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VANAGON archives – January 2004, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '87 Westy GL for sale

  2. (Help - my Van - A - Gone)

  3. (NVC)Re: Reliability over one year

  4. 1990 auto trans woes.suggestions from the pros?

  5. 30mm main pulley bolt tips?

  6. 88 WBX Towing Questions

  7. <No subject>

  8. <diesel> oil pressure light at idle/ goes away once engine is warm

  9. A word about John Sweet

  10. A/C? Which one is this?

  11. AVP Engine for 88 WBX

  12. And you thought Daewoo Nubria was a funny car name? (NVC)

  13. Anyone have a current CarFax account?

  14. Anyone recognize this house on the Mississippi?

  15. Apalacicola Syncro Westie?

  16. Automatic Transmission - leak?


  18. Blue High Beam light replacement

  19. Blue indicators

  20. Bringing 88 Westy to Home Port!

  21. Bush Bumper Design Questions

  22. CB Antenna Mounting

  23. Car Talk

  24. Carbon Minoxide?

  25. Carbon Monoxide?

  26. Carrera Powered Vanagon Hits The Streets!

  27. Clutch cylinder problem??

  28. Dead battery or other problem?

  29. Diesel Holes!

  30. Diesel pump!

  31. Eberspacher Heaters

  32. Eureka California

  33. Eureka Inquiry - Bill's Volkswagen repair

  34. EveryBus 2004 Beckons

  35. Exaust

  36. FS '88 Vanagon

  37. FS: 15" BBS RA alloys w/ goodyear eagle GT's..

  38. FS: Front brake Pads NIB (stock up)

  39. FS: pair of '86-'91 Front Brake calipers w/pads

  40. Favorite Road Music CD's

  41. Filling the Propane Tank

  42. Final Drive Lube for A/T

  43. Fitting Jail Bars

  44. Fluid leaking from underdash

  45. For Sale (correction)

  46. For Sale: 87 vanagon must go!

  47. For What It's Worth Dept.: info you really didn't need to know. ;)

  48. Front-End Wobble - LB3V

  49. Fumes? from fridge

  50. Got VAG-COM?

  51. Headrest Removal

  52. Help needed- drive camper within Los Angeles area]

  53. How do you operate the headlight washers?

  54. How do you operate the headlight washers? - The Answer

  55. How to confirm head gasket job?

  56. I'm Back

  57. Immobilizer

  58. Importing a Van from the US to Canada

  59. Jeff Dardozzi please contact me.

  60. Jim Felder -- Vanagon springs

  61. Jump Seat in an'85

  62. Leaks Somewhere - Pretty Funny

  63. Loud Exhaust

  64. MOMO strg wheel hub adapter for vanagon

  65. Max tire size

  66. NVC reply: Anyone recognize this house on the Mississippi?

  67. NVC- rabbit trucks

  68. Need Help with list ARCHIVES!

  69. No heat at idle

  70. No more South African Vanagons :-(

  71. No more South African Vanagons :-( It is Friday!

  72. Noisy CV's below Zero degrees F?

  73. Oil cooler removal questions

  74. One last question and I'm on the road!

  75. Opinions on tranny rebuilds from Long Enterprises?

  76. Paint Codes

  77. Photo of inside of Rear heater on off coolant valve

  78. Pics of My 83.5 FS

  79. Please try my new Tire Size and Speed Calculator!

  80. Popping noise/turning

  81. Power Steering Fluid Leak... Reservoir?

  82. Propex 1800 report

  83. Propex 1800 report -- CAUTION

  84. Puzzling valves...

  85. Question about Vanagon Springs

  86. Rattling A/T Shifter

  87. Rear heater coolant valve replacement completed

  88. Rear heater on off coolant valve

  89. Recommendations for Denver Repair Shops

  90. Reliability over one year

  91. Replacing Muffler

  92. Replacing clutch cylinder

  93. Replacing the clutch slave cylinder

  94. Revell Vanagon spotting

  95. Shipping vanagon

  96. Short Block?

  97. South African Vanagon: Source for parts? YES

  98. Steering Wheel

  99. Subject: Oil cooler removal questions

  100. Subject: transmission life expectancy?

  101. Sweet's correct phone number!!

  102. TRADE - Four light lower grille for South African lower grille?

  103. Tent & Tables For Sale

  104. TiiCo - CA emissions + Questions

  105. TiiCo - Questions

  106. TiiCo California Smog Legal!

  107. Titian red Paint Codes

  108. Titian red Paint Codes-PIX

  109. Trading my 1962 Buick for VW BUG,BUS or VAN

  110. Transmission housing corrosion and (separate question) asbestos ;~(

  111. Transmission problems thoughts

  112. TriStar Project Update: NATO Canopy and AS/1729 antenna system

  113. Trip Report

  114. US source for chequer plate

  115. Ugliest VW and VW Garage Credo

  116. Ugliest VW ever?

  117. Update on leaking heads

  118. VC Confusion

  119. Vanagon GL for Sale

  120. Volkswagen / Steyr Noriker 4x4


  122. WTB Weekender cabinet door...

  123. What is the Euro equivalent to diamond plate sheet metal?

  124. Where to buy intake manifold?

  125. [vanagon] aero to steel bumpers

  126. anyone have any comments on shipping an auto trans?

  127. anyone parting out a scirocco 16v or knows where one is? NVC

  128. automatic transmissions

  129. carat curtains, snap on type

  130. carbon fiber

  131. casting molds of plastic/rubber/fiberglass parts? anyone done it?

  132. custom steering wheel for vanagon

  133. door panels

  134. front fill radiator

  135. front fresnel?

  136. german t3 email lists

  137. jdbimports

  138. key blanks?

  139. lets talk about oil pressure issues

  140. mold maker

  141. not all thermostats are equal

  142. part # verification please _any etka friends?

  143. parts 4 sale

  144. piston pin #1 removal question

  145. propane refill

  146. rear window leak

  147. removing piston pin-thanks all!

  148. replacing fan relay switch in radiator

  149. rich running when cold, slow warm up

  150. road salt pH

  151. roof racks

  152. thermostats

  153. towing

  154. transmission life expectancy?

  155. transmission life expectancy? (4)

  156. transmission life expectancy? 175k+

  157. type 1 engine price NVC

  158. unstable engine when cold

  159. used conversion parts

  160. vanagon AC distributer wanted

  161. water pump

  162. westy propane in europe

  163. westy reprieve

  164. what causes low oil pressure

  165. where can i get a Fart Can exh. tip for a vanagon? Re: Loud Exhaust

  166. winter tire report
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