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VANAGON archives – May 2001, week 5

Table of contents:

  1. '84 Sliding door handle

  2. '90 Vanagon: Hose leaking antifreeze

  3. (no Vanagon content) mercedes 207 diesel westfalia camper van


  5. 85 Westfalia beeping

  6. 85 will not start

  7. 90GL - tach goes crazy when hot

  8. ??? CV Joint Repair Boots ???

  9. A first




  13. All Quiet on the Westy Front

  14. Answer to Odd Question--Thanks Donna!

  15. Anyone have an AIR INTAKE SLEEVE??

  16. Anyone have experience with selling / buying a van on eBay motors?

  17. Autoforeign-repair shop Cincinnati

  18. Bleeding question

  19. Bus Sighting

  20. Busses by the Buoy

  21. Chicagoland Get Together Info

  22. Coolant

  23. Copper radiators

  24. Curtains

  25. Did you read the confirmation?

  26. Did you read the confirmation? (Zzzzzzzzzzz)

  27. Digest form

  28. Digest mode

  29. Digijet Rough Cold Idle Solved

  30. Driving with the Gas On?

  31. Dude, are you selling... cont'd

  32. Electrical Problem

  33. Eurovan WANTED

  34. F/S: Vanagon alloys, $300

  35. FREE: 3-person rear bench

  36. FREE: 3-person rear PA too

  37. FS 1990 Westfalia

  38. FS Complete 2.1L installation

  39. FS/89 Vanagon GL

  40. FS: '93 Poptop Eurovan

  41. FS: 1.9 engine, spare parts, etc.

  42. FS: 15"x7" Mercedes 8-hole style alloys by Ronal with tires

  43. FS: Audi Turbo alloys

  44. FS: Rare VW LT28 van $4000 in san antonio, tx

  45. FYI!! van pass side windows are different size '80-'84, then '85-'91

  46. Free seats in Mesa, AZ

  47. Fridge won't stay lit on propane, revisited

  48. Fuel line sheathing replacement?

  49. Gas peddle

  50. HELP! 82 Westy Water tank pump


  52. Haltech FI is operating!

  53. Help... water tank pump

  54. Hey Vendors, looking for oil pump.

  55. Hey, dude, is your van for sale?

  56. How do i contact Boston Bob??

  57. How to Locate Propane Leak (with a lighter?)

  58. Humho Tirea

  59. I need help

  60. IMPORTANT!! Virus warning is HOAX

  61. Is it the bearing or something else?

  62. Is it the bearing or something else???

  63. Is the BA-6 still for sale?

  64. Javier (... Foreign member?)

  65. KEITH PIKE (Re Virus Hoax)

  66. List Sticker and Hat lawsuit... Logos too?



  69. (Redline)

  70. My First

  71. My answer (Was: What is wrong)

  72. OK to disconnect Heater core ?

  73. OK to disconnect heater core.

  74. Odd Question

  75. Odometer Woe

  76. Oil Cooler hose replacement clues on 91 Carat

  77. Oil Light flicker

  78. Oil Temperature Report

  79. Oil fill plug stripped

  80. Ok---I've had it !!

  81. Oli Cooler hose replacement clues on 91 Carat

  82. Opinions from TIICO customers

  83. Paging all Calgary / Red Deer / Alberta members!

  84. Paint Colors

  85. Paint van a slightly different colour?

  86. Parinoid Trip

  87. Pilot bearing Lubrication

  88. Project van Cheap!

  89. Propane Tank, Overfill - what happens?

  90. Pulling and replacing pilot bearing in crankshaft

  91. Question about Honda Timing belt (No Vanagon Content)

  92. Question on Waterboxer Power vs transplants III

  93. Question on Waterboxer Power vs transplants.

  94. Re Re Seppuku?

  95. Rubber Bras

  96. Seppuku?

  97. Sorry to interrupt the Fraud War, but...Exhaust nuts and bolts...

  98. Splitting Hairs on Adding Oil

  99. Still looking for Engine Tin piece

  100. Stop looking for Engine Tin piece

  101. Stripped Tranny Fill plug >>>> WAS Tranny drain plug / S&S Headers

  102. Suburu Conversion

  103. T1 bug to T4 conversion bearings for WBX main bearing shortage?

  104. TIICO ---how much did people pay for install

  105. TIICO ---how much did people pay for install, and what did they get?

  106. TIICO ---how much did people pay for install, and what did they...

  107. Test message from TomC via telnet

  108. This is getting old...

  109. Tools @ Sears - Canuck members

  110. Toronto Meeting

  111. Tranny drain plug / S&S Headers

  112. Trip report: Baja (Bahia de las Animas)

  113. Upgrading Front seats.


  115. VERY RED! soon to need Bently for '89 Beetle.

  116. VW Camper Magazine Subscription Troubles!

  117. Van cuts out

  118. Vanagon/Subaru Deep Thoughts

  119. WATER PUMP SUCCESS! Thanks!

  120. Want to Rent Westy or RV Near Phila. PA

  121. Wanted Engine Tin

  122. Wanted Vanagon Car Cover

  123. Waterpump replacement on '84 Westy 1.9L: 2 Questions

  124. What's the answer to the riddle??

  125. What`s wrong/ Foreign member?

  126. Would the AC Unit from an 85 Work in an Air Cooled Van?

  127. [Curtains]

  128. [Re: 85 engine question]

  129. [Re: Bus Sighting]

  130. [Re: Engine Computer Software Glitch???]

  131. [Re: what the vw waterboxer offers?? wasRe: 85 Westfalia beeping]

  132. [Splitting Hairs on Adding Oil]

  133. [WetWesties] A first

  134. ac compressor wire

  135. anyone know paint code/color for fiberglass bumpers??

  136. blue plastic circuit board

  137. clutch chatter

  138. digest

  139. digitool

  140. engine stalls when oil cap is off, is this normal?

  141. hose identification help needed

  142. just plain wore out

  143. lock problem

  144. loud alarm sound

  145. mailserver blocking my server

  146. manuals for sale

  147. need 1.9l digijet

  148. need 1.9l digijet FI website/info

  149. need to remove a/c compressor in order to remove water pump?

  150. off subaru, vw ......engines

  151. oil fill level.....

  152. paging Pat Dooley/RE: Transvair conversion information

  153. pdf parts list for '86

  154. power steering fluid

  155. pulling and replacing pilot bearing in crankshaft

  156. sam walters

  157. subaru timing belts

  158. throttle body round thing underneath

  159. transaxle capacity

  160. vanagon rear bumper

  161. volks-motorsports.

  162. weekender bench seat release

  163. westy spotting-Maxim magazine

  164. what the vw waterboxer offers?? wasRe: 85 Westfalia beeping
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