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VANAGON archives – July 2006, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "Toyota made a Vanagon also" according to my local Midas Muffler Manager!

  2. '86 GL Automatic fill tube Dipstick

  3. '88 Westy: Aux Battery Problem


  5. 1990 Westy AC 3rd speed and condenser fan.

  6. 19mm oil drain plug?

  7. 41 or 42 Battery for 84 westy?

  8. 88 digifant O2 readings off

  9. 89 engine coughs and backfires at quick acceleration when warm?

  10. A/C shop in CA?

  11. AC Outlet temps ??

  12. AC system servicing

  13. AVP motor report & questions (pictures)

  14. Air cooled vanagon

  15. Ann Arbor MI to Mt Rushmore South Dakota trip

  16. Another Dometic Problem, Archives searched

  17. Anyone with Carfax?

  18. Avoid Freeze 12!

  19. Avoid freeze 12!


  21. Bomon Instalation / What is the best way to shave off a 1/8th to 16th of an inch of Fiberglass

  22. Brake Light Problem

  23. BusFusion 2006 Report & upcoming events

  24. CV Joint Boots

  25. Canonical list of ECU/sensor ailments?

  26. Carfax please?

  27. Cibie Lights

  28. Clunk Not fixed but found for sure

  29. Clutch Pedal Does Not Move

  30. Coolant bottle sensor leak?

  31. Coolant pipes replacement

  32. Dometic cooling, was Temps under van vs inside

  33. Dove Grey Metallic LH5U

  34. E code headlights

  35. FS: 88 Vanagon Westy Automatic - in Rochester NY

  36. FW: Headlights

  37. Fuel Pump Noise

  38. Fuel Pump Noise - now fuel tank also

  39. Fuel Pumps and Filters

  40. Fwd: Injection Unit

  41. Got Fire?

  42. HELP!! stripped spark plug hole. ***FIXED***

  43. Hatch strut - D'oh! Bent it.

  44. Help rebuilding Auto Transmission - Forward clutch assembly

  45. Hose clamp - Confused

  46. How do you clean vanagon OEM aluminum wheels?

  47. I-90 Drive from Boston to Seattle

  48. Independent VW/Vanagon mechanics in Northampton MA area?

  49. Just how far in over my head am I? (long)

  50. Manuals and Rear Hatch Screen for sale...

  51. Manuals, rear hatch screen for possible sale

  52. Mechanic had to pull transmission again, what would you do?

  53. My 85 just passed Maryland emissions inspection

  54. NO Clutch Pedal

  55. NVC RE: email to Frank

  56. Nissan Engine Conversion

  57. Nitinat - quick trip report

  58. Norcold refrigerator + modest solar rig, a report [LVC]

  59. North America ETKA

  60. OOPS TYPO Re: 88 digifant O2 readings off

  61. OT: Gasoline prices

  62. Oxygen Sensor wires

  63. Parts for sale

  64. Power Door Lock Consternation

  65. Power mirror theft attempts in San Francisco area

  66. Ramblings of a Vanagon type of guy

  67. Rear Carat Bumper

  68. Repainting Emblems

  69. SA steering wheel

  70. SA steering wheel - hey guys that site shows SA wheels (I mean steering) being in stock 'again'

  71. SA steering wheel - hey guys that site shows SA wheels being in stock 'again'

  72. Second Request...Steering column rubber bushings...on 85 GL

  73. Shifting is difficult after driving a distance

  74. Should I pump my Nokian Hakka CS tires up to 65lbs?

  75. Stolen Vehicle Alert - Non VW in Maryland

  76. Subject: Re: cibie lights

  77. Summertime and the needle is climbing

  78. Temps under van vs inside [LVC]

  79. The Sons of Martha

  80. The rare sliding REAR window! ( find)

  81. Todays Celebrations

  82. Toyota-Vanagon-Midas Muffler Manager!

  83. Tranny

  84. Update: Rear Wheel Bearings

  85. Vanagon (DoubleCab) Crash Test Video

  86. Vanagons at Roskilde Festival in Denmark

  87. WR 205 65 15 - suggestions on psi

  88. WTB Gray seat material

  89. WTB: 86' Doka Panels

  90. Wanted: Good used auto tranny for '85

  91. Westy Luggage rack seal fit

  92. Wiper-washer relay

  93. Your advice worked!

  94. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  95. [LVC] Eric Ulmer's Experimental/Kitplanes Aircraft Engine Index & Info page

  96. [LVC] Solar powered camp light "Lightship"

  97. [T2] 10th Annual High Country Bus Festival

  98. audi engine

  99. battery mat that neutralizes acids?

  100. charcoal cannister

  101. cibie lights

  102. cool grills

  103. cool grills - weak links

  104. email to Frank (was RE: Pop-top canvas replacement.

  105. euro licence plates aka . . . .

  106. freeze 12

  107. front license plates

  108. fuel pump noise

  109. green button on dash

  110. hitch receiver made by vw

  111. intermittent starting problem

  112. jammed driver seat

  113. jammed driver seat, solved

  114. misplaced Bus Depot discount code...

  115. multivan badge

  116. multivan emblem

  117. need new engine for air-cooled van (overheated one)

  118. parts for door handle needed

  119. poptop insulation idea

  120. radio block off plate?

  121. rear factory cargo cabinet for carat

  122. rear wiper inop

  123. remote keyless power locks - suggestions

  124. shocks *i know, dead horse*

  125. solid glass side glass and good pic of truck mirrors

  126. solid mirror frame / gasket . . side glass (middle)

  127. sunsei solar vent

  128. swivel seats

  129. syncro:front diff lock ques

  130. the thread a few days/weeks ago about different exhaust options.

  131. water under sink
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