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VANAGON archives – July 2008, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '80 air cooled fs in Asheville

  2. '85 Westy w/ 211,000 miles for $7500

  3. (Resolved) Tips for removing drums??

  4. 2 seat bench install/removal

  5. 2.1 engine rebuild--details on bearing #3, please?

  6. 2.1L into '84 Westy project - Cooling system question

  7. 85 Westy paint code.

  8. 88' Vanagon healed!

  9. Advanced Timing OK?

  10. All Good Festival in WV, anyone going?

  11. Are AT&T and BellSouth still blocking Gerry

  12. Back-up light problem solved

  13. Best pop-top canvas?

  14. Bob Hoover news

  15. Bus Sightings

  16. BusFusion News

  17. CA Smog Failed - 1985 1.9L

  18. CV Joint Boots To Clamp or Not To Clamp

  19. Care and feeding of a Westie water tank?

  20. Care and feeding of the tank..

  21. Comparison ('82 1.6l Diesel Westy/'86 2.1l Gasoline Vanagon)

  22. Confirmation on front wheel bearings adjustment

  23. Croatia Vanagon/VW trip report

  24. Do You Ever Wish...

  25. Dometic, Installing in a non-camper

  26. Drain plug

  27. Driving without fuel expansion tanks hooked up?

  28. Electric motors in each wheel, was Re: Hybrid technologies

  29. Engine cover, History

  30. Exhaust hangers for the 1.9 don't exist either......

  31. FS: '85 Vanagon $600

  32. FS: 1983 Westy Project for $350

  33. FS: 1983 Westy Project for $350/Scrapping Vanagons

  34. FS: 1984 passenger vanagon needs heads

  35. FS: pre-painted Sliding Door Panel (in NJ)

  36. Fire extinguisher brand/mounting recommendations?

  37. Fixed Runaway wayward clock...

  38. Fuel hose question

  39. Gray Carat Jump Seats In The Midwest

  40. Great John Muir Article Compleat with Video!

  41. Happy Birthday America!

  42. Help, bad sounds on the way to the badlands!

  43. Hidden towing receiver

  44. How to: Clean my bra

  45. Hybrid Vanagon

  46. Hybrid technologies

  47. I learned alot about my brakes today....

  48. IR Guns (formerly) RE: Purpose of "Voltage Stabilizer" in Instrument cluster?

  49. Late arrival of my email

  50. Looking for some advice on used parts and a good mechanic

  51. Missing engine ground strap

  52. NVC: Sprinter Sportsmobile

  53. Need dowel pin for 2.1 crankcase.

  54. Need pistons and cylinders for a 2.1

  55. Non Vanagon Seattle Recommendations

  56. O2 sensor trouble

  57. Oxy Sensor/smog trouble question, 87 Syncro, California

  58. PN question ("step down" hose from pump to filter)

  59. Painting Van Tip's needed

  60. Purpose of "Voltage Stabilizer" in Instrument cluster?

  61. Purpose of "Voltage Stabilizer" in Instrument cluster? Now IR thermometers....

  62. RA08 Review

  63. Rear deck mod and bed hinges

  64. Relay with time-delay to off??

  65. Removing stuck nuts and bolts e.g. Axle Nut

  66. Runaway digital clock

  67. Somewhat ignorant oil pressure switch question..

  68. Speakers

  69. Subject: How to: Clean my bra

  70. Suspension Gurus Opinion Needed

  71. Syncro Westy Country homes for sale

  72. Tailgate interchangeability

  73. Tin Trivia

  74. Tips for removing drums??

  75. Towing package

  76. Tracking down a spare wire..

  77. Turbo overboost (from digester)

  78. Turbo overpressure

  79. Upgrading coolant system to 86-91 on 84 WESTY

  80. VW 1-liter eco-friendly car set to make a return

  81. Vanagon Sighting-Delta Force

  82. Vanagon belly pans revisited

  83. Vanagon trivia question

  84. Vitrifrigo installation w/ storage

  85. WANTED Automatic Transmition 2.1

  86. WANTED: 112 HP DJ-code euro engine ECU

  87. WAS: Purpose... "Voltage Stabilizer" NOW: quick REPORT

  88. WTB, New/Used Poptop

  89. WTB: VW Fox motor mount brackets for motor swap into V'gon

  90. Want to buy a Vanagon camper in Texas

  91. West River Westys

  92. Westfalia Line Drawing Needed

  93. What torque for 2.1 rod nuts?

  94. What's your after market canvas recommendation?

  95. Wiring Harness Tip + PICS (Jetta conversion)

  96. Yakima "wide body" mount location

  97. [NVC] Need advice on Passat CV joints

  98. a/c parts

  99. attn: Scott Dempster, make parts

  100. cv joint tips

  101. does this remind folk of anyone...

  102. frydaye ffollies on the fforthe daye of the seventhe monthe of the twenty-ninth yeare of our vanagons ...

  103. headlight switch stuck

  104. metal engine covers FS Re: Engine cover, History

  105. my nearly last word on auto tranny

  106. nice article on current vw campers

  107. pimp my ride - german syncro edition

  108. poptop sections FS was Re: WTB, New/Used Poptop

  109. turn signal wires, help.

  110. vanagon power window setup for sale..Re: Hi anyone ever retrofit.. PW.

  111. why sell it? just scrap it. youll make more money.
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