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VANAGON archives – June 2012, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 1985 1.9 Hesitation at higher RPM **SOLVED**

  2. 1985 1.9 Hesitation at higher RPM **SOLVED**-taking risks.

  3. 88 GL Dash Removal

  4. A/C hose from Compressor to Radiator

  5. Any interest in a NEW $1550 Adventurewagen outer shell?

  6. Any way to trick the Digijet ECU into generating injection pulses without the RPM/ignition signal, for test bench purposes?

  7. Anyone familiar with the Behr AC system or auto AC in general?

  8. Because I don't have enough hobbies - here's another one for you mad scientists

  9. Big Buck Auction

  10. Buzzing Power Steering On '87 Van After Replacing High Pressure Line

  11. Can I just shorten the metal brake lines on this crap I got from or???

  12. Coil changed, still no spark and spray

  13. Coolant temperature sensor

  14. Digifant Newbs: Vanagon ProTraining Digifant Manual. Worth Getting!

  15. ETKA needed for 82' 1.6 diesel NA <Injector Pump>

  16. Exhaust compatibility

  17. Factory Hose Clamps

  18. Fri - Pug with a pipe

  19. Fridae - Dvorak Keyboard

  20. Friday note from cartalk

  21. Front glass

  22. Fwd: Re: [not_a_vw_club] Not a VW club Camp Out JA-DO

  23. GoWesty wasserstopper rain fly hook problem resolved

  24. Goin to California - progress report

  25. Heater issues - Progress

  26. Help locating pin at harness for idiot lights

  27. Here's One....

  28. High Country Bus Festival

  29. I Have Some A/C Questions, Too

  30. Install Pop-up Tent 85 Vanagon

  31. Listserv Reply Test on Gmail

  32. Looking for Camping suggestions around Quebec QC and Windham NY

  33. Looking for a door lock actuator

  34. Looking for good used or new light cover for late westy

  35. Looking for hose ends for 97 Subaru Legacy

  36. Manual Transmissions FS, Tampa FL

  37. Map light

  38. Mechanic Plug in Philly

  39. Mystery of Gmail vs Email Client Software Solved!

  40. NVC - but related

  41. Name of the huge online supplier of nuts,bolts, pipe, etc etc.

  42. Need help in Lime Rock CT

  43. Next question - Removing 35 yr old brake lines from MC. :-/

  44. Next question - Removing 35 yr. old brake lines from MC. :-/

  45. Non-radial tires for Vanagon?

  46. Pictures of remanufactured ATE calipers from for 77 bay.

  47. Power Steering Rack Leak

  48. Preliminary...Headlight weirdness? (long)

  49. Preliminary...Headlight weirdness? (long) Solved!

  50. Problem solved. Was; '87 Coil changed, still no spark and spray

  51. Question re water tank cap

  52. REAL Vanagon

  53. Rear facing seats for camper

  54. Rear facing seats for camper-porta-potty

  55. Remanufactured calipers from Rockauto

  56. Road Trip to NE Oregon

  57. Safety opinion tires

  58. Steve Dolan passed away on June 7

  59. THANKS -Re: Name of the huge online supplier of nuts,bolts, pipe, etc etc.

  60. The Bus movie...DVD arrived today

  61. They Still Sell For Crazy Money....

  62. Urgent need for Pop Top Arm Repair (Toronto Area)

  63. Using old phones as an intercom in your VW bus

  64. Vanagon Sighting - Wilmington NC

  65. Vanagon Syndrome Fix: 10 Volt Capacitor OK?

  66. Vanagon roof lift assist

  67. Velma is back on the road

  68. WBX Digifant Ground Check. No Continuity Between Some Points.

  69. Water dripping dash

  70. Westy wanted near NYC

  71. What's it really worth?

  72. [Syncro] REAL Vanagon

  73. aftermarket part warning ( another one )

  74. bloomberg gas price /world

  75. cluster troubleshooting

  76. friday note from cartalk

  77. fwd:

  78. plastic welding tool inquiry

  79. recommendations for splicing large gauge wire

  80. road trip

  81. tow bar

  82. warning regarding GoWesty alternator bracket kit

  83. warning regarding GoWesty alternator bracket kit - NVC

  84. where to get windshield Chicagoland
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