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VANAGON archives – February 2006, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. (no subject)

  2. 14" Alloy wheel wanted for 91 Vanagon Carat

  3. 1980 vanagon 800$


  5. 3rd (center) Brake light for late model Vanagon

  6. 3rd Brake Light

  7. 5 speed conversions - manual tranny

  8. <No subject>

  9. A few Photographs from the Arizona Roundup Campout


  11. Additional LED interior lighting for the westy?

  12. Agilis on VW alloys?

  13. Anybody parting out late model (2.1) Vanagon FRONT END?

  14. BenT thanks for Burning Van

  15. CLock work when warm, 83.5

  16. Canadian Tire "Xantrex" 1000w Inverter 1/2 price

  17. Car alarm ...

  18. Cassette/ CD player deals

  19. Compression braking & Power Loss

  20. DK tranny (aircooled)

  21. Diesel ring and pinion changes with a 2.1L gas engine

  22. Discover a source of cheap A/C compressors

  23. Does Anyone Know This Person?

  24. Ebay LED interior lighting for the westy?

  25. Emblem removal

  26. Europe Propane tank ...

  27. Experience with Grant rings?

  28. FREE: Eurovan jumpseat / San Francisco area.

  29. FS: '59 Westy Caravan Travel Trailer

  30. FS: 1982 Vanagon with Chebvy 2.8 V6 and non-Westy poptop $750

  31. Firewood

  32. Firewood NVC

  33. For Sale Eperspacher B1LC Heater

  34. Friday Sunday

  35. Fw: EveryBus 2006 T-Shirts Pre Order Info

  36. Fwd: LOUD 'Clank' in read end when turning?

  37. Fwd: great video on steering with a blow out

  38. Green Light for TCWBC!!!

  39. Heater Blower Motor Taking a Dump?

  40. Heidelberg cassette ??

  41. High Altitude Start Problem

  42. Hockey fan on list was better blog, good vehicle on ice (LVC)

  43. Hockey fan on list/Speedskater..SVC


  45. ISO Diesel Engine for early Vanagon (Montreal, Quebec)

  46. Idea about Auxilary Air Valve

  47. Idea about Auxiliary Air Valve

  48. Instrument Cluster Woes

  49. Is it normal...


  51. Larry Corcoran/Project Management/OEI/Corporate/KI-Inc is out of the office.

  52. Locking Differential vs. Limited Slip Pros and Cons

  53. Looking for a NICE Syncro DOKA

  54. Manual transmission grinds when shifted into into 2nd, 3rd gears

  55. Mercedes Wheels, BTDT ?

  56. Need Show of Interest for Reproduction Post Office Front Wheel Arches

  57. O2 sensor grounding?

  58. O2 sensors

  59. PayPal Scam phising/spoofs (NVC)

  60. Plastic Coolant Line Replacement's ?

  61. Plastic Fantastic; Your coolant system's dissolving AKKK !!

  62. Propane Disposable Bottle Hookup

  63. Propane tank fill valve anatomy

  64. Re Mercedes Wheels

  65. Rear Heater "T" fitting compatibility

  66. Rear disc brakes. Blower Motor. Secret Compartments.

  67. SA big brakes: caliper rebuild kit?? UPDATE!

  68. SA big brakes: caliper rebuild kit?? UPDATE!----is there and alternative? like this...?

  69. Seen this, splittie fans?

  70. Shocking Video WITH VAN CONTENT (was: Re: shocking video clip NVC)

  71. Starting My Vanagon Search - Some Questions Please?

  72. Sticking throttle (long)

  73. Stock vs. Alko shocks for 91 vanagon

  74. Sucking sound--Not--Or?

  75. THANKS - Bob Donalds

  76. Turns out, on closer look, that

  77. Uneven Brake pad wear

  78. VW Bus "Arizona Roundup - Campout" ... Almost here

  79. Vanagon consciousness? Fryday?

  80. WTB DS rear trailing arm

  81. WTB rear locking diff exterior parts. Anybody have them? Anybody have a part number list?

  82. WTB: DK tranny (aircooled)

  83. Westy Dometic Fridge problem

  84. Westy restoration.. from A to Z

  85. [Fwd: Re: Is it normal...]

  86. [] Battery experts ?

  87. bURNINGvAN four

  88. better blog, good vehicle on ice (LVC)

  89. cause&effect

  90. common sense items for passing smog

  91. guys on holiday?

  92. fender flares ~ short people

  93. fyi induction starters on ebay 109

  94. grounds: air cooled vs water cooled

  95. heck-uva time realighning shift linkage

  96. hot Vanagon

  97. hot vanagon

  98. how can you tell if its windy

  99. more 3rd eye brakelight stuff

  100. removing ground strap bolt

  101. return fuel lines

  102. rings to 2.1L

  103. rough idle, gas guzzling, oil dripping van

  104. running without idle stab unit

  105. rusty little hubcaps

  106. sensor not hot enough

  107. shocking video clip

  108. slider door handle

  109. speedometer lube?

  110. vanagon sighting---Octopussy

  111. vw industrial aircooled motors (was: Re: better blog, good vehicle on ice (LVC)
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