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VANAGON archives – June 2006, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "Vanagon Listserve ..."

  2. "bogging out" on the highway

  3. '80-87 westy water tank drain cap is the SAME as rear washer bottle cap.

  4. '83 Diesel Vanagon Radiator

  5. .70 4th gear?

  6. 1982 Vanagon Westy for Sale, $6,000CDN Certified.

  7. 27 x 8.5 R 14 on stock wheels?

  8. 84 Westy's from California for sale in Montreal...

  9. 86 Westy cuts out sporadically, now won't start

  10. 86+ coolant bottle

  11. 87 Syncro Westy conversion just went up for sale

  12. 91 fridge not lighting

  13. A throttle puzzle

  14. A throttle puzzle Pictures of Insatll on Automatic

  15. A/C on engine goes off ...

  16. AC Evap Coil

  17. AC ego disaster

  18. AC ego disaster, pig killing cold

  19. AC options

  20. Am I getting through to the list?

  21. Annual Invitation

  22. Anyone with a Carfax subscription?

  23. Are syncro starters any different than 2WD

  24. Auto tranny cooler partnumber=087409061C

  25. Back-up light electrical short

  26. Bears in the camper...

  27. CV axel disaster

  28. Canvas Installed

  29. Clanks when turning

  30. Clips for RainWind Guard...

  31. Clutch Hydraulic line fittings?

  32. Comments RE: Europro

  33. Correction on fan amperage

  34. Craigslist parts score!


  36. De coupler group deal ?

  37. Digitool Availability - COST

  38. Digitool-type devices

  39. Double Double Post Posts??

  40. Electrical gremlins continued

  41. Engine noise...loose Flywheel ? Opinions?

  42. Engine noise/Flywheel correction

  43. Extraordinary ONE OWNER 88 Westy For Sale

  44. FS Rear heater must be moved to eBay

  45. FW: Re: Fwd: Saint George: Fryday funnies

  46. FW: We made it! The Great Michigan to Florida Trip. I thumb my nose at you Alberto!

  47. Fiamma Awnings Parts Support

  48. Flashing Coolant Light Sensor Test

  49. Found on ePay... Ronal R9's

  50. Front seat belt replacement

  51. Front-end help

  52. Fwd: 91 fridge not lighting

  53. Fwd: Fiamma Awnings Parts Support

  54. Fwd: Saint George: Fryday funnies

  55. Gas Prices Widget

  56. Headlight / turn signal problems

  57. Heavy missing

  58. High noon at the Maryland emissions station

  59. How do I know my new aftermarket steering wheel is safe?

  60. How on earth do I remove the input shaft?

  61. I saw a 6X6 on I-5 (NVC)

  62. Input requested - VW Shops page redesign

  63. Installing a 1000W converter

  64. Ipod FM transmitters

  65. Ipod FM transmitters ( LVC)

  66. Ken has been trying to get back on the List!

  67. LP tank refurb

  68. LP tank refurb? Was: LP tank service near San Francisco?

  69. LP tank service near San Francisco?

  70. LT mirrors...

  71. LVC: Running a fan on an inverter: how long?

  72. LVC:almost got syncro confiscated very long

  73. Larry Corcoran/Project Management/OEI/Corporate/KI-Inc is out of the office.

  74. Lowering Springs

  75. Mobil 1: 15W50 NLA? Is 5W50 as good when warm?

  76. NVC/was:Re: LVC:almost got syncro confiscated very long

  77. Need Wing Window Replaced ASAP.

  78. Need a junkyard in Durham North Carolina that may have a Vanagon

  79. New Sprinter Westfalia - Sorry but I did it!

  80. OT - Thanks for suggestions! Was selling a vanagon

  81. OT selling a vanagon??

  82. Paging Frank Condelli

  83. Parts question... (RE: Main crank pulley problem 85 Vanagon (Solution and thanks))

  84. Pictures of clean canvas install?

  85. Question on pulling the heads to repair leak

  86. R&R alt/wtr pump belt; re-seating coolant pipe insert

  87. Radiator

  88. Removing a CD player

  89. Repair AC plastic (A pillar...)

  90. Request for Suggested Campsites Near Niagra Falls

  91. Roadside Assistance - Reminder

  92. Rubber Steering column bushings

  93. Rust removal.

  94. Saint George: Fryday funnies

  95. Sandy Eggo or Bust! - The journey begins...

  96. Sears Tools

  97. Shake Down for long camp trip

  98. Shameless Ebay Plug - Syncro Springs, Pipe, PS Pump & AC Mount

  99. Shock identification

  100. Something new for the tire debate.

  101. Stuck zipper

  102. Syncro de-coupler questions

  103. Things I've seen...

  104. Thule rack for sale

  105. Trans input shaft seal Question

  106. Trapped bees (buzzing doors)

  107. Typical wiring for Vanagon > trailer?

  108. Ultra Cool Looking Solar Vents Plus Silva 58

  109. Understanding Amp Hours

  110. VW Radio pig tail ...

  111. Valve covers

  112. Vote on these two Momo Steering Wheels

  113. WTB: Governer and cap for auto transmission

  114. WTB: Manual-style throttle bolt

  115. Where to mount cupholders?

  116. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  117. [NVC] The Electric Potter

  118. [WetWesties] Was Bears in the camper - now Canadian Customs

  119. almost got syncro confiscated very long

  120. any listees in philly?

  121. cargo boxes plus...

  122. clutch slippage

  123. colorado gathering this weekend?

  124. customer needs a good vanagon shop near Gettysburg

  125. deep cycle exide orbital, marine grade...

  126. free vanagon

  127. goin on a road trip

  128. heater hose clamps

  129. koni vs bilstein

  130. leak at trans or rear main Question to pull

  131. lost exhaust before o2 sensor...

  132. more rear weight for snow traction / tube

  133. muffler options

  134. mystery of the dragging clutch

  135. off-topic: house wanted in Berkeley Area

  136. open rack on Westy

  137. open rack on westy

  138. porsche horn for vanagon

  139. re. I saw a 6X6 on I-5 (NVC)

  140. rear tube bumpers

  141. reliable cars NVC

  142. repairing busted off power mirrors....

  143. strong 2.1 Vanagon/Westfalia engine for sale in BC

  144. surging with funky idle issue

  145. tie rod ends (second request)

  146. tie-rod ends (second request)

  147. tube bumpers again

  148. vanagon Digest - 19 Jun 2006 to 20 Jun 2006 - Special issue (#2006-510)

  149. vent--solar???

  150. water tank drain cap change in 1987
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