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VANAGON archives – June 2013, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '84 Westy. Needs engine, paint. $2000 OBO Vancouver BC Canada

  2. 1985 Springs

  3. 1987 "GetAway" Syncro Camper? (FS Vancouver BC)

  4. <No subject>

  5. AW:

  6. Anyone rolling north?

  7. Arrrgh! Sliding door won't open!!!

  8. Bit the bullet!

  9. Broken down in bishop ca!

  10. BusFusion !

  11. Busfusion

  12. Cold start valve

  13. Compression test - cold engine or warm engine?

  14. Compression test - cold engine or warm engine? PLUS USED CAR BUYERS TIP!

  15. Cruise control con't

  16. Dang window cranker

  17. Diesel & other VW parts

  18. Diesel Oil pan needed

  19. Diesel camper, low miles, be tempted?

  20. Diesel good idea?

  21. Diesel good idea? Engine idling!

  22. Diesels

  23. Difference between syncro & 2wd bumper connections for hitches?

  24. Distributor cap

  25. Drivers side rear seatbelt

  26. Driving a Vanagon or any RV fast.

  27. Driving a Vanagon or any RV fast. Wheel sizes.

  28. Effectiveness of cooling system flush and clean products?

  29. Effectiveness of cooling system flush and clean products? Antifreeze

  30. Ever Notice Where The Needles Are on Speedo and Tach?

  31. Ever Notice Where The Needles Are on Speedo and Tach? Gear ratios automatic-manual.

  32. Exaust system replacement

  33. FS: cheap low mileage 85 westy

  34. FW: Diesel good idea?

  35. For those working on the WBX out of the car

  36. Fridge putty

  37. Fxed was Cold start valve

  38. Head temp > 230F + Is this critically bad?

  39. How to torque the 3 Groove Pully?

  40. I May Move. Keep All Spares? Future of Vanagon Used Parts?

  41. Installing rear seatbelt on drivers side

  42. Is there a clever way to test your compression tester?

  43. Lola's first test trip: The Good, The Bad & the Ugly. (Sorry, Long)

  44. Looking for an aux air valve and some hoses

  45. My video on Pop Top Assist Strut Install

  46. New Diffs from Weddle

  47. No Vanagon Content: ripping DVDS for the road

  48. Oil analysis on worn engine

  49. Poptop assist

  50. Reformatted Re: Lola's first test trip:

  51. Removing and Replacing Battery

  52. Shipping a Camper East, reasonable?

  53. Side Step Source?

  54. Side Step Source? Problem Solved

  55. Silicone in oil analysis

  56. Small Rust Areas.

  57. Speaking of diesels.... Mercedes?

  58. T. Buese pop top shelf for sale

  59. Tip for slow cranking

  60. Troubleshooting acceleration - bostig setup

  61. VLVC: The Roentgens' Berlin Secretary Cabinet Youtube Video

  62. Vanagon Broken down in Potter County, Pennsylvania

  63. Victor Reinz full gasket kit concern (2.1 wbx)

  64. Westy Fire in Alaska

  65. Westy Fire in Alaska-Propane tanks!

  66. Westy Roof Buckling

  67. Wheel bearings

  68. Which is the ground for the Hall sender?

  69. Wipers suddenly not working, trip tomorrow

  70. Woah! Didn't see that coming!

  71. [WetWesties] 1987 "GetAway" Syncro Camper? (FS Vancouver BC)

  72. [WetWesties] Lola's first test trip: The Good, The Bad & the Ugly. (Sorry, Long)

  73. a few power steering rack questions on a 1985 westy

  74. any info on van

  75. cheap low mileage 85 westy

  76. from despair to (nearly) repair.

  77. fte slave cylinders

  78. putting yakima racks on a vanagon

  79. sliding door repair

  80. that so called quick and dirty head replacement

  81. unhappy alternator bearing
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