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VANAGON archives – March 2008, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. )Cleaning head stud threads question

  2. -Now Engine Conversion - doing your own soobie wire harness

  3. 1.9 ECU wanted

  4. 1985 GL for Trade

  5. 2.1 ignition timing

  6. 2.1 w/solid lifters - Frankenstein's Monster Lives!

  7. 2wd to syncro

  8. 2wd to syncro (need to talk to someone who has done it)

  9. 88 2wd Manual Front Shift Rod

  10. <No subject>

  11. =?US-ASCII?Q?60_Years_VW_Bulli_-_The_Book_/_Special_Offer_?=

  12. =?us-ascii?Q?60_Years_VW_Bulli_-_The_Poster_/_Purchase_Opportunity?=

  13. =?utf-8?Q?Westfalia_pop_top_release_handle_W_=2f_stainless_steel_attaching_bolts_for_sale?=

  14. =?utf-8?Q?clutch_slave_cylinder_mount__painted_with_POR=31=35_for_sale?=

  15. ADMINISTRIVIA - Re: Newt-a very sobering video

  16. AW FS in Vancouver/Sunshine Coast

  17. Ahaaa.... Vanagon (another one..)

  18. Another conversion rebuild option

  19. Axle Length/Manual Syncro vs Automatic

  20. Battery and alternator - generic auto electric

  21. Blue Cushion for Engine Cover Area Needed

  22. Breaking shifters

  23. Breaking shifters (was: Re: successful 2000 mile road trip)

  24. Building carrier (load bar) Square or rectangular tube steel?

  25. Car fax please?

  26. Cleaning head stud threads question

  27. DIY Roof Rack?

  28. Diesel conversions in PDX?

  29. Engine Removal

  30. Engine Removal/Selling to Friends & Relatives

  31. Exhaust stud replacement on heads

  32. FS: vanagon syncro transmission w/ 60k

  33. Floor Covering

  34. Free Broadband from Google

  35. Fuel Tank Weirdness

  36. Fuel and Coolant gauges not working?

  37. Fuel and coolant Gauges not working?

  38. Fuses

  39. Fw: Newt-a very sobering video

  40. Fwd: Battery and alternator - generic auto electric

  41. Got glass

  42. Great Info Jim!! Thanks a Bunch. - Tach in '85 Zetec Vangon

  43. Heads replaced, starts and runs crappy. Two questions.

  44. Heater control lever

  45. Help! Cant get folding table to open !! :o)

  46. If you're bored.... Vanagon Engine Conversion Progress (welding pics)

  47. Installing a Rear Window on a Doka

  48. Is G-mail arguing with Gerry again?

  49. Joined the 200,000 mile club.....

  50. Karenz Syncro Treffen 2008 - who's all going?

  51. LVC - German Spam!

  52. MPG in the Bostig Conversion ?

  53. Manuals on CD - AFC_FI, DigiJet_FI, Digifant_FI

  54. MotorBike carrier

  55. NVC- Jetta Relay Location

  56. NVC: Re: If you're bored.... Vanagon Engine Conversion Progress (welding pics)

  57. Need "skirt" for right front

  58. Need torque specs for AC bolts

  59. Newt-a very sobering video

  60. OPPS! Fwd: )Cleaning head stud threads question

  61. Oil Light

  62. POR Patch as a seam sealer?

  63. PiFF Project Announcement - 85 Vanagon

  64. Recommendations for Seattle/Kitsap body shop?

  65. Scraping steering wheel - not screws

  66. Solar powered vanagon

  67. Some new Subi thec pictures

  68. Still running like crap, the saga continues - Compression Test

  69. Successful road trip completed..Some figures(long post)

  70. Syncro clutch slave Bentley wrong page 30.8 ?

  71. Syncro clutch slave hydraulic fitting, one or two copper crush?

  72. Syncro diff lock vacuum actuator position? up or down?

  73. Tach year breaks/ part numbers

  74. Throttle Body....One Switch?, Two Switch?, Red Fish?, Blue Fish?

  75. Total Dash Circuit rebuild...?

  76. VW Fox rubber engine mounts L/R Same? (Vanagon conversion)

  77. VW of America

  78. VW of America/Tattoo/Towing With A Vanagon Westy

  79. Vanagon 1.9 Cat on Jetta 2.0 engine?

  80. WAS: building carrier bar..... NOW: Test Weld PIC

  81. Wanted: '85 Gauge cluster

  82. Was running like crap....

  83. Was: Still running like crap, Now: empty cats

  84. Windshield? Leak

  85. [WetWesties] classic car insurance

  86. alternator rear bearing replacement

  87. awning mod

  88. change vanagon mail name?

  89. climate controls (faq?)

  90. exhaust gasket question 2.1

  91. grille mod link

  92. hanging second propane tank

  93. hub caps

  94. my other Vanagon is a Bicycle;

  95. oil usage

  96. overfilled tranny?

  97. re successful 2000 mile road trip

  98. rear heater

  99. repair shop update

  100. successful 2000 mile road trip

  101. vanagon Digest - 16 Mar 2008 to 17 Mar 2008 - Special issue (#2008-318)

  102. vanagon Digest - 20 Mar 2008 - Special issue (#2008-331)

  103. voltage stabilizer/gauges not working

  104. wtb: seat swivels
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