Check out this crazy Porsche-powered Vanagon

  21. Coolant "T" fittings

  22. Dash lights.

  23. Dash lights. 89 westy

  24. Do I Live In Vanagon and Bus Land?

  25. Exhaust question

  26. FS Canadian/German Syncro-16 Dehler/Reimo/Zetec

  27. Fire Prevention Week (Was: Always Look Under A Bus!)

  28. Friday Fun: Take a Jeep apart in 4 minutes!

  29. Friday late post. Thanks, Mods.

  30. Fuel Filters vs Fuel Strainers

  31. Fuel Filters vs Fuel Strainers And Oil filters now...

  32. Fwd: [WetWesties] VANAGON PARTS LAST CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Fwd: [vanagon] Heidelberg radio stuck on SAFE mode

  34. Heater valve

  35. If you come to Portland OR - Visit the VolksWaffle

  36. NVC but something new from VW that would go well with a vanagon

  37. Need help identifying Syncro transmission parts

  38. New scam on Vanagon for sale.

  39. Oil filter flange Coolant/Oil heat

  40. Oil temp. ? and OP ?

  41. One-man poptop canvas replacement

  42. PIFF Fund-Does it have to be $$$$

  43. Rear Brake Shoe Spring Clips

  44. Rear Brake Shoe Spring Clips Thanks!!

  45. Replacing a failed hyd lifter problem

  46. Same old Issue - RPM hunting

  47. Save the Bus in D.C. - Freedom of expression - Save the Peace Mobile

  48. See the

  49. September 2010 Van-O-Rama #10 Report

  50. Spare door and bumper near Seattle

  51. Summary on inline gas motor upgrade project..Long post

  52. Syncro restoration update

  53. TenCentLife TPS experience??

  54. Transporterfest - 25th!

  55. Unusual vibration while accelerating

  56. Weather forcast for Westies at Watkins - Oct 8-9-10 - SUNNY!!!!!!!

  57. Westies at Watkins / propex heater repair / Frank Condelli or Greg Potts, maybe this email is for you?

  58. Westy aux power straight from the dealer

  59. [WetWesties] Do I Live In Vanagon and Bus Land?

  60. [vanagon] Heidelberg radio stuck on SAFE mode

  61. dual horn relay and wiring

  62. for those who do not know already and nice recall for those who do my wife sent me this link

  63. impressive crash test vids

  64. is this person a vanagon list person

  65. need electrics advice..wiring in some gauges and..

  66. need vw part # to order coolant hose

  67. rear heater location (was Battery placement alternatives)

  68. seat sliding (was Battery placement alternatives)

  69. some owners manuals

  70. subject Re: Westy aux power straight from the dealer

  71. vanagon camper performance increase?
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