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VANAGON archives – November 2008, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "Car Computer" in your Vanagon?

  2. "Deadly Crash"

  3. '90 Carat - Radio turns off and back on when starting the van

  4. 1985 Vanagon Automatic Transmission Needed!!!

  5. 84 Westfalia Subie for sale in Ontario

  6. ADMINISTRIVIA - List Charter - Final

  7. Absolutely NVC - I hope it's okay to seek this info

  8. Actual Vanagon Sighting in SE PA

  9. Anyone rebuilt an alternator?

  10. Bay Camper Storage Area

  11. Bentley differences

  12. Best Braking Pads? was gimme a brake

  13. Boston Bob Memorial Fund - Final Accounting

  14. CARFAX anyone?

  15. Carson pick-n-pull report

  16. Cheapest way to ship a transmisison

  17. Checking differential and manual transmission oil levels.

  18. Compatible Transmissions??????

  19. Curtains and screens 91GL 7-Pass

  20. Digifant component comparison between Jetta and Vanagon

  21. Do GL-5 rated oils damage transmission brass syncronizers?

  22. F.S. "How to Convert VW Vanagon to Camper" manual

  23. FS 1.9 engine PA

  24. FW: This guy really needs a vanagon

  25. Febi Steering Shaft Coupler Quality? (searched)

  26. Friday topic - Re: WBX turbo Beetle!

  27. Front End Damage-Opinions Please?

  28. Grease your front wheel bearings!!

  29. Great pictures of mechanical repairs

  30. H-4 Euro headlights question

  31. H4 Headlight aim, thanks and..

  32. Has anyone else seen these front bench bulkhead padded vinyl panel?

  33. Listmember in Coos Bay, OR?

  34. More East Coast Buses for Sale

  35. New fuel line disintegrates

  36. Newbie '86 Vanagon owner here

  37. Newbie '86 Vanagon owner here AAA Plus!

  38. No reverse?

  39. No reverse? Fixed

  40. Oil Cooler Location opinions

  41. Oil cooler musings

  42. Oil cooling..

  43. Oil temp musings and hairbrained ideas

  44. Omaha to San Antonio-Trip Suggestions

  45. PICS/text of My Upper Ball Joint R&R

  46. Phrydaye Phollies Phound in Phoenix! Round 2! :)

  47. Phyrdaye Phollies Phound in Phoenix! Philm at Eleven! :)

  48. Power Steering pump and bracket

  49. Pre-Tour Report and SPAM in your VAN

  50. Propane heaters..

  51. Question on 1.9 TD conversion

  52. Re-use Used Steering Coupling Disks? (PICS)

  53. Road Rage

  54. Searched. Steering rack grease substitute? + questions PIC

  55. Sold "How to Convert VW Vanagon to Camper" manual

  56. Steering Coupler PICS

  57. Strange Idle behavior: Cause found

  58. Survey - True Value Vehicle Insurance Premiums / Last Call

  59. This guy really needs a vanagon

  60. VW website

  61. VWVANFULLTIMERS] Propex heaters : group purchase offer

  62. WBX turbo Beetle!

  63. Want to trade a Zbed from a bay for a trailer hitch setup for my 91

  64. Wanted: Westy Wheel (actually a carat alloy)

  65. Wash DC tailgating ;)

  66. Westy Sleep Solutions

  67. Westy canvas attachment

  68. YAHOO!!!! Blackbeard SUCCESS ! ! !

  69. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] Propex heaters : group purchase offer

  70. [WetWesties] Westy canvas attachment

  71. bucking in parking lots

  72. coolant system test - results and question

  73. fuel hose sleeve alternative?

  74. gimme a brake

  75. how to sink a vanagon


  77. model makers - mod. new beetle into van

  78. mounting a laptop in vanagon

  79. mounting a laptop in vanagon The answer!!

  80. mounting a laptop in vanagon The answer!! and More info

  81. oil leak: advice?

  82. replacing manual transmission

  83. subject Westy Sleep Solutions

  84. throttle position sensor was-bucking in parking lots

  85. which company ships a wheel/tire withouut packging?
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