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VANAGON archives – April 2008, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "yawn" Another (trivial) Jetta conversion Fuel Pump relay question.... ;^)

  2. '86 Westy cranking trouble

  3. 12 volt to the Reefer fan, etc.

  4. 1981 single cab: turn signal ground-out

  5. 1984 Vanagon Westy suspension

  6. 1984 Westy Suspension

  7. 1985 Vanagon suspension rehabilitation

  8. 2 Westies for $500 in Boston Area (not running) craigslist

  9. 2 person middle seat avail

  10. 2.1 Engine Exhaust Stud/Bolt Questions?

  11. 52 degree Inline 4 hydraulic lifters leaking down

  12. 84 vanagon wasserboxer

  13. 87 van dash

  14. ASI/Riviera and Country Homes Poptop Canvas Now Available Again

  15. AW: Westfalia museum trailer

  16. Another take on The Great Debate

  17. Arm rest pivot repair

  18. Bus won't start after winter storage

  19. Buses By the Beach - Yahoo! Bus Benefit is only one month away!

  20. Bypass, Transistor, Potable water tank pump circuit

  21. CV joint 'indicators'?

  22. Clamshell

  23. Crunchy Clutch Pedal Feel - intermittant

  24. Diesel timing / borrow bell housing in SF?

  25. Different coolant outlet housing on Jetta head? PICS (Vanagon Conversion)

  26. Distributor woes

  27. Dometic refrigerator, Circulating fan, 12v power

  28. Early Westy ceiling

  29. Exhaust Air Jack Lifts Your Car with a Balloon

  30. Extend-A-Stay valve

  31. FS: blue or grey vanagon capt. chairs w/ armrests

  32. FS: bluestar or carat interiors..with jumpseats

  33. FS: flip out side table for vanagon passenger van

  34. FS: westy interiors and poptop sections

  35. Far right receptacle?

  36. Fitting Alloy spare into stock clamshell

  37. Foamy thing on diesel engine tin? Where can I get it?

  38. Free GL near Santa Cruz

  39. Friday NVC query: Bonnaroo Music Festival

  40. Front Heater

  41. Fuel lines

  42. Fuel lines (injector hoses)

  43. Fwd: [VANAGON] Distributor woes

  44. GPS Can Be Hazardous To Your Vehicle

  45. Gas Mileage: add nausium..

  46. Gas mileage

  47. Gas mileage/o2 sensor 1st report

  48. Hoping to get a Westy

  49. How does the Eurovan hood latch release

  50. I'm back---- Just picked up my 91 Westy!!

  51. ISO: Power mirror plastic cover

  52. Jetta Power Supply relay questions (Vanagon conversion) PIC of wiring diagram.

  53. Jetta relay questions (Vanagon conversion)

  54. Just when you thought you were safe from Vanagon Lust

  55. LVC-Dissing Utah & Texas?

  56. Last weekend's successes.

  57. Long and Boring Report: Why my Vanagon conversion (Jetta) wouldn't start

  58. Looking for parts

  59. MPG redux

  60. MPG redux/ TDI conversion rethink

  61. MPG?

  62. NEW AAZ 1.9 diesel FS for conversion

  63. NVC: where to get a hatch for a 97 golf?

  64. Neils' Vanagon conversion: IT RUNS ! (more or less! --- :^)

  65. New Noise coming from under the body

  66. Power supply, Pump, Potable water

  67. RE 87 westy dash

  68. Rebuild/t 2.0 AC in Seattle

  69. Red light runner

  70. Replaced my totaled Vanagon! (Also Camper & Parts FS)

  71. Running Rich

  72. Running problem continues

  73. Spray or paste to help clean, and keep clean, electrical connections?

  74. Still Running Rich

  75. Stuck at home (troubleshooting help needed)

  76. Test Message (Ignore)

  77. The Metric Dollar - LVC

  78. The clock is still not going, despite ...

  79. This Is April in Seattle??? NVC

  80. Valve Lifter Removal tool?

  81. Vanagon Syndrome Patch Needed

  82. Vanagon/Jetta timing issue. Use RPM sensor hole to find #1 TDC mark?

  83. WTB instrument cluster for 90 Vanagon

  84. Was CV noise.... Now: audio library of typical Vanagon problems?

  85. Was: Jetta Power supply relay... Now: Is THIS part of the problem? (PICS)

  86. Water Tank probe leads

  87. Water pump leak

  88. Westfalia museum trailer

  89. Westy sighting in Baja

  90. Westy, Faucett, Mounting, Plate

  91. What does your oil pressure gauge "say", and what other gauges do you have in your Vanagon

  92. What's up with radiator hoses and tire size???

  93. Why gas prices can change so quickly

  94. Why gas prices can change so quickly(but, only one way :o)

  95. Why gas prices change so quickly, etc etc. No real van content..

  96. Yahoo and Possible others was Re: Looking for parts

  97. [NVC] 1930s Steam Cooker Uses Car Exhaust To Cook For Your Family

  98. [WetWesties] GPS Can Be Hazardous To Your Vehicle

  99. [vanagon] WBX Stainless Steel part vendors

  100. air power

  101. anyone know what's up with the website?

  102. bad lifters

  103. cruise control

  104. diesel vanagon in junkyard near Chicago

  105. exhaust part number/info needed

  106. flashing oil light won't go off

  107. flow-through muffler -> cool cat -> fails emissions (?)

  108. front suspension problem

  109. gas cap confusion

  110. gas prices? change quickly? vanagon content. :)

  111. locking gas cap

  112. mention of the vanagonwiki on the samba forums

  113. re. tube bumpers

  114. speaker replacement, quiet muffler recommendations

  115. stainless screws

  116. starter problem

  117. subaru. 2.5 for conversion, for sale

  118. tire rolling resistance

  119. trip time lapse video

  120. tube bumpers

  121. tube bumpers/bull bars

  122. vanagons as a way to save money...

  123. was someone doing a road trip with an online journal/Blog?

  124. white 90 van being parted out at Boston Engine

  125. window crank
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