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VANAGON archives – August 2010, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '87 syncro not getting fuel.

  2. 1988 Wolfsburg rear seat swap: troublesome or not?

  3. 2.1 L Oil filler tube needed

  4. 2.1 exhaust fastener question

  5. 2.1L Syncro coolant hose list

  6. 2.1L WBX hunts when idling

  7. 84 Westy - Bay Area CA, Need Body Repair Help

  8. A pair of EV seats in the PNW?

  9. A/C Fans 2nd and 3rd ?

  10. Automatic transmission advice needed

  11. Brake caliper breaks, Seattle Eastside area

  12. Bunk hinges?

  13. Cable for Pop Top Assist DONE. Pics.

  14. Ceramic Brakes Pads

  15. Dental Mirror to Check Dometic Flue Seal Pic

  16. Dometic 182 Fridge Igniter Dimensions Image (my drawing)

  17. Engine Assembly Wizzdom

  18. FS: microfiche reader from VW dealer

  19. Free front chrome bumper in SF area

  20. Fridge, keeps blowing out and backfires durring ignition

  21. Fryeday Sociology

  22. Garcia's Ghost doesn't like gettin' high.

  23. Hot A/C Wire

  24. How Hot Behind Dometic Fridge On 100+F Day? (insulation clearances)

  25. I don't know

  26. I don't see any posting today

  27. Looking for 185R14 Nexen SV820 around Quebec City

  28. Looking for a CLEAN Westy that needs a motor 84 or newer

  29. Looking for a radio replacement

  30. Looking for rubber filler tube neck for gas tank (and oil cap gasket)

  31. Main Positive battery Cable

  32. Main Positive battery Cable now starter relay

  33. Mounting an inverter.

  34. Oil seal replacemets

  35. One more %^$ part...

  36. One more %^$ O2 sensor

  37. Potts new Vanagon(s)

  38. Power Steering Pumps - Again!

  39. Problems with cigarette lighter?

  40. Propane power...anyone know about that?

  41. Q&D High-current ammeter

  42. Rear Pillar Bolt Hole. 7/16" 20 TPI ? (fine)

  43. Removed Distributor Cap, Now Won't Start

  44. Rubber Bumper Pad Clips - Any Generic? 84 Westy

  45. Sliding Door Wanted-Found!

  46. South African Big Brakes

  47. Starter doesn't turn after replacing weak battery

  48. Starter doesn't turn after replacing weak battery - solved

  49. Update... the 25th BNNTA VW camping weekend...

  50. Updating an old dual battery/suby install: Can I ditch the fridge relay and just a SurePower 1315?

  51. VERBOSE: fuel pump, ethanol, cavitation

  52. VW Bug Blast Saturday

  53. Vanagon Westfalia motorcycle carrier

  54. Water tank drain cap

  55. West bound for Burning Man....anyone? Bueller?

  56. Wizzdom

  57. Woodward (Detroit) Dream Cruise?

  58. [vanagon] good vanagon mechanic

  59. brake question

  60. broken return spring on brake pedal

  61. coolant system pressure

  62. idle problems

  63. lucas brake pads in 87 westy

  64. painting wheels black

  65. rear heater, was 2.1 L Oil filler tube needed

  66. replacing power steering lines with hoses

  67. was- a/c loads the system down and it stumbles and dies- now??
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