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VANAGON archives – February 2008, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '86 7-pass parting out

  2. 150 mpg or better?

  3. 16" rims w/41mm offset on 2wd?

  4. 81 westy stove issue

  5. A Comment on TDi Engine rpm vs. Longevity and Economy


  7. AT trans on the way out?

  8. AW: New Doka Syncro

  9. Auto Priore

  10. Automatic transmission compatibility?

  11. Bed liner paint suitable to paint on new gas tank?

  12. Bentley wiring diagram. Questions on how to read.

  13. Bluetec diesel

  14. Bluetec diesel - Urea

  15. Bus Depot Vanagon Master/Clutch cylinder - Warranty ?

  16. California Imports Bus Shift Rod Bushing Kit?

  17. Classified Ad Sources for Vanagons

  18. Clutch musings...

  19. FRYeDay: My New Vanagon

  20. FS: 86 front AC duct no cracks

  21. FS: Vanagon and Westy exotica plus

  22. Friday - Bus Stories

  23. Front Transmission Mount

  24. Front Transmission Mount Additional Info

  25. Fryday humour CL Vanagon Ad

  26. Fw: Highlights, New Products and Video From the Boat Show

  27. Gas tank out. How to remove debris from tank? (searched)

  28. Grill ?eyebrow?

  29. Heater core hose

  30. Interesting Comment from 14 yr old son

  31. Is this coolant pipe position correct? (Pic included)

  32. Is this new gas saver for real?

  33. It's All Vanagon Content, Isn't it ??? ;o)

  34. Junk Yard Excursion

  35. Just a test

  36. Letter to VW

  37. Letter to VW - Vans are loved by everyone

  38. Michelin 205/70 14 Tire Needed

  39. Minor report and pics of my new gas tank

  40. My Carbon Forehead Print (on my screen)

  41. My Carbon Forehead Print (on my screen) NVC

  42. My Carbon Forehead Print (still Friday)


  44. NO MAIL FROM GERRY ON YAHOO!!!! ARGH!!!! Now Bad Fryeday humor

  45. New Doka Syncro

  46. New Member and questions

  47. Now my van won't start...

  48. Oil Temps and TDi rpm

  49. Oil light comes up, 1.9 engine

  50. Pascal: Your mudflaps page on the wiki

  51. Power window motor/regulator needed

  52. RES: [CONCH-L] Snails in odd places

  53. Recent Sticker

  54. Repacking Manual Steering Box Grease

  55. S&S Exhaust system, how bad????

  56. Seat Question

  57. Shift Lever Disassembly Help Needed

  58. Stereo Install in 91GL

  59. Stone guard stickers

  60. Thanks LIst! --- (reading Bentley wiring diagrams MUCH easier now)

  61. Torque value for thermo switch on WBX rad?

  62. Vanagon automatic tranny wanted

  63. Vent window noise


  65. WTB Coolant pressure tester

  66. What's the difference in Febi and Meyle lifters?

  67. Which way is right way for CV joints?

  68. Who wants a Tornado Red Carat!?!? CHEEP!

  69. Zetec diesel/Euro Diesels

  70. [CONCH-L] Snails in odd places

  71. dash diassembly video

  72. door roller needed

  73. folding cup-holder ten-packs on e-bay

  74. jack

  75. needed: source for *tiny* screws

  76. real friday humour with VW content

  77. recent sticker sighting

  78. seat "guide pieces"

  79. simple heat for stove top, e-bay

  80. trans fluid

  81. vanagon Digest - 24 Feb 2008 - Special issue (#2008-238)

  82. vanagon Digest - 26 Feb 2008 to 27 Feb 2008 - Special issue (#2008-245)

  83.      Oil Temps and TDi rp m
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