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VANAGON archives – June 2008, week 2

Table of contents:


  2. 1970 Karmann Ghia for Sale

  3. 2006 Sprinter custom built "Westy" photos

  4. 61 AH, 330 A, #000 915 105 AD or CC or CE

  5. 85 Westy FS in San Antonio

  6. 90 GL fuse trouble

  7. 91 fridge piezo

  8. Actual weight of VW LT35 and where to get parts from the US plus sw

  9. Aero's

  10. Aerodynamics for MPG

  11. Aeros more..on, the same..howzat?

  12. Air cooled and WBX accelerator cable same length?

  13. Algae-powered Westfalia

  14. An unfortunately thing about the subject line at GerryVanagon -

  15. Anyone going to BusFusion through MD?

  16. Autoloc one-touch window kit

  17. BRAKE master cylinder Replace

  18. BZ Shelf Arrived on the Right Coast

  19. Back from VA and that X-Treme tape saved the day

  20. Battery Woes/Choice

  21. Better MPG - wheels and tires ?

  22. Better MPG or snake oil - baking soda voodoo

  23. Brown gas or not?

  24. Brown gas or not? --Contribute some moo-lah!

  25. Brown paint for interior plastic parts

  26. Burgers, pizza & security

  27. Bus Fusion

  28. Bus Fusion 2008

  29. Bus windows

  30. Carfax needed

  31. Changing Temp II sensor

  32. Changing Temp II sensor FYI

  33. Coolant Sending probe shrunk and fell out!!

  34. Craig's Brown gas or not? --Contribute some moo-lah!

  35. Cutting bumpstops on lowered 88 2wd Doka with H&R springs

  36. Dometic flue, sealing

  37. Dometic question

  38. Driving to Mexico and Central America

  39. Electric Vanagon sighting in Seattle

  40. Engine braking with a turbo...

  41. FS: 1990 Vanagon Carat - Capitola, CA

  42. FS: 1990 Vanagon Westfalia - Chico, CA

  43. Friday Story

  44. Fridge fan inside?

  45. Fridge thermostat

  46. Heater core hoses. Correct Positions? (PICS)

  47. Help needed, close to Bristol, TN

  48. Help.

  49. High Mileage - its all been done before

  50. Hightop Group Purchase?

  51. How to keep mirrors in place

  52. I'm thinking about going to gas

  53. Installing a slider window

  54. Japanese Westy

  55. Karman Ghia For Sale - 1970

  56. Keeping mirrors in place

  57. Key blank for Westy water cap

  58. Keyless entry and alarm..combined..

  59. LF: Transporter front bench seat (want to make 8 passenger van!)

  60. List vacation status?

  61. Looking for a place to stay or camp

  62. Looking for some Vanagon Radiator Parts

  63. Mule needed

  64. NVC--wife's car dies at idle

  65. Need good 2.1L AMC heads?

  66. Neil's Engine Conversion. Progress Update.

  67. Neil's from scratch motor swap...and pre-Friday ramble

  68. Oil filter thread size?

  69. Peter Aschwanden web site NVC

  70. Pondering new commuter car (FRIDAY ONLY TOPIC)

  71. Pop top canvas repair

  72. Quiet Horn.

  73. Re $350 parts package

  74. Road trip and mechanics litany of issues

  75. Selling 88 Carat

  76. Speed Bleeder

  77. Speed bleeders? Not me

  78. Stumped-Runs Rich/Stalls

  79. Subject: Re: Carfax needed

  80. Syncro Front Axle Removal

  81. Syncro Westfalia for sale, Sacramento, CA

  82. Synthetic Redline MTLvsMT

  83. Synthetic Tranny oil for manual trans.?

  84. TATA Motors - Peoples Air Car

  85. The mysterious 'Silver Socket'

  86. Touch up paint in spray cans?

  87. URGENT: Breakdown in Southern VA

  88. Unimog & Mercedes van

  89. VW Micrfobus on Overhaulin'

  90. VW shops in Marietta/Smyrna GA? Vanagon driver stranded - help ASAP

  91. VW shops in Marietta/Smyrna GA? Vanagon driver stranded - help ASAP - Thanks!

  92. Van Meet 2008 was Vanagon Parts for sale

  93. VanFest!

  94. Vanagon Parts for sale - Crescent Beach, BC

  95. Violated - LVC but Vanagon related

  96. WT Rent Camper-Salt Lake City

  97. Was: Hightop Group Purchase - Now: What about Reimo?

  98. Westfalia Parts $350

  99. Westy for sale in Calgary, Canada

  100. Westy top bunk rubbing inside of top

  101. Westy water tank key blank

  102. What heat rating?

  103. What should 2.1 compression be?

  104. What years power steering?

  105. Why AGM batts don't last as long as they should

  106. Wood Flooring

  107. X-Treme tape is Silicone Tape

  108. [NVC] Off-Topic, need tow kit for a Volvo

  109. cylinder heads for my 84 westy

  110. great "personal cooling"device

  111. import

  112. luggage rack cleats

  113. master cylinder Replace

  114. parts list for poptop shocks

  115. photo of vanagon fire

  116. photo of vanagon fire: illiteracy

  117. poptop assist fotos

  118. propane valve leak

  119. re Aerodynamics for MPG

  120. re Aerodynamics for MPG - 1971 Bay air dam

  121. rear air scoops on eBay - HOME DEPOT MOTORSPORTS

  122. rear brake adjusters?

  123. remote door unlock

  124. remote/keyless entry

  125. second road trip of year

  126. sliding door vinyl

  127. speedometer repair shop in Boulder or Denver? WA? OR?

  128. transaxle being rebuilt

  129. vanagon Digest - 10 Jun 2008 to 11 Jun 2008 - Special issue (#2008-620)

  130. vanagon Digest - 12 Jun 2008 (#2008-626)

  131. wi-fi extenders
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