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VANAGON archives – October 2008, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "Never get behind a VW Bus" bumper sticker

  2. "Never get behind a VW Bus" bumper-sticker

  3. '86 Westy Shocks/Leans

  4. 160 HP waterboxer

  5. 1986 VW Bus - Volkswagen Vanagon

  6. 2.1 Syncro; Failed Emissions "Say it ain't so Joe:" :o)

  7. 2.1 Syncro; Failed Emissions "Say it isnt so Joe:" :o)

  8. 2.1 Syncro; Failed Emissions "Say it isnt so Joe:" :o)>

  9. 86 Syncro GL Parting out NE Iowa

  10. 86 syncro doesn't start

  11. <No subject>

  12. Another way to drain coolant

  13. Another way to drain coolant : measurements for drilling drain holes in the covers while on the vehicle

  14. Anyone know of a good registered imported (into the USA)

  15. BZ Shelf w/ Stainless Steel Racks Orders?

  16. Both low beams burnt out at same time?

  17. Dehler van owners: Parts free for shipping

  18. Dometic 182B Service Manual

  19. Dometic Fridge Service Manual...

  20. Don't Buy This! (Fluorescent Lighting)

  21. Don't cry for me Wasserboxer

  22. Door Plate Tire Pressures

  23. Eberspacher BA-6 value?

  24. Engine tin (was Re: Look at my crack!)

  25. FS 3 person blue rear seat upholstery

  26. FS 91 Non Rusty Vanagon Shell for sale

  27. FS Weber Carb manuals

  28. FS: 1991 Westfalia $7500

  29. FS: 1991 Westfalia $7500 aka Web site?

  30. FS: 7" round E-code lights, square headlight grille, left side square headlights

  31. FS: Syncro 16" front skid plate

  32. Fixed! -> Re: The drama continues -> Both low beams burnt out at same time?

  33. Fridge Parts Needed

  34. Fridge stuff

  35. G12 Coolant

  36. Headlights

  37. Help needed in BC

  38. Help needed: ABA conversion has spark and fuel but won't start.

  39. Help! Cunegonde losing power up hills

  40. Help! Cunegonde....

  41. I'm in Glade Spring, VA for the winter

  42. Is there such a thing as a good used transmission?

  43. Just posted some new parts on Craigs List

  44. Kampers on the Rocks

  45. Look at my crack!

  46. Magical cast iron suspension?

  47. Matching west interior tan using enamel paint.

  48. Metal brake line + short rear flex hose questions

  49. More Catalytic Converter questions

  50. NVC: Golf Mk IV parts?

  51. Need Power Window Regulator

  52. New Engine Choice

  53. New awning project with pix

  54. On Deer, cows, etc.(No van content)

  55. Projekt Zwo fog lights

  56. ROTFL

  57. Radio removal

  58. Slide-in seat accessories wanted

  59. Source for dashboard lamps?

  60. Source for glass?

  61. Steering Rack Hydraulic Fitting Size?

  62. Subject: Re: your Boat, Ginger Clown the Dream ...

  63. The drama continues -> Both low beams burnt out at same time?

  64. Timing vanagon without timing scale, only insturment ?'s

  65. VANAGON CAFE is moving because AOL Hometown will be closing on 10/31/08

  66. Vent window lock '82 Vanagon

  67. Ventilation for the Vanagon

  68. Weak..... so weak

  69. Welding stainless exhaust

  70. Westifarian

  71. Westy wiring question...easy one

  72. [NVC] Computers - and why your printer may not work

  73. a time to drain, a time to flush

  74. digest ready readable comments on --Timing vanagon without timing scale, only insturment ?'s

  75. filling, bleeding coolant, a novel device that works

  76. interior rearview mirror bracket removal

  77. loose cigarette lighter

  78. rad. bleeder follow-up

  79. radiator bleeder bolt

  80. subie motor wtb NVC

  81. using ethanol to pass emissions;

  82. weekend trip???

  83. window screens for sale

  84. your Boat, Ginger Clown the Dream ...
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