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VANAGON archives – October 2007, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. '86 a/c rotary combo thermostat/fan switch - where to get a replacement?

  2. 120A or 150A Alternator Source?

  3. 85 Vanagon - emergency brake no "catching/holding"

  4. Annoying Body damage to our Vanagons

  5. Any list member in Sarasota, Florida?

  6. Anyone seen this auto?

  7. Bus campout at VA Beach VA

  8. CV grease

  9. Charging deep cycle batteries with the alternator

  10. Child safety seat question(LVC)

  11. Definitive test for Hall > ECU?

  12. Delayed BD shipments?

  13. Denver Body work?

  14. ETKA for BMW

  15. Engine retardation (way too long)

  16. Free: 1984 front heater/blower assembly.

  17. Fwd: Most Outrageous Vanagon Stealth Camping Spots?

  18. Fwd: Water reservoir repair..

  19. Gear Hammocks

  20. GoWesty steel bumpers

  21. HID light upgrades - anyone try them?

  22. Here's something you don't seeeveryday....

  23. Hilux Surf mirror conversion pix

  24. How tall is a Vanagon Westy, anyway?

  25. I have an electronic clock

  26. I seem to have gotten burned... by someone in Portland, ore.

  27. I seem to have gotten burned... by someone in portland, ore.

  28. Just in Case: where to get a wiring harness

  29. Lighting of a different kind

  30. Misclassified NH Syncro on Samba

  31. More on Westy Curtains...

  32. Most Outrageous Vanagon Stealth Camping Spots?

  33. NVC - A little latitude please....

  34. NVC. Curious about "Autobahn Dismantlers" Langley B.C.

  35. New problem (updated O2 sensor question)

  36. New symptoms (still not running right)

  37. Ok, I take it back, the inline four vw motor sucks!

  38. Ordering Vanagon Parts

  39. Poptop question for Listees in PNW/BC :)

  40. Recall on 91 engine. Fact or Fiction?

  41. Saving an OEM faucet (a bit long)

  42. Sea to Shining Sea In a Graham Paige Mdl. 57 Blue Streak or a 365 GTB/4

  43. Source for those net gear hammocks?

  44. Subject: The cost of VW Waterboxer ownership - a 15 year summary

  45. That "peppy" 2.2L

  46. That peppy little 2.2 digest response

  47. The Ripened VW Vanagon Owner

  48. The cost of VW Waterboxer ownership - a 15 year summary

  49. Tiico Conversion

  50. Tires, cheap SF Bay Area


  52. Ugly Driveshaft Noise: Solved

  53. VW Busses Correctly Described!

  54. Vanagon Crash Pix

  55. Vanagon Re Power...with VW motor..

  56. Vanagon Re-power cheap and reliable...Reply from digest

  57. Vanagons Every where!!!

  58. Vanagons in the Portland and NW area..

  59. WTB ~ Westy Weekender poptop

  60. Water reservoir repair..

  61. Weekend Wrap-Up

  62. Weekending in Santa Barbara?

  63. Why doesn't fuel shut off

  64. Why doesn't fuel shut off?

  65. [vanagon] Vanagon re-power cheap & reliable

  66. clock

  67. is my 87 Vanagon priced to low?

  68. is my 87 Vanagon priced to low? Now sold.. and a comment on value.

  69. is my 87 vanagon priced to low?

  70. movie vanagon sightings what is it (newbie question)?

  71. replacing engine mounts - best method

  72. repost: RE: The Ripened VW Vanagon Owner

  73. since the thread on shipping is current..

  74. sliding door panel screw

  75. source for replacement fridge fan

  76. vanagon Digest - 30 Oct 2007 - Special issue (#2007-1156)
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