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VANAGON archives – November 2006, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "Fireing up" my Van

  2. "Fireing up" my van Re: Aircooled Vanagons

  3. '85 Westy in auto repair/wrecking yard: San Jose, CA

  4. '85 Westy parts FS

  5. 1987 Syncro-replace fuel lines

  6. 2.1 L for sale - $500 obro

  7. 2.1L Engine for sale $1250

  8. 2007 VW Bus & Truck Photo Calendar - Submit Photos Today

  9. <No subject>

  10. <no subject>

  11. <no subject> was piston wear, should be conversion issues

  12. AFM Data Requested

  13. AT final drive oil sump gasket?

  14. Aircooled Vanagons

  15. Amish Inspired Vanagon

  16. Any list vendor offer that copper "horn contact ring"?

  17. Anyone want a cheap hardtop??

  18. Aux. air regulator shot? If so, what effect?

  19. Awning for sale: A&E Dometic 8' gutter mount Trans-Awn 2000..fits all vanagons

  20. Billy Bones at 100 - dumbest thing I've ever done

  21. Buying from German Ebay.. Hard/Easy?

  22. Calling all V-gon List Computer Guru's

  23. Carfax anyone?

  24. Carfax needed

  25. Coolant Temp vs Spare Tire Position

  26. Cooling System dream

  27. Denver U-Pull-It Gigantic Bumper

  28. Does your Vanagon "ride happy"

  29. Door jam weather striping

  30. EBay (NVC)

  31. Ebay (NVC)

  32. Eberspacher diesel heater FS

  33. Engine Humming After Warm-up, 85 GL

  34. FS '82 Auto Tranny in Halifax NS

  35. FS starter motor from 82 aircooled Auto Tranny: 0 001 212211 212

  36. FS: BA6 Aux Heater Parts

  37. FS: factory SUNROOF

  38. FW: outlet placement

  39. FW: vanagon nose

  40. Faster than YOUR Vanagon....

  41. Flame ON!

  42. Fwd: Garage Space?? who needs it!

  43. Fwd: NVC pay pal

  44. Fwd: Your made a mistake!

  45. Fwd: Your made a mistake! No discussions of your daily spam please

  46. Fwd: [Adventurewagen] AW Molds up for grabs!

  47. Fwd: [tiico] 1989 Vanagon Wolfsburg w/ Tiico conversion for sale...

  48. Fwd: speedo cable

  49. Garage Space??

  50. Garage Space?? who needs it!

  51. Halog Headlight Conversion Kit question

  52. How do we remove ignition key assembly..?

  53. How do we remove ignition key assembly..? Found it!

  54. How much AT fluid?

  55. In need of Mag Wheel!!

  56. Leaky sliding window repairs?

  57. Lug Nuts and Shock Helpers

  58. Mystery machine


  60. NVC - email/archive question

  61. NVC pay pal

  62. Oil Coolers

  63. Oil Light flashing

  64. Order parts today if you need them! Don't Wait!

  65. Oxygen Sensor Simulator

  66. POR 15 on Vanagon parts #1

  67. POR 15 on Vanagon parts #2

  68. POR 15 on Vanagon parts #3

  69. Part number, part number, but not that part number

  70. Pipe just to the back of oil drain plug

  71. RE :Garage Space?? who needs it!

  72. Re Does your van "ride happy"

  73. SA fuel tanks

  74. Secondary tail lights and stop lights

  75. Shipping with Forward Air inthe Washington DC area

  76. Starter question

  77. Starter question- follow up

  78. Stops on its own (sometimes violently)

  79. Tail light bulbs size?

  80. Truck Chest

  81. Truck chest

  82. VW Parts Supplier Reviews Page Updated

  83. VW Parts Vendors review page: thank you, but keep them coming!

  84. VW Vendor review page - Request for reviews

  85. VW facebook is ready to go!

  86. Valve confusion

  87. Vendor List

  88. WTB "Syncro" Badge

  89. Washed van run bad....

  90. Westy Rear Seat wanted - 84-86 - Brown check Fabric

  91. Westy fridge upgrade for sale!

  92. Westyfront headliner '87 and up.

  93. Wind Noise

  94. Wind Noise?

  95. Winter Warning

  96. Your made a mistake!

  97. [Syncro] 1987 Syncro-replace fuel lines

  98. [T2] "Jaever"

  99. [vanagon] got a large package? GO GREYHOUND!! yep.. ship it on d a Bus..

  100. adventurewagen top install

  101. automatic transmission oil level?

  102. cheap air cooled westy-RI

  103. clutch pedal failing, how long to failure

  104. double door

  105. endine and tranny swap : 87 to an 83.5 or 85

  106. etka and notebook trouble

  107. extra heat up front

  108. fireing up my van

  109. firing on 3 cylinders.

  110. got a large package? GO GREYHOUND!! yep.. ship it on da Bus..

  111. how does this work?

  112. need help w/ cigarette lighter

  113. new vanagon excessory

  114. on the topic of diesel heaters..(and some pics of my TDi project)

  115. outlet placement

  116. rear hatch panel replacement RE-USABLE clips found

  117. regarding ZSImports, ubidzmall, Vic

  118. replacement AFM

  119. speedo cable

  120. timing the 1.9

  121. vanagon nose

  122. weirdest vanagon ad yet?
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