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VANAGON archives – November 2006, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. ' 81 Wetsy FS

  2. '88 AT differential oil pan gasket

  3. ...but where do you hide the drugs?

  4. 1984 Westy for Sale

  5. 1985 Vanagon GL For Sale

  6. 82 Sliding Door Handle Latch Mechanism - WANTED

  7. 84 vanagon stalling

  8. 85 Westy fridge shelves

  9. 90 GL for sale (not mine) + Eurovan in the boneyard

  10. <no subject>

  11. A letter to share with you

  12. AFM Voltage Ratios

  13. AMC heads (part 2)

  14. AMC heads (part 2) - Corvair valves

  15. AMC heads (part 2)(NVC)

  16. AT final drive drain???

  17. Air Cooled Engine / Stick Transmission rebuild question

  18. Audiovox Cruise Control Installation

  19. BUS DIED!!!!!!!!

  20. Brighter taillites

  21. CHErry picker is a pain in the ....

  22. Cruise control diagnosis progress - ambient temp?

  23. Dehler Profi high-roof camper for sale in Oregon

  24. Dennis Haynes Class 3 Tow Hitch

  25. Desperate for a High Top!

  26. Desperate for a High Top! (Quebec

  27. Differences between 81 and 82 Air Cooled?

  28. E-Code Lights

  29. Engine Storage

  30. Fed-Ex and UPS brokerage fees... continued!

  31. Food On The Road

  32. Friday Funny & Serious question for all importers

  33. Frydaye Funny - "G" Rated

  34. Fryeday - It's a Small World

  35. Fwd: Fed-Ex and UPS brokerage fees... continued!

  36. GoWesty extra battery wiring kit

  37. Heater box r&r

  38. Help Needed on Manual to Auto Trans wiring problem.

  39. Hey from William(Bill, Will) Landsman, Improv Show postponed until Nov 10th 2006. Sorry

  40. High Tops

  41. High Tops - DIY

  42. High Tops - DIY - alternate server - smaller files available

  43. Horn

  44. Horn(lvc)

  45. Interesting upgrade[?] for the Vanagon

  46. Jetta query, no V'gon content

  47. Kids and Vanagon safety

  48. LVC: Route 66 2004 GPS Software

  49. Learned something today.... (wheel studs)

  50. Lights out last night.

  51. Long Live The List

  52. Mirrors Floppy Fix

  53. Mr. Buddy heater clone review

  54. Mullendore for Sheriff?

  55. My car is going wobble

  56. My car is going wobble, Reply one

  57. NVC-Winter Desert Fun

  58. New issue, Re: Desperate for a High Top!

  59. Nutz...

  60. O2 sensor wiring

  61. OOPS: West Side Automotive 1990 Edmonton Alberta (Thumbs up!)

  62. Oil out of coolant ...

  63. Possible funky smell solution; report

  64. Propex heaters

  65. Rear-end squeaking

  66. Repairing the piting in WBX heads.

  67. Replace AFM with MAP?

  68. Reversed mirrors!

  69. Rewiring for Xenon lights

  70. Scary Front shaking '90 syncro westie

  71. Seam Sealant - What Brand is best? What is the best

  72. Shipping a transmission from Germany to US?

  73. Snow Tires - any other options except C2 or Comtrac

  74. Steering Rack Installing Hints

  75. Syncro in MA Pick n Pull yard

  76. Trojan T-105 6 volt

  77. VW Machine shop

  78. Vanagon Sighting

  79. Vanagons in Vancouver (was <no subject>)

  80. Vancouver sightings - & an OR Uni-Mog

  81. Voltage regulator, Re: spare waterpump or alternator

  82. West Side Automotive Edmonton Calgary (Thumbs up!)

  83. Wet Weather Woes

  84. Wheel stud problem

  85. Wheel stud supplier in Vancouver BC

  86. Where the ragged go No. 2

  87. Where the ragged people go

  88. White syncro

  89. Wolfsberg Syncro Weekender Sighting

  90. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  91. [T2] Scary Halloween pics

  92. [vanagon] 80 vanagon

  93. [vanagon] Propex heaters

  94. air cooled 2.0 core + tin

  95. air pressurized bus washer bottles

  96. alternator light staying on til high revs

  97. blown out oil passage plug!

  98. fuel hose sizes from tank to after pump

  99. just replaced the Brake Master Cylinder, now what?

  100. mail order parts source?

  101. mporting a vehicle to Canada - need advice

  102. new 7 wonders of the world

  103. oil in coolant

  104. rear backing plate/distributor

  105. selling your westy? sell it in Montréal ...they go for crazy money there

  106. sodium valve idea

  107. spare waterpump or alternator

  108. splash plate

  109. windshield washer variations

  110. winter tires (NVC)

  111. yet another water pump
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