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VANAGON archives – April 2010, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '83-'85 bad schematic wiper relay

  2. 1984 VW Vanagon Sale - $1899 (Seattle) 4 speed automatic?

  3. 2.1 L Leakdown Testing Question

  4. 2300 Miles Later

  5. 91 vannie oil light and buzzer

  6. 91 vannie oil lite and buzzer

  7. 99 Wiper Relay Install and Test

  8. A little more on Cooling problems..inline vw in Vanagon

  9. A little more on Cooling problems..inline vw in vanagon

  10. A request

  11. A-Arms

  12. Another fuel line question

  13. Anyone have a USA version '82 Vanagon Diesel?

  14. Below Seat Drawer Mod

  15. Better Shifter Bushings?

  16. Buses By the Beach - LAST CALL FOR T-SHIRT PRE-ORDER

  17. Distributer wanted

  18. Distributor/Spark Plug die-electric grease

  19. EV Vanagon, was Water Cooler System Design Flaw Workaround?

  20. FS: Locking Front Differential - 5.43 R&P

  21. Friday topic: Here's something you don't see every day...

  22. Front Door Window Crank Replacement

  23. Front heater core replacment

  24. Front shock bushing questions

  25. Frontend Parts Availability

  26. Fwd: Rentals inquiry

  27. Giving your van a stiffy

  28. GoWesty 2wd Lift Spring Installation

  29. Got Shifter Bushings?

  30. HOT-WIRE

  31. Has anyone ever replaced a later WBX engine with an earlier air-cooled Vanagon engine?

  32. Headgasket diagnostic "trick"

  33. Hose clamps..

  34. How to ... Eurovan comp. removal

  35. How to wire Intermittent wiper relay & wiper if not factory wired?

  36. I got it out, thanks, How to ... Eurovan comp. removal

  37. I-4 coolant leak from block?

  38. Instrument panel circuit film needed (1986 or later)

  39. Intermittent wiper -- if anyone wants...

  40. Intermittent wiper Relay ?

  41. Leaking head nut

  42. Loud Popping Noise From Rear of '88 Vanagon - Any ideas?

  43. Mirror replacement alternative: tightening (was Re: Truck Mirrors Installation - Pics Needed - Advice)

  44. More Fuel Pump Weirdness - Has Mercury gone retrograde again?

  45. NPR: Vanagon road trip

  46. Need brown lower column steering cover

  47. Need mechanic

  48. Need rear brake backing plates

  49. Need rear brake backing plates (now rear Discs?)

  50. New distributor missing hall sender?

  51. Note Re: More Fuel Pump Weirdness - Has Mercury gone retrograde again?

  52. OK, Swepco gear oil..

  53. Old Volks Home Cluster Retrofit Question

  54. PWM controller , was Water Cooler System Design Flaw Workaround?

  55. Peel and Seal Complete-Pics

  56. Phrydays - Bad Song with a VW

  57. Portable shower

  58. Power steering rack leak

  59. Question about the fluid cooler on the auto tranny

  60. Rear brake hardware kits

  61. Rear heater - sweet smell

  62. Replacement engine running rich, FILTHY RICH!

  63. Replacing Front 84 Brake Discs

  64. Shifter bushings link

  65. Shipping Parts to South Africa Advice?

  66. Shocks and brake job, one question

  67. Spark Plugs and Milage

  68. Syncro fuel tank drain

  69. T3 Westy review

  70. Temperature compensated battery charger

  71. Truck Mirrors Installation - Pics Needed - Advice

  72. Used Power Steering Rack good/bad idea

  73. Vanagon BS and Floppy Shaft

  74. Vangon gifts; was RE: Front heater core replacment

  75. Was Got Shifter Bushings? Now Rear Shift Rod Rebuild

  76. Water Cooler System Design Flaw Workaround?

  77. Westy featured on Wheeler Dealers on HD Theater

  78. What the ideal wateboxer engine would be like -

  79. While the dash is priorities?

  80. [WetWesties] Portable shower

  81. alternator installation

  82. and also can i ask ... While the dash is priorities?

  83. bunk of 3 batteries

  84. cooling system diagnostic help? Long, lots of info about whats been done so far.

  85. corinne IMART

  86. do vanagon's qualify?

  87. exhaust system options for 2.1 '91 vanagon.

  88. front end reassembly: strut bar

  89. looking for information regarding 1984 front decal

  90. not mine :from [WetWesties] Blue Mongrel FS in PDX - needs engine

  91. road trip 2010

  92. vanagon bush shiftings

  93. vanagon bush shiftings and Shrubbery??
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