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VANAGON archives – July 2011, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '84 Westy: Does Air Conditioner Boost Idle?

  2. '85 gl 1.9 manual - bogging out - no power over 2nd gear

  3. 1982 Vanagon Westfala

  4. 84 westie at 10 miles/gallon

  5. 88 Vanagon with Power Windows, No Power to Switches - HELP!

  6. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IEhhcmJvciBGcmVpZ2h0IDMvNCIgZHJpdmUgYnJlYWtlciBiYXI/?=

  7. =?utf-8?B?UmU6IFtWQU5BR09OXSBIYXJib3IgRnJlaWdodCBGbG9vciBKYWNrcw==?=

  8. A family loss

  9. A family loss-correction

  10. AFC engine valvetrain help

  11. Alternative PS Pump

  12. Bad Gas...gummed up stuff..

  13. Big brake kit question for `87 Syncro

  14. Brighter Headlights

  15. Buses Of the Corn: August 12-14th in Brooklin, ON

  16. Camping trip destination change

  17. Carat Jack Needed

  18. Cargo net

  19. Cargo net . . .

  20. Clutch/Shifting issue?

  21. Cores

  22. Cutting/metal on metal noise

  23. Demons VIII

  24. FS: '86 syncro doka for CHEAP....

  25. Fan resistor

  26. Freeze plug leaks oil


  28. Greg Potts Sighting!!!!!!

  29. Harbor Freight 3/4" drive breaker bar?

  30. Harbor Freight 3/4" drive breaker bar? (13)

  31. Harbor Freight Floor Jacks

  32. Headlight Alarm

  33. How do you when your springs need to be replaced?

  34. How to determine when you need new =?UTF-8?Q?shocks=3F=3F=3F?=

  35. How to determine when you need new shocks???

  36. I did it - cut a hole in my tin top

  37. I've located some Vanagons for sale in RI!

  38. I've located some Vanagons for sale in RI! - SINKA... Argh!

  39. Inspection time again - exhaust system blues

  40. Jet Hot coating for exhaust, or the equivalent?

  41. LVC Auto Tranny & Neutral at Stop Lights

  42. Missing Lighting Wiring

  43. NVC: 4 min. Video Documentary on nice split windshield bus

  44. Oil light flickering at 1k or < rpms

  45. Oxygen sensor woes

  46. Phun Phriday : Whose Van Is This

  47. Pistons and Cylinder fitment - Porsche 914 type 4 2.0 litre

  48. Power Steering Pumps

  49. Project Update #6: The Bus by Damon Ristau

  50. Propane Sniffer (Was: Propex Install at Westy Ventures)

  51. Radio causes buzzer to go off

  52. Repair shop near Rapid City S.D.

  53. Replacing 1.9TD injection pump seal in van?

  54. Reviews of Harbor Freight Tools products

  55. Running Rich

  56. Running Rich-Voltmeters

  57. Rusty aircooled Vanagon Westy for sale hereabouts

  58. Sanding Sticks

  59. Strange Catastrophic Failure

  60. Strange Catastrophic Failure - Not

  61. Strange won't run issue ..was catastrohic Failure

  62. Strategy for low-mess oil drain.

  63. T-shirt info at Buses Of the Corn: August 12-14th in Brooklin, ON

  64. TGIF

  65. Three window canvas size?

  66. Tires again!

  67. Trim for door underside?

  68. Trip Report: Buses of le Tour

  69. Trip Suggestions Denver to Seattle

  70. Trip report, British Columbia

  71. Vanagon Sighting - Skyline Drive

  72. Vanagon for sale in Williams, AZ

  73. Vans in Bend, Oregon, July 22

  74. Walleye & Westies report

  75. Watching Oil Temp (long, as usual)

  76. We went to Mammoth Lakes for a few days...

  77. What would make you disconnect your front axle on your Syncro?

  78. What's the holdup? Power windows ...

  79. [Diesel-Vanagon] Replacing 1.9TD injection pump seal in van?

  80. [F] cats

  81. [NVC] Create electricity-free cooler

  82. dumb fuel injection question

  83. pop top hole trimming progress

  84. power steering rack core

  85. rear seat hinges

  86. roof cutting pics

  87. selling entine vanagon parts stash and collection

  88. vanagon siting

  89. what is it
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