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VANAGON archives – February 2009, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "Axle" wheel nut how to pull drum

  2. "Watch out where the Huskies go"... (long and plaintive)

  3. (LVC) Limekiln State Park (Calif)

  4. 4 spd transmission noise, low oil level

  5. A DIFFERENT kinda tire thread....

  6. A New Perspective on Vanagon Syndrome

  7. Another VW Transformation-LVC

  8. Anyone know have step by step instructions with photos on how to make the air scoops they selling ebay?

  9. Atwood Heater for sale

  10. Boxer electronics options?

  11. Brake Line Flaring Link

  12. Brake MC r&r..Gotchas?

  13. Cool DIY "Doka"

  14. Dash Cover recommendation

  15. Delusional Seller Puzzle Number One

  16. Distributor

  17. Distributor redux

  18. Enlarged (ovaled) Radius Arm Hole Fix? PICS

  19. Everyone Move To Hershey PA! Economy is Booming NVC

  20. Fire Extinguisher

  21. Free shipment offer of van or car, PNW to east coast

  22. Freeze spray for nutbusting

  23. Front Spring questions

  24. Fw: Planets and Stars to Scale.... (very teeny tiny itsy bitsy VC). :)

  25. GA Dead of Winter Campout- Last Call

  26. Grille Painting - Krylon Camouflage?

  27. Help, fan wont shut off

  28. How many trips to the Scrap yard for an 86 Syncro?

  29. I got a Gas Buddy

  30. IMPORTANT! Stated Value Quote/Vanagon insurance

  31. If Ted Kennedy Had Been Driving a VW........

  32. Installing a propane heater in a Weekender?

  33. Mechanical Lesson Learned On the Road (Long)

  34. Megasquirt....RE: Boxer electronics options?

  35. Mr. Heater Buddy - Follow Up

  36. Mr. Heater Buddy - Follow Up / Part 2

  37. Mr. Heater buddy now under $40 at Lowes

  38. Mr. Heater question

  39. Overhead console?

  40. PS Re: Electrical Question: Adding charger ports for accecories

  41. Part locater

  42. Please look-FS in San Antonio-Has anyone seen this?

  43. Rain shields

  44. Replacement Wiper Arms?

  45. Replacement for hatch panel?

  46. Revieved my 2009 VW Buses of the World Vol 5!

  47. Seat heaters

  48. Service shops in CA --FS in San Antonio-Has anyone seen this?

  49. Shade tree computer maintenance(Vanagon content yes)

  50. Shock Absorbers for Vanagon (2WD)

  51. Snapping Mudflaps

  52. Solar Power ..

  53. Spares and Tools was Mechanical Lesson Learned On the Road (Long)

  54. Stated Value Quote

  55. Stated Value Quote/Vanagon insurance

  56. Steering Knuckle "Modification" + Brake Caliper questions

  57. Stream Redirection- WAS: Windshield washer blockage

  58. Subaru Westy for sale

  59. Subject: Re: hidden oil leak ??

  60. Tall springs?

  61. Van Security;

  62. Vanagon calendar problem

  63. Very happy with SEM color coat for color change

  64. Whistle-like sound from front brake (searched)

  65. Windshield washer blockage

  66. [Syncro] A DIFFERENT kinda tire thread....

  67. [Syncro] Replacement for hatch panel?

  68. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] Mr. Heater Buddy - Follow Up

  69. [WetWesties] A New Perspective on Vanagon Syndrome

  70. [WetWesties] Grille Painting - Krylon Camouflage?

  71. [WetWesties] Mechanical Lesson Learned On the Road (Long)

  72. [WetWesties] Spares and Tools was Mechanical Lesson Learned On the Road (Long)

  73. [WetWesties] secure storage?

  74. alternator lifespan

  75. gas gauge and temp gauge work intermittently

  76. help removing Golf dash

  77. hidden oil leak ??

  78. rusty nuts ...

  79. silicone tape (self-fusing)

  80. water in fridge vent?

  81. waving - was An Interesting Read : From Hitler to Hippies: The Volkswagen Bus in America

  82. wtb muffler bracket
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